Sinn 556 I on H-Link Bracelet

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SKU: SI-194

Watch Brand: Sinn

Sinn North America

Automatic winding mechanical watch in steel on bracelet
• Watch diameter (mm): 38.5
• Watch height (mm): 11.0
• Lug width (mm): 20
• Lug to lug (mm): 45.5
• Weight - head only (grams): 65
• Water resistance: 200 meters
• Case back: Transparent
• Case finish: Satinized
• Case metal: Stainless steel
• Dial color: Black
• Front crystal: Sapphire
• Calibre: SW200-1
• Movement: Automatic mechanical
• Strap or bracelet: Bracelet
• Manufacturer's limited warranty: 2 years
• Warranty service: RGM or Sinn

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Sinn 556 I on Bracelet
Sinn 556 I on H-Link Bracelet

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Product Details

The Sinn 556 has become one of our best selling watches of all time and for good reason - it offers a great mix of performance, durability and classic Sinn design.

This version of the Sinn 556 is marked "I" for Indices (the dial has no numerals). 

Sinn's inspiration for the design of this watch is the historic Sinn NaBo clocks, long manufactured for use in cockpits as a navigational tool.  Even today Sinn continues to produce these clocks which are used in both civilian and military aircraft, as well as specialty cars.

The difference from these clocks is that Sinn has removed all numerals from this watch and replaced them with indices.  This clean design is a primary reason that so many choose this watch as their daily wear timepiece.

The Sinn 556 I features a case size at 38.5 mm which is satinized. This finish results in a slightly more polished look while at the same time retaining some characteristics of a matte finish.

Notable features of the Sinn 556 I include:
  • Case in 316L surgical stainless steel
  • Dial has a slight surface shine rather than matte
  • Sapphire crystals on both sides of the watch
  • Double coated anti-reflective covering
  • Dual seal crown lock to improve water resistance
  • Sapphire crystal back to view the decorated movement
  • Premium Grade (highest) movement

This watch is fitted with a Sinn stainless steel H-link bracelet with locking clasp.

And what is very unusual for watch in this category is that Sinn has been able to engineer a water resistance of 200 meters rather than the traditional 50 to 100 meters in competing watches.

Frequently purchased with this item:

Watch specifications are provided by the respective watch manufacturer and/or other sources. Although we use best efforts to provide accurate information, we reserve the right to make corrections when advised of specification changes and/or content errors.

WatchBuys is the official and authorized North American distributor and importer for Sinn watches.

When you purchase your new Sinn watch from WatchBuys, you'll not only get a finely engineered timepiece with excellent value for money, you'll also benefit from the WatchBuys Sinn Advantage.

WatchBuys Advantage #1

Because we are the official and authorized North American Sinn distributor and importer, your name and watch serial number will be automatically registered in our database for a Sinn manufacturer's limited warranty which we pass through.

This means that should your watch require service during the Sinn manufacturer's limited warranty period, service will be provided by Sinn in Germany when you return your watch to them. This Sinn manufacturer's limited warranty is transferable to subsequent owners as allowed by Sinn.

You are responsible for paying the shipping charges to Sinn, and all repairs that Sinn approves under its warranty are at no charge. Sinn will also pay the return shipping charges to the address you specify.

The Sinn manufacturer's limited warranty period is as follows:
  • Watches in the EZM Series: 3 years
  • Watches marked AR containing inert gas: 3 years
  • Watches in the DIAPAL Series: 5 years
  • All other Sinn models: 2 years

WatchBuys Advantage #2

As an added benefit to those who purchase Sinn watches from WatchBuys, you may choose to have your warranty repairs serviced through our US Sinn Authorized Service Center, RGM Watch Service located in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. This added benefit saves our clients the time and effort of returning their watches to Germany for repair. This service is transferable to subsequent owners who purchase directly from the original registered owner.

Please note that you are responsible for paying shipping and insurance charges for sending your watch to RGM. Once they reach your watch in the service queue they will determine which repairs are covered under Sinn's warranty.

It is important to note that oil-filled quartz Sinn watches must be repaired in Germany (EZM 2, Hydro and UX series). If your watch meets one of these conditions and requires service under warranty, please click here for instructions on returning your watch to Sinn in Germany.

WatchBuys Advantage #3

Your watch will be repaired at no cost to you other than shipping charges to either Sinn or RGM during the warranty period. Sinn watches purchased through the "grey market" (non-authorized sources) may carry no warranty from Sinn. Sinn watches purchased through authorized overseas retailers are governed by the warranty policies of those dealers and/or Sinn, and typically must be sent to either the overseas dealer or Germany for repair.

WatchBuys Advantage #4

You'll be wearing your new Sinn watch soon after your order is placed since we stock Sinn watches and ship free using UPS Air. Plus, since we are located in the United States, there are no "hidden charges" for shipments to US residents as is the case with most overseas dealers. Such charges can add up to 15% to the cost of your new watch, and include credit card surcharges, foreign exchange credit card bank fees, import duties and taxes, and custom's broker charges.

WatchBuys Advantage #5

WatchBuys offers a comprehensive return policy with no restocking fees to US residents. Overseas dealers, including those involved in the grey market, typically don't offer a return policy, and if they do, returning a watch under the policy is both complicated and expensive due to import/export and custom's requirements. Restocking fees are also common and may range up to 15%.

Learn more about our return policies.

WatchBuys Advantage #6

WatchBuys is pleased to accept payments through PayPal, debit and credit cards. We charge no surcharges to use credit or debit cards, and because we are based in the United States your US card is charged in US dollars with no conversion or exchange rate fees.

We also accept payments from PayPal and charge no surcharges.

Please note that to pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal your account and/or card must be issued by US or Canadian financial institution and billed to a confirmed US or Canadian address.

WatchBuys Advantage #7

When you purchase your new Sinn watch from WatchBuys, you'll earn WatchPoint Rewards which accumulate and may be redeemed against future purchases.

Sinn watches feature a number of cutting edge technologies, many of which are unique to Sinn. Please note that not all Sinn watches, including the watch on this page, use all of these Sinn technologies.

Among the more notable Sinn technologies are:

Tegimented Hardened Cases

Many Sinn watches are fitted with Tegimented cases produced in-house by Sinn's case making affiliated company in Glashutte, Germany.

Standard steel used by most watch companies has a hardness of between 200 and 240 HV (Hardness Vickers is a common scale used to measure material hardness). The Tegiment process produces a hardness of at least 1,200 Vickers which is five times harder than standard steel (and on some Sinn models up to nine times harder than standard steel).

The Tegiment process is not a coating consisting of a foreign material; instead the steel itself that has been hardened using a special engineering process that creates a hardened barrier. The base material is a type of stainless steel also used for surgical implants, and the stainless steel resistance to corrosion is further improved by the Tegiment hardening process.

The primary advantages to a Tegimented case are extreme resistance to scratches and other case abrasions, as well as increased resistance to corrosion.

Please note that certain Sinn watches are fully Tegimented (case, bezel) while others are Tegimented only on the bezel. Use the links below to view both categories.

  • View Sinn watches with fully Tegimented cases.

  • View Sinn watches with Tegimented bezels only.

Dehumidification Technology

A number of Sinn models feature cases filled with inert gas. Sinn has found that filling the case with inert gas can help prevent the introduction of moisture and humidity to the case, as well as provide a more stable environment for the oils that lubricate the movement.

The proper care of any mechanical watch movement mandates that these oils maintain both their viscosity and lubrication properties.

  • View Sinn watches with dehumidification technology.

Copper Sulphate Capsules

A number Sinn models use one or more copper sulphate capsules to absorb humidity trapped inside the case. Over time these capsules will gradually turn dark blue indicating that humidity has been absorbed.

The primary benefit to these copper sulphate capsules is a more dry and stable environment for both the movement and the lubricating oils. Together with Sinn's inert gas treatment these capsules form the basis of Sinn's Dry Hold Technology.

This technology not only provides a more stable environment for the movement, but also prevents fogging of the crystal when going from hot to cold environments or from humid to non-humid conditions (such air conditioned buildings).

  • View Sinn watches with copper sulphate capsules.

Extreme Antimagnetic Protection

Magnetism can cause dramatic swings in the timekeeping of a mechanical watch movement. People are often exposed to magnetic fields without even being aware - frequent high altitude flying, metal detectors, audio and video equipment, medical equipment and computer equipment can all cause problems with magnetism.

Many Sinn watches offer extreme protection against magnetism up to 80,000 A/m. Sinn achieves these results using a number of different technologies, including special case and case back construction, soft iron components in the case and protective rings surrounding the movement.

  • View Sinn watches with extreme antimagnetic protection.

DIAPAL Oil Free Escapement

Sinn caused quite a stir when they first released their DIAPAL technology. Beginning in 1995, Sinn began work to create an oil free escapement. With any mechanical watch movement, the aging of oil, especially in the escapement can create long term problems for that movement. Additionally, as movement oil ages, required service intervals become more frequent.

Sinn's early analysis to this problem provided a quick solution (at least in theory) - if you don't use oil, it can't age. The process began by exchanging the ruby escapements for diamonds (the word "DIAPAL" derives from the German name for diamond escapements) in order to achieve the desired effect. The designation stuck, even though today Sinn works with solutions taken from advanced nanotechnology rather than diamonds.

The result is a movement that proves so reliable that Sinn offers an unprecedented five year warranty on their DIAPAL watches.

  • View Sinn watches featuring the DIAPAL oil free escapement.

Hydro Oil Filled Technology

Sinn has developed a technology termed "Hydro" in which the entire watch case is filled with oil. Watches using this technology are based on quartz rather than mechanical movements.

By using this type of movement, Sinn is able to fill the watch with oil, which has the joint affect of greatly enhancing the readability of the dial and time from any angle (including under water), and increasing the water resistance of the watch even at great depths.

  • View Sinn watches with Hydro Oil Filled technology.

Submarine Steel

Sinn has created a line of watches featuring cases made from German submarine steel (the U Series). The steel was procured by Sinn from a steel supplier to Emden GmbH, one of Germany's North Sea shipbuilding yards who construct submarines from the very same steel.

Because of the special steel used from the submarine steelmanufacturer, the case resists the effects of exposure to salt waterand salt water environments.

These cases are produced in-house by Sinn's case making affiliated company in Glashutte, Germany.

This special steel is also amagnetic which means that is does not have magnetic properties and cannot itself become magnetized. The watch movement itself is protected from magnetic fields up to 4,800 A/m.

  • View Sinn watches built from German submarine steel.

EZM Mission Timers

Sinn is a partner for manufacturing watches for the German Special Forces, including SWAT, Customs, FBI, helicopter police, GSG9 and other units.

Beginning with the now highly collectible (and valuable) Sinn EZM 1, Sinn has grown this collection to some of the most durable and highly functional watches made and they remain among the most popular in the collection.

  • View Sinn watches in the EZM Series.

Watch Reviews From Verified WatchBuys Buyers
99.2% • Verified Watch Owner Reviews99.2% • Verified Watch Owner Reviews (125 reviews)

Excellent watch and easy buying experience

"Excellent watch and easy buying experience"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: After considering buying this watch for a long time, I finally pulled the trigger and I’m so glad I did. Beautiful watch on a comfortable bracelet. AR coating is exceptional. Watch came set and wound with the correct date which was a nice touch. Easy to resize with the provided Allen wrenches and Sinn tool.

The experience of buying from WatchBuys was great as the watch was shipped fast and my order was confirmed with me over the phone by a friendly rep. Would not hesitate to go through WatchBuys again.

Sinn 556 I Review

"Sinn 556 I Review"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is my introduction into a more expensive piece within my watch collection. I've worn it for about a week straight and has now become my daily wearer. Very simple yet elegant. The 38.5 diameter fits my wrist aesthetic perfectly and I feel as, though it is perceived as a tool watch, can be dressed up and down.

Recently went to a work conference and received a handful of compliments on this piece. Will definitely buy Sinn in the future!

Ultimate field watch

"Ultimate field watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I love plain field style designs. Have owned an Explorer, Black Bay 36, Ranger, and this which all have certain aesthetic similarities. While the finishing on this watch is not on par with the others mentioned, it absolutely wins from a value standpoint.

Also, it feels the part of a go anywhere do anything watch better than the Explorer and the BB36. For me polished bezels make the watch much less rugged. I highly recommend if you are looking for a simple design that provides a great bang for your buck.

Sinn 556i

"Sinn 556i"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This Sinn is everything I expected and hoped, and Watchbuys was informative, responsive and great to work with. Thanks!



Verified Watch Owner Comments: Received a call from them confirming the order in detail and received the watch 2 days later without issue. It was packaged well and was as expected.

Will be buying from them again in the future.

Sinn 556i

"Sinn 556i"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I really appreciated the call to make sure you had my order correct. The watch is terrific Elegant as well as rugged. A friend thought it was a Rolex . Excellent value. Sizing the watch was a breeze. .



Verified Watch Owner Comments: After being patient for long, I was finally able to get the watch that I’ve been dreaming of for so long now. As I’m sure most people know, the watch is perfect in every way.

But the customer service? Outstanding. Never have I ever, had a company simply call me just to say "hey man, congrats on the purchase! Just want to make sure all the information we have is correct and if there’s anything else we can do for you? Also, do you have any questions for us before we ship it out?”

Wow. I know it sounds stupid, but when you’ve never had that before, it makes you appreciate. Trey was absolutely great to work with, his customer service was personable and thoughtful. This certainly won’t be my last purchase from you guys. Thank you Trey, and thank you WatchBuys.

Exceeds expectations

"Exceeds expectations"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The watch has a lot of fanfare and it definitely lives up to the hype. The black is the deepest black and the white really pops. The crystal is nearly invisible. Great Luke. Hex screws make it simple for anyone to change links.

And best of all, the experience is great with watchbuys. They actually called prior to shipping to verify everything.

Sinn 556

"Sinn 556"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Fantastic watch, love the inky black dial and the case dimensions.

Great purchasing experience through watchbuys, highly recommend!

Sinn 556i

"Sinn 556i"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Great customer service and fast shipping. Always a pleasant transaction. Thanks

Great Everyday Tool Watch

"Great Everyday Tool Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Very satisfied with my purchase! Watchbuys was great to work with and even was able to hold off on shipping my order until I returned from a vacation. I spent months looking at pictures of the Sinn 556i online, and in person the watch does not disappoint. It’s solidly built, and every part feels precisely machined and substantial. The hex screws for resizing the bracelet are a perfect example of this, and are very easy to work with. I find the dial of the watch particularly striking. The black is very black, and the white markers really pop. You don’t notice the date window unless you’re looking for it. I think the 556i’s beauty lies in stripping away all the things that make other watches beautiful, and the sparse dial is my favorite example of this. My watch is consistently running +3 and +4 seconds per day. My movement came with a steel-colored rotor, which I actually prefer to the brass-colored rotors I’ve seen online. I don’t have many complaints. There can be a slight rattle ... - more details

It’s a great gada wristwatch

"It’s a great gada wristwatch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Objectively, the Sinn 556 I is a great all-arounder. Legibility, modesty, and comfort combined into a single wristwatch. I’m happy with my purchase.

Simplicity at its finest

"Simplicity at its finest"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Minimalist in design but not minimal in quality. The dial is beautiful and I love the h-link bracelet. The white hands pop against the black dial. I was worried about the watch being too small with the dial being 38.5mm but It really wears more like a 40mm in my opinion. Lovely watch.

My everyday watch

"My everyday watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I knew I was going to like the dial. I had seen some reviewers dog the h link bracelet, but I like it.

Perfect dimensions and well incorporated date complication.

My first Sinn

"My first Sinn"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: 10/10 experience purchasing my 556 I on Watchbuys. I was on the waiting list and got an email as soon as they received the next shipment. I placed my order and got a call later that day to confirm my order details, provide info on the shipping and return policies, and ask if I had any questions. The shipment itself was packaged perfectly to prevent the watch box from tumbling around. The watch, booklets, spring tool, and hex keys were in perfect condition. The watch itself was running when I first unboxed and had the correct date. It was also completed protected in plastic. I’m sure the 556 I itself needs no introduction. I will just say the dial is truly a deep, beautiful black and the white indices and hands provide the perfect contrast. The 38.5 mm diameter and the thickness wears very comfortably. I’ve read some complaints about the clasp but I don’t have anything negative to say about it… The bracelet itself feels great and is easy to adjust with the hex keys. I’ve been eyei... - more details



Verified Watch Owner Comments: Client service is outstanding, and I'm very happy with the Sinn 556, Thanks for a great experience!

Sinn 556i is a winner

"Sinn 556i is a winner"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: It took some doing, but I finally managed to lay hands on a Sinn 556i. And it was worth the effort. The watch is solidly built, as is the bracelet. The clasp was a bit stiff at first but has smoothed out love the hex screw links after one too many pin-and-collar bracelets.

Overall the watch wears really well, it hugs the wrist nicely and is a pleasure to look at throughout the day.

Watchbuys customer service was excellent shipping was prompt and communications were on-point. They were responsive when there were some FedEx shenanigans that caused a bit of concern (but later smoothed out). All in all, pleasure to do business with.

Sinn 556 I

"Sinn 556 I"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Great watch & value

As good as you’ve heard

"As good as you’ve heard"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: For anyone who spends time on watch blogs and Reddit, you’ll know this watch. And let me say it loves up to it’s reputation. Arguably the best, most versatile watch under $2k.

No need to spend months or years and almost $10k on an Explorer… this is the ultimate go anywhere, do anything watch. Watchbuys was fantastic too. Great communication and fast shipping.

Great service, great watch

"Great service, great watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Watchbuys notified my a 556I had become available and I jumped right on it. After my order, they called me to confirm details.

The watch arrived in perfect condition and on time. My questions about which watch movement was used, ETA or Sellita, were answered promptly over email.

All around a great experience. Will definitely consider future Sinn purchases with WatchBuys .

Sinn 556i (don’t hesitate)

"Sinn 556i (don’t hesitate)"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I am writing to express how impressed I am with this watch. I was actually quite reluctant when making the decision to order the watch because so many people were complaining about the clasp.

But I ended up ordering it anyway and after almost two weeks of wear I can honestly say that this watch exceeded my expectations. It feels robust yet so stylish, especially with the glossy black dial.

The bracelet itself is well built and adjusting it is pretty straightforward. Now let’s get to the clasp. I opened the watch and then I opened the clasp and I was like "that’s what people complain about?” to me, it was fine since it functions perfectly, the friction lock is kinda charming and goes well with how engineered the watch is.

I guess it could be better but honestly, to me it’s not bad at all and when I open the clasp I don’t even think about it because I’m so stoked to put the watch on. It’s that great.

Outstanding Timepiece

"Outstanding Timepiece"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I am 100% satisfied with this watch purchase. It’s my first Sinn and my first purchase from Watchbuys. Watchbuys customer service was fantastic, they contacted me before finalizing the order to go over all of the details with me. The shipping packaging they use is solid and my watch arrived with no damage to the retail box. Now about the watch. The first thing you will notice when you open the box is a few tools. A couple wrenches and a pin pusher. We all know what the pin pusher is for, but what are these wrenches? Well, the bracelet has screw down pins, it instead of a flathead that will scratch your links if you aren’t careful it uses hex wrenches. I’ve never seen this before but I prefer it to any other method. It was also nice having the tools included so I could size it and get it on my wrist as soon as it arrived :). The watch and the bracelet both feel very solid. it’s a very simple watch, but if you are interested enough in it to read this review you already know that. ... - more details

This Might be my One Watch

"This Might be my One Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Double AR coating is very striking on this minimalist watch. On my timegrapher the watch (crown up) has a zero beat error and is plus four seconds a day. This watch was adjusted to be worn during the day while wearing it, it will only gain about a second. I thought the bracelet was a little chunky but it actually creates a compact and balanced feel. If the bracelet is loose the clasp does rattle a bit because of the diver extension but it is not annoying. The satinized H-link bracelet is very pleasing. I was surpised that the spring bars were somewhat ordinary. I already have a Marathon GSAR with drilled lugs and so I used a couple of my extra GSAR springbars on the Sinn. I don't want any accidents. The watch looks very good on the bracelet or a black or blue leather strap with white stitching. The best way IMO to describe the level of this watch is if you wanted the same build quality of a Tudor that had proportions in a Black Bay 36 and 41 then this 556i would be an excellent cho... - more details

Great Everyday Watch

"Great Everyday Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The build quality of this watch is incredible, down to every detail. The watch and the band all feel solid with perfect proportions. And I love the jet black dial with the high contrast indices.

I’m very impressed with it, and with the WatchBuys customer service experience.

Better than expected

"Better than expected"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I read all of the reviews, watched the videos and looked for any info I could on this watch before buying. I was still surprised at how much I love it.

Everything about it has been well thought out and the dial is stunning in how dark and deep the black looks.

If you're on the fence, don't think twice.

Great Service, Beautiful Watch

"Great Service, Beautiful Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I recently purchased the Sinn 556i through WatchBuys and had a great experience. As this was my first purchase, we had a telephone call to confirm the shipping and return details. WatchBuys even worked with me to accommodate my shipping request as I was outside the country at the time of purchase.

Overall, a really great experience and the watch, of course, is beautiful. I'm very happy with this first WatchBuys transaction and look forward to working with them again.

Perfect everyday watch!

"Perfect everyday watch!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Great customer service from WatchBuys. I love my 556I and it's the perfect everyday watch!

Sinn 556i- Great watch, great transaction

"Sinn 556i- Great watch, great transaction"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is one of those watches that really shines in person. The gloss black dial and double anti-reflective coating make it pop. Case and bracelet are beautifully finished and the bracelet is super easy to size because it uses Allen key pins.

WatchBuys contacted me after the online purchase for security and to answer any tech questions and sent the watch via 2-day FedEx for free. They also set the watch to the correct time and date for my time zone. A nice touch.

Previous to the sale, I called with questions and the phone agent was knowledgeable and answered on the second ring. Well done guys!

Awesome Everyday Watch

"Awesome Everyday Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: First, I have to say I expected the 556I watch to be good, but I had no idea it would be a joy to wear. It is very comfortable on my 6.75 in wrist, looks great and keeps very good time.

It's such a good watch, now I'm looking to add the 556I Blue ASAP. :)

Buy It!!

"Buy It!!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The watch is fantastic top to bottom, Although I have a single complaint. I'm not a fan of how the non locking side of the clasp is very noisy when on wrist. It clicks a lot when pressure is applied. If that doesn't bother you, the build quality is outstanding for the price!

Sinn 556

"Sinn 556"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Superb construction and fit - Watchbuys excellent communication and shipping!

New 2020

"New 2020"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Watchbuys has great customer service. They called me and verified my purchase before shipping. Watch came on time in perfect condition with email updates along the way.

The SW200-1 is performing at +1.62 sec/day over first 4 days. My watch runs consistently faster with watch face up and slower with crown side up which is great. If the watch gained a few seconds during the day then put it crown side up overnight to even it out. Sizing it myself was easy and straightforward.

First mechanical watch and it’s perfect.

Great simple watch

"Great simple watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I love this watch. Great simple black dial with contrasting white hands. The bracelet is very comfortable.

Great purchasing from Watchbuys. Got a confirmation call and the watch came in 2 days.

556 I with bracelet

"556 I with bracelet"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: In operation and use for more than two weeks now. Delivered as promised and the packaging was meticulous.

I like the solid build of the case and bracelet without the heavy mass on my wrist. The lume works well when I wake up in the middle of the night to check the time. The movement is a bit fast. Hopefully, it will be within specs after the break-in period. Looking forward to a long and reliable performance from this tool.

It's the perfect watch

"It's the perfect watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The 556 is beautiful in person. It's eye catching without being over the top in any way. Very happy with this one.

Simple and Great

"Simple and Great"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Perfect size for my 6.75 inch wrist. Love the simple and inky black dial with white contrasts for hands/indicies. This can be your only watch for any occasion.

The H-link bracelet is not the easiest to get the perfect size (I had to keep it a tiny bit looser than I wanted) although all the tooling comes with the watch so you can size it yourself without much trouble. Wish it had a better bracelet and clasp with on the fly micro adjustments but overall I like the watch and can look past the bracelet.

You'll Be Sorry...

"You'll Be Sorry..."

Verified Watch Owner Comments: ...if this watch is not in your collection. I've read a lot of great things about this watch. And guess what? They're all true! The 556 is a simplistic beauty...a true classic!

Great Watch

"Great Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Great watch, awesome service throughout the entire purchase process.

So pleased

"So pleased"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The customer service was beyond my expectations.

The watch us perfect. I highly recommend WatchBuys and the Sinn 556i.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: I was a bit underwhelmed by the watch at first glance. The dial was simple, the size a bit on the small side. All that chanced once I got the watch on wrist. First, the dial though simple, is quite beautiful with the ultra black dial and bright white indices. The size was actually perfect for my 6.75 inch wrist.

The h-link bracelet is rugged and quite stunning. Over the first couple weeks the watch is running +2 seconds a day, which is really impressive. This is a no-nonsense watch, built for a beating, beautifully simple, and I couldn’t recommend it more.

2 weeks in

"2 weeks in"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Ok so it’s been two weeks on wrist initial impressions?? Watch is built like a tank very solid so far time keeping is excellent and is keeping time within COSC specs which is big for me .I was never a display case type guy but the movement is very nice looking so I don’t mind it .

The watch is a very light steel color like aluminum foil in color . Bracelet is nice , The one big knock is the clasp which I knew going in was weak quality but it’s really a cheap tinny feeling clasp a shame to be honest and I would of liked the clasp to be more streamlined in its fit, its kinda over sized .

Overall a very nice watch which in my opinion is at its max selling price I would not pay more than the $1,510 . Last thing you have to be into the plain style aviator face dial to like this watch if your not you may be a little disappointed in its look.

Excellent service

"Excellent service"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Incredible service. Received a call within 30 minutes of ordering online to confirm all the details. I have never had a merchant reach out to me to make sure everything was correct, but Watchbuys did.

Awesome team, will shop here again and hope you get more brands as well!

Sinn 556i

"Sinn 556i"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Love the watch, I have a 104 white dial and have been wanting this watch for quite some time. Finally ordered one and couldn’t be more pleased. The 856 UTC in next on my list.

Good, except for the bracelet

"Good, except for the bracelet"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I like the watch itself quite a bit. The double AR sapphire and the glossy black dial is amazing. It's extremely legible, and a great size. The bracelet, though, I do not like at all. The clasp is large and the extension is kind of silly it's not a dive watch, and I'd rather they had put extra micro adjustment holes on the clasp, or had used a tool less adjustment system. As such, I'm sizes. It's just a tad too snug on the tightest micro adjustment, but if I take out a link (-10mm) and move two spaces to the largest micro adjustment (+6mm), it's a 4mm difference, and it's just a bit too loose. An extra micro adjustment hole would have been perfect for me. Honestly, if a manufacturer is going to have 10mm links and 3mm micro adjustments, they should have at least 4 micro adjustment positions. Half links would be an easy solution as well. I'm going to make a cultural stereotype here, but I feel like Germans make things just a little differently and unnecessarily complex, just because. ... - more details

Simple and Discreet

"Simple and Discreet"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I recently liquidated my collection of watches to simplify my life. I wanted just one watch to wear instead of having to juggle three to four watches.

Sinn has always been on my mind, so I took the plunge, and I couldn't be happier.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: My addiction to automatic watches started with the Orient Bambino and I have slowly gained more appreciation for time pieces. After a lot of research and some hesitation, I finally pulled the trigger on this amazing watch. To start, WatchBuys was excellent to deal with and I got a call to confirm my order prior to shipping. Package was packed very securely and arrived on time without any issues. The dial of this watch and overall design is very eye catching and looks even better in person. The black is very rich and the white indices and hands really pop in white. The weight of the watch is definitely noticeable in a good way and the bracelet is comfortable. I had some initial hurdles when taking off the links and taking off the bracelet from the watch itself, but a little patience and some video tutorials was all I needed. Time keeping wise, it’s accurate and only a few seconds fast. Also, since I am fairly new to the screw down crown design, I had to get used to that but it fun... - more details

Fabulous watch, with one (very small) peeve

"Fabulous watch, with one (very small) peeve"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: First off, I absolutely love this piece. I had been lusting after it for almost two years, and I'm very happy I finally bought it. It's incredibly sharp, well made, and with a great history and tech pedigree.

The dial is amazing. I had read about it being reflective black, but I hadn't seen just how that made the watch so clear in person. You can read it from a mile away. The H-Link bracelet is extremely comfortable, and with enough micro-adjustments to fit my smallish wrist quite well.

My only, small, peeve the old fashioned bracelet clasp. I've gotten used to button click clasps which most of my other watches have, and I've learned to love it's simplicity. I wish the H-link bracelet came with that system for locking instead of this one. But again, like I said, very small issue.

Great watch. Haven't taken it off my wrist since I received it. And also, super fast shipping from Watchbuys. Thank you!

Sinn 556I on Bracelet

"Sinn 556I on Bracelet"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Wow!!! What can I say, I am completely speechless. I've been wanting to get a Sinn for a long time and was really drawn to the 556 I. Nothing compares to it when you can actually touch it and see it in person. Such a simple design but packs such a WOW look. The very first time I wore it out (which was the day I received it) I received two compliments on it. It keeps time so accurately. So versatile too. I purchased some leather bands to wear in the winter months and no matter which one I put on it, it looked awesome. Best watch I have purchased so far( though I just purchased the Sinn 104 I ST SA White) (review will come soon for that one too) and really glad to have it added to my collection. Customer service at Watchbuys was awesome. The shipping packaging the watch came in also was handled with care. Not just slapped into some box and shipped out. I am very happy with my new Sinn and can't wait for the other one to come in. Highly recommend purchasing a Sinn and getting it fro... - more details

Sinn 556 is perfect for me

"Sinn 556 is perfect for me"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I love wearing this watch - I had an 836 before this, however it was too big. This watch is very similar to the 836 but smaller. The watch keeps great time and the h-link bracelet is great.

This watch is my do everything watch - and while i dont wear it every day - I know on the days I do wear it I don't have to worry about it.

Fantastic everyday comfortable watch

"Fantastic everyday comfortable watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The 556i was my first purchase from WatchBuys and I was happy with the experience. The watch arrived by FedEx after a couple of days.

I ordered the watch with the H-Link bracelet, and it came with the necessary tools to adjust the bracelet and remove links. I did have to purchase a bottle of Loctite 242 though, as Sinn recommend using a drop of this on the screws used in the bracelet. Took me about 30 minutes to adjust the bracelet. It is a very comfortable bracelet.

The watch itself is fantastic and well worth the money. Very accurate movement (only losing about 2-3s per day), and easy to adjust time and date. One of the best things about this watch is the clarity of the face - it's very easy to read, no clutter on the dial and reflections are kept to a minimum. Great everyday watch!

Perfect watch for all occasions

"Perfect watch for all occasions"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I ordered this watch on a Friday evening and received an email / phone call Monday to confirm my delivery address. The customer service delivered is outstanding & should serve as an exemplary model.

I received the watch Wednesday ( a day earlier than promised delivery date ) so I was happy about that as well. The watch wears perfectly on my 6.25 wrist. It was my first time adjusting a steel bracelet and it was not difficult at all using the provided tools in the packaging.

Overall, I am happy with this watch I have been wearing it for three weeks straight and have no complaints whatsoever.

Fantastic watch and buying experience

"Fantastic watch and buying experience"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I was stuck buying an Omega Aqua Terra or a Rolex Explorer and really couldn’t justify paying for either one. I found Sinn and the 556i and I have to say I absolutely LOVE this watch. Beautiful, rugged, masculine, refined, and a perfect size for my 7” wrist, plus it’s just a bit more unique than the Rolex or Omega. I have no desire whatsoever for a either of what were my grail watches now.

The Sinn 556i is "My” watch. As for watchbuys, I had a fantastic experience. Called before placing my order online to ask a few questions. The man I spoke with was very helpful and courteous. Ordered online later that day and had my watch a few days later. If I decide to buy another watch (Sinn 104... hmmmm) I’ll be more than happy to buy through watchbuys.

Wonderful watch!

"Wonderful watch!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This was a big purchase for me to commemorate something special. I wanted a keeper that would last and fit most (if not all) circumstances, and I did a lot of research first before settling on the 556i. Matt at Watchbuys was really helpful with my inquiries prior to buying, and the service was great throughout.

The watch itself is amazing, I am very happy with it. I have smaller wrists at around 6.25 inches, and the watch fits perfectly. The bracelet is also very comfortable, and easy to adjust. It looks amazing. The black/white contrast on the dial is stunning, and looks great in all light conditions. One thing I was really impressed by was how white the hands and indices stay even though they are lumed - no green tinge at all unless you're in the dark, which is amazing.

I've found the lume itself to be great too, visible all through the night. In short, wonderful watch, very happy with the product and the service from Watchbuys!

Fantastic Value

"Fantastic Value"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is a compactly sized sport watch that can be dressed up. Sapphire crystal with AR coating in both sides, solid end link bracelet, and drilled lugs allow for great versatility, durability and visibility. If you only buy one watch in your life, this should be on the list.

Watchbuys service has been fantastic. Quick delivery, and phone call confirmation and friendly support. Will be shopping here in the future again. Do yourself a favor and buy this watch, you will not regret it.

First Watchbuys Purchase

"First Watchbuys Purchase"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: After some thought I decided to buy the Sinn 556i. Minutes after my online purchase, Watchbuys called me up for confirmation and just two days later my watch was in the mailbox in perfect condition.

I will absolutely look at Watchbuys for future purchases.

Future classic.

"Future classic."

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is an almost perfect watch for many occasions. It fits many wrist sizes at 38.5 inches, small enough to fit under a shirt sleeve, while still being masculine. 200m water resistant allows me to be unconcerned about getting it wet. The inky black dial gives the watch a premium feel that I feel a matte dial lacks.

The white indices are a perfect contrast. I love the little quality details too. The crown has her wobble and is very smooth, the bracelet uses hex screws in the links, the display case back is sapphire. Many watches costing hundreds or thousands of dollars more don't have these features. Three negatives though. The white indices look awesome during the day but don't glow super well. It would be nice to have a luminous marker on top of the dial to help with orientation at night. I wish it didn't have anti reflective coating on the exterior of the crystal. Minor details that don't overshadow this wonderful piece.

Fantastic watch

"Fantastic watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This watch looks good, feels great and is built to last. Very happy with this purchase.

Perfect All Around Timepiece

"Perfect All Around Timepiece"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: After searching for the perfect everyday watch for the better part of a year, I finally decided to order this watch. (I have a 6.5 inch wrist so that eliminates a lot of larger watches) This is the perfect fit, the Lug to Lug is under 46 mm, the 38.5 mm diameter is comfortable yet has great presence on the wrist.

The movement is nicely finished and in the first couple weeks is keeping around +3-4 seconds/day. The bracelet is fantastic and it looks good on every strap I put it on. I cannot recommend this enough, the lume is very adequate, not amazing but still obvious/useful enough.

The WB team was great too, very personalized service, correspondence (whether phone, chat, or email) was always very quick and helpful. Buy with confidence and enjoy this great watch!

Very impressive!

"Very impressive!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I put this watch on my Timegrapher as soon as I got it (it arrived running with the time set). It was running with 0 beat error and 0 sec/day gain/loss! This watch is quality all the way. With the glossy and discrete dial, I could use it for work at the office. The only mistake I made was buying the Sinn the same week as my grail watch. My head says wear the grail. My heart says Sinn 24/7.

Perfect Daily Driver

"Perfect Daily Driver"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This was my first purchase from Watch Buys and it couldn't have been better. Service, knowledge, experience, and quality were all amazing.

I got the Sinn 556I on a bracelet. This is now my daily watch as it is perfect in all regards. Great size, durability, look, and accuracy. Love how I can really dress this watch up/down for any occasion. Great watch, great service. Couldn't be happier.

Perfect GADA watch!

"Perfect GADA watch!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Bought this watch a couple weeks ago and it hasn't left my wrist once. Keeping a consistent +3.5 sec/day (BTW, this is my third Sinn watch and they've all run within COSC specs). Can't go wrong with this watch - fits in every situation and looks great while doing it.

Sinn 556 I

"Sinn 556 I"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: A top quality watch. Owned several Sinn watches over time, the 556 I is probably one of the best for daily use. Bracelet is very comfortable.

Fantastic Watch

"Fantastic Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Ive had this watch now for about two weeks and it hasn't left my wrist im completely satisfied with it. I was a bit hesitant at first about the red second hand or not but im glad i went with the clean white second hand.

Also I don't know maybe i got very lucky but this watch keeps super accurate time. Im talking +5 seconds, and thats since ive gotten it. The bracelet is also fantastic, only problem i had was one of the screws got stuck and broke off when adjusting for size, but Watchbuys made that right immediately after i contacted them about it.

They sent me extra screws and their customer service is great!

Awesome watch!

"Awesome watch!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I was on the fence for months before finally ordering this watch. I looked around at so many different kinds, but none of them ticked all the boxes like the 556 does. It meets all my requirements for a true daily watch that can be worn anywhere for any occasion, and looks great!

One main concern I had was the size at 38.5, but now that I have the watch, it's crazy that I was so concerned. My wrist is 7.5 and the watch fits great!

Highly recommend this watch and WatchBuys.....they were great to deal with, sent me constant updates and the watch arrived in perfect condition. Good luck!

Watch Buys and 556i

"Watch Buys and 556i"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is my second purchase from Watch Buys and I couldn’t be more pleased. Service is second to none, Knowledgeable, honest, quality products.

My first purchase was a Sinn 856, love that watch, came on bracelet, and when I wanted to put a rubber strap on they were more than helpful, I ordered it and had it next day, just like they said. My latest purchase was a Sinn 556 on bracelet. All other watches are now put away, this 556 is the perfect watch. Size is perfect for my 7 1/4 inch wrist, fit and finish is as good as any of my high end watches. Tha ETA movement in this watch is fantastic, + 2 seconds a day.

All in all a great watch, and a great experience with Watch Buys. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND not only this watch but also Watch Buys.

First high quality watch

"First high quality watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I did a lot of research prior to purchasing this watch (tons of youtube videos, reviews, etc) finally pulled the trigger and made the purchase. It was a very good decision. Its a very classy watch with very high quality manufacturing - no corners cut. Its now a daily wearer for me and I get a lot of compliments.

Didn't love the bracelet, but service is fantastic!

"Didn't love the bracelet, but service is fantastic!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The watch case itself is beautiful, but I wasn't in love with the bracelet - it was a little too loosely connected to the case for my liking. Ended up having a great conversation with Matt about the 556 and eventually decided to return it.

That said, I would buy another watch from these guys in a heartbeat. They stand behind the products they sell and they provide great customer service.

Great service !

"Great service !"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I ordered two SINN 556I recently. It was my first order with WatchBuys....the watches arrived promptly as discussed with them. From their website to phone (Jon mostly ) to delivery and watch box presentation - I’m very happy with WB and will order again.

Wait! I just did! I preordered the Jaeger & Benziger Anthracite Chrono ...Hopefully, I’m as happy as I was with the SINNs... JD

Good Experience, Great Watch

"Good Experience, Great Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: My first time purchasing through WatchBuys, and my first Sinn. I would certainly recommend them as an online retailer, and if I am looking for another Sinn, Junghans or other German brand this will be the first place I come to.

As for the 556i - I love it. I've been intigued but cautious with this brand as I had never seen one in the metal, and my only regret now that I have one is that I did not purchase sooner. The simplicity of the dial is understated perfection, finishing is top notch and the bracelet was very easy to resize at home.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: Glad I got this on the bracelet. Makes for an any occasion watch

Outstanding medium sized watch

"Outstanding medium sized watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: After spending way too much time on YouTube reviews and seeing what's available in a 38-40mm watch with a high quality steel bracelet, the 556 I is an amazing watch value. If you're tired of watches the size of dinner plates buy one of these.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: I had been looking at the 556i for a long while and finally got it for my birthday. It is a fantastic watch and exceeded my expectations. So glad I finally took the plunge.

Couldn't be happier!

"Couldn't be happier!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments:

I bought this watch as a graduation gift for my son, and I am really thrilled with it. The dial is deep black and crisp white, and the layout is graphically very powerful. Although 38.5mm, it lays flat and wears smaller, which is helpful as he (and I) have smaller wrists.

The quality of the machining is astonishing, especially given the price point. The bracelet has a velvety finish and the case is solid and sharp...with a sapphire back! I own other nice watches (Rolex, PP) and this watch holds it's own in comparison.

Watchbuys personnel were patient and complaints whatsoever.

Purchased a Sinn 556i

"Purchased a Sinn 556i"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This purchase represents my first (hopefully not my last) purchase from I could not be happier with the entire shopping experience, as well as the watch! was very prompt and professional throughout the ordering and fulfillment process. As for the timepiece, the Sinn 556i is, in my opinion, an incredible value-for-money watch. The build quality of Sinn is on par with many watches that are far more expensive. I have and will continue to recommend both and Sinn Timepieces to anyone looking for a high-quality watch.

Best bang for the buck

"Best bang for the buck"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Bought a Sinn 104 from WatchBuys before, customer service was top notch!

This time the experience was great as before! The 556 with bracelet is a great everyday watch. The build quality is great and I am a big fan of Sinn pilot watches' legibility. People on the forums often compain the 556's lume but I found mine to be great, it keeps legible all night! BTW if you don't know, the 556 has top grade ETA 2824-2 movement, I found it to be better then the Sellita in the 104

Sinn 556 I Bracelet

"Sinn 556 I Bracelet"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Out of the box, most impressed with the build quality of the watch and the buttery soft bracelet - the most comfortable I’ve worn - including Rolex and many other brands. I was impressed with the clean, minimal design in pictures and even more so on the wrist.

Overall size very comfortable on my 7.5” wrist. First week the watch kept excellent time at 1 and 2 seconds per day. Second week almost over and so far gaining in time to 3+ secs per day. I’ll give the watch the recommended 8 weeks to settle in. Although Watchbuys describes the movement as "Top grade” I do not see that claim on Sinn website.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: Amazing watch! It’s hard to beat the quality and value for your money with the 556. It hasn’t been off my wrist since it arrived several weeks ago.

I also can’t say enough about my experience with watchbuys. They are an outstanding business and Rob, one of the owners, patiently answered all my questions over the phone. I would not hesitate to buy another Sinn or another watch from watchbuys.

Still going strong and looking great 5 years later

"Still going strong and looking great 5 years later"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I know the 556 is Sinn's entry level but I still love it's simple markings and striking glossy black face even over some of their higher end models.

I'm 6'1 but have fairly thin writs so it's 38.5mm and 12mm dimensions work well for me. While only visible when it's off the window to the movement is a very nice touch. Lume isn't super long-lasting, but I think any more would have given a greenish hue to the markings by day and ruined the beautiful white on black contrast.

Awesome Watch - 5 years later

"Awesome Watch - 5 years later"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I bought this from WatchBuys in 2013 and have worn it almost daily since. It's a great, beautiful, timeless piece that can pair with almost anything.

This was my first 'real' ($1k+) watch and I bought it after A TON of research. I am very pleased with my purchase, even 5 years later - so much so that I came back to review it. And it's unique - I've only run into one other person with a Sinn since I bought it.

Great Watch

"Great Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This Sinn is great! Very well executed case and gloss dial, which makes it highly legible. It's a bit on the small side, but it is great for smaller wrists and for a change from larger dive watches. Very versatile on bracelet, natos, leather, and almost any other strap.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: Such a timeless design and so versatile. Put it on NATO straps and dress it down or leather strap/bracelet to dress it up. You really can't go wrong with this one.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: The quality of the case, bracelet, and movement Is amazing! Shipped fast and arrived well packaged as well.

Also, the folks at WatchBuys are top notch in customer service and they are truly passionate about watches. I highly recommend!

Why did I wait so long?

"Why did I wait so long?"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I do not know why I waited so long after trying the Sinn 556i at several WatchBuys shows. It is perfect for me. It sits very comfortably on my 7 wrist and is easily legible day or (most of the) night. In the first 10 days it has gained a total of 13 seconds I assume it get better as it wears in! The watch looks great on the four after market straps I've tried in addition to the very comfortable and attractive bracelet.

Attractive, legible, comfortable, tough and works in the yard or office - there's not much more to say.

Very happy!

"Very happy!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I am very happy with my overall experience with WatchBuys. Matt was great and answered all of my questions thoroughly. The watch arrived exactly when they said it would and I received a follow up call shortly after placing my order just to make sure all of my questions were addressed. As for the watch itself, I couldn’t be happier. The Sinn 556I is a well built watch that offers tremendous value for the price. I own several watches at higher price points but this one takes the crown for the best bang for the buck. The fit and finish of the Sinn 556I rivals that of watches costing several times more. It runs well within COSC parameters, sports 200m of water resistance, is shock-proof and also anti-magnetic. What I enjoy most about the watch is its versatility. This is no doubt a tool watch given all the features. But at the same time, it can be dressed up with a suit at the office – it looks great for all occasions. The simple, clean, minimalist dial is what makes the watch so appea... - more details

Excellent Watch

"Excellent Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This watch is perfect, and the bracelet is extremely comfortable. Great customer service from WatchBuys!

Sinn 556i

"Sinn 556i"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Fantastic watch that is versatile enough to be worn in almost any occasion. This is a luxury level watch in my opinion with fantastic case finishing, screw down crown, screwed in links, great lume, and a strikingly good looking dial.

I also received great service from watchbuys. They called me soon after I placed the order to see if I had any questions and to tell me more about their policies. The watch was delivered very quickly and was well packaged. Great experience all around!

Sinn 556i

"Sinn 556i"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is a beautiful watch. Well freakin made. Solid. I love the simple dial.

Customer service is awesome as well. As a first time buyer I love how WatchBuys call you and informs you and watch detail, shipping, and return policy. These guys are legit.

Perfect watch

"Perfect watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is probably my first serious automatic watch and so far I love it! Looks sporty enough to be worn regularly to work and dressy enough to be worn with a suit. It's also quite accurate and my watch seems to run 2-3 seconds fast / day (which I am told is very respectable).

Watchbuys were pretty easy to deal with. The day after I placed my order, I received a phone call to confirm. Two days after that, I had my watch.

Love this watch!

"Love this watch!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I wanted a watch versatile enough to wear for any occasion and the 556 I checks all the boxes for me. It has a clean look and is extremely legible with great lume for after the sun goes down.

The water resistance goes well beyond anything I need so I have no worries about water damaging the movement but know I can swim with it. Pictures do not do this watch or the excellent finish justice plus it's keeping time within +5 seconds a week.

The bracelet is very comfortable and easy to resize. There is nothing I would change about this watch. Sinn nailed the design elements for the 556 in every aspect. I am one satisfied customer.

Sinn 556 I

"Sinn 556 I"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: A great watch, glad to have it.

Love the 556i!

"Love the 556i!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Even though this is the "entry level" watch from Sinn, it still an amazing piece! I love the simplicity and the deep black of the dial.

I initially had some issues with the bracelet that came with the watch but Kevin and Matt were very helpful and ended up sending me a brand new replacement bracelet.

I will definitely be using WatchBuys again in the future!

556 I

"556 I"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Excellent value for money. Lovely case size for my 6.75" wrist. Nice black lacquer dial, all print is crisp and with nice readability. Movement timed to ~ +2sec/day which was pretty impressive. Bracelet is nice end links have little play. The clasp is partially stamped and the bracelet rattles a little (less than the old Rolex bracelets). Crown is nice with a firm end point to its screw down. Overall, I'm very happy.

Sinn 556i

"Sinn 556i"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I first saw this watch 3 years ago, when I first started "getting into" watches. I oogled over pictures, memorized specs, and lusted after it until just recently. I read reviews from people with the same size wrist as myself, and talked myself into and out of the purchase several times. I am also a fan of cars. With cars there is a saying "don't drive your hero's." Essentially, cars you had pictures of as a kid (and lust after) should remain items of your adoration. Driving them is often a let down. So I was a little nervous that theory would translate to this watch. The buying process was very easy with WatchBuys, and extremely fast! FedEx delivered it right at 10am as promised. And the watch was just as I imagined it. In fact, I've owned the watch for almost a month and have only taken it off to sleep and shower, despite having several other nice pieces to wear. In short, I love this watch and the buying process through WatchBuys instills confidence in a 4 figure+ sight-unseen pu... - more details



Verified Watch Owner Comments: I was searching for a daily office / weekender watch. The Sinn 556 I with bracelet is what I decided on.

I placed the order, and the next day Wachbuys gave me a call to answer any questions and explain their policy. The watch arrived in a timely manner.

Right out of the box the watch feels just right. It has a certain heft to it without being heavy. The satinized finish is perfect. The transparent case back is a great feature. Five minutes later with the provided tool I was removing and adding links till I got it just right. If you take your time and hold the tool firmly in the screws you will not have any trouble. As good as it looks in the images it looks much better in person.

The Watchbuys experience was a very satisfying one.

First Sinn - 556i

"First Sinn - 556i"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This watch has been running spot on since I purchased it. I have had it for weeks now, and I'm still within 10 seconds of the atomic clock. I think I got a little lucky here, but I'm sure a lot of it is attention to detail and quality. I have had many comments about the bracelet specifically. It's beautiful. The finish is somewhere between brushed and polished, so it works for any occasion quite nicely. At 38.5mm the watch itself is on the small side for my wrist (approx 7.75") but does not look too small, slips under shirts nicely. So comfortable to wear - a little weight to it but only noticeable when you think about it. Overall, I am very pleased with this everyday wear watch. I'm not going to be afraid to wear it in almost any situation. The only thing that could make this watch a bit better is the face. There is not a lot of depth - just a glossy black dial with printed on indicies. If they were raised placed indicies at the hour marks or at 12 3 6 9, and maybe a bit of textur... - more details

Love This Watch! Get Now!

"Love This Watch! Get Now!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I have been lusting after this watch for a long time and finally ordered one recently. Since receiving this amazing piece It hasn't been taken off!

Pictures of this watch doesn't do this watch justice. My watch runs minus 1-2 seconds/day which is really good for an automatic watch. Look and quality of this watch makes you feel like you're wearing a watching that costs way more. You definitely won't regret this purchase.

One downside I've had with this watch was the bracelet. It was a difficult to remove the screws so I had to take it into a watch repair shop to get the links removed. Besides that no issues so far.

Perfect Experience

"Perfect Experience"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: After carefully considering my first mechanical watch purchase for several months, I chose the 556I with bracelet along with the black leather strap with deployment buckle for variety.

The leather strap was actually my first choice, but I just before ordering I decided to get the bracelet also and I'm so glad that I did! The bracelet is superb quality, comfortable and really makes the watch a perfect choice.

You will not regret a purchase through WatchBuys, the experience was equally perfect. I'm a very satisfied customer.

Sinn 556i

"Sinn 556i"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is a great all-rounder.

I was on the fence about this watch for some time because of the gloss black dial I generally think matte, with its slightly grey tone, is more versatile but the 556 dial is such a deep, pure black that my concern turned out to be unwarranted.

The double AR coating also helps reduce any glare from the gloss dial. I'm looking forward to wearing this watch for a long time and experimenting with different straps.

Excellent service.

"Excellent service."

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The day after I placed to order, they called to verify everything. I like the sense of security that gives.

Shipping was spot on on time.

Excellent service.

Long Term Review

"Long Term Review"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: On a long term basis (more than a year), very good watch, and I am happy with the purchase. Runs within 3 seconds a day, and wears very comfortably - Omega quality, in my mind. 

The coating on the face of the crystal can get irreversibly smudged with liquids other than water (i.e. contact lens solution). I had to have the crystal replaced by RGM. On a positive note, RGM were fantastic, and now I take better care of the crystal.

Modern Classic

"Modern Classic"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This watch is sublimely understated and modern without being Bauhaus spare.

It easily straddles casual/functional/formal resulting in outstanding versatiltiy.

Sinn is good

"Sinn is good"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Very pleased with watch and with customer service. Watch has real presence on the wrist not too big, but reassuringly solid.

Accuracy is great within 2 seconds a day so far and lume is fantastic. Plenty of power reserve and very easy to read under any conditions. Easily comparable in fit and finish to watches costing 5-10x more. 

Worth every penny.

Great Buy

"Great Buy"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: My Sinn 556 I has been everything I hoped for and more. Looks great. Works well.

WatchBuys was great. I called several times and emailed before making my purchase. They were patient and informative.

It's a keeper..!

"It's a keeper..!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The 556i is perfect size and weight as an everyday watch on my 7.25" wrist.

As expected, the build quality is superb; it looks and feels like a timepiece costing much more.

Both the 556i and the interaction with WatchBuys exceeded expectations.

It was shipped the same day it was ordered and arrived early the next morning, already set to the correct date and local time. Nice touch. I am very happy with the purchase. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the 556i or WatchBuys to anyone.

First time Sinn buyer

"First time Sinn buyer"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: All around terrific experience in selecting and ordering the watch. WatchBuys responded immediately to my email question concerning a feature on the watch.

The Sinn 556I model is a well-constructed and solid watch that, while minimal in design, is nevertheless suitable for any occasion.

Perfect Watch

"Perfect Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: First off, WatchBuys provided excellent customer service. Buying the watch was a smooth, easy process.

They called me to confirm the details and answer any questions. Shipping was fast and perfectly packed. Excellent. The watch itself is perfect.

Excellent watch, excellent service

"Excellent watch, excellent service"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This was my first shopping experience with WatchBuys, and I'm certainly pleased all the way around.

The company was straight up about announcing that Sinn would be increasing its prices and this would be an opportunity to acquire a Sinn at the old price. They personally confirmed the order and everything appeared in pristine condition and in a very timely manner.

The watch itself is a joy, and I'm so happy to find that not every watch made for men these days is (for my wrist and taste) overly large. The Sinn 556 is, to me, timeless and will outlast the current over-sized trend.

Very nice watch

"Very nice watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Went on a cruise with this watch as the one and only, fit in for every occasion, swimming, lounging, Captains formal dinner, etc.

On one of the Ports of Call I went into a jewelry store and did a side by side with a Rolex Explorer I 39mm. I then and there cancelled any lusting I had for that Rolex, the Sinn looked nicer and had a fit and finish at least the equal to that of the Explorer, the brushed finish looked a lot classier then the polished blingy look of the Rolex.

The edges of the Sinn bracelet were smooth while the Rolex's was sharp and uncomfortable. Any interest I had in the Explorer (and I had lots) disappeared with a side by side comparison.

Interestingly the sales agent looked at my Sinn 556I front and back, having never seen one before, she then asked my what was the price, $4K or $5K I just smiled.

Sinn 556 I

"Sinn 556 I"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Beautiful watch.

Others had mentioned that the crystal smudges easily and I would agree, but the size, simplicity and beauty outweigh that fact.

WatchBuys was great to work with.

A beautiful, versatile watch

"A beautiful, versatile watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The Sinn 556I on a bracelet looks great with a suit or casual clothes. The simple dial is striking, easy to read, and the non-reflective sapphire seems invisible. It has a lot of presence for a relatively small watch. The bracelet is comfortable and secure, and easy to adjust.

This was my first purchase from Watch Buys, and the experience exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them.

My first Sinn!

"My first Sinn!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I first heard of the Sinn 556 through the watch snob in askmen. He called the 556 on leather the worlds greatest $1000 watch. I then researched the company and ordered it on a metal bracelet that night at around 1 in the morning. I absolutely love it!

The fact that I will likely see very few others in my life time is appealing, then of course the amazing design! Sinn follows the philosophy of Porsche in design in which form follows function. The final product is pure perfection!

I have received many compliments on the watch any time I have worn it and it has quickly become one of my favorites! Not to mention all of the exclusive construction features which are built into the watch and developed and used only by Sinn. So yes, I am very happy with my first German Automatik!

Daily Wearer for Every Occasion

"Daily Wearer for Every Occasion"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I purchased this watch on the bracelet, which looks great for business casual or just with jeans. I have swapped out the straps for leather and have worn with suits. I've thrown a rubber strap and a Nato on and wore it to the lake last weekend.

This watch is durable and is well suited for, honestly, any occasion or environment I can imagine. I'm thrilled with it. Fit and finish are top notch and the piece really looks fantastic in person. The pics on the Web don't do it justice.

My only complaint is that there is no differentiation between the 12:00 marker and the rest, but not a big deal to me, really. Workhorse 2824-2 and Sinn durability and quality. Great watch and a great value!

Sinn 556: a great way to get started on your collection

"Sinn 556: a great way to get started on your collection"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The Sinn 556 turned out to be exactly what I wanted: a clean-looking and well-priced basic mechanical watch.

This was my first mechanical watch and I'm looking forward to doing business with WatchBuys for my next watch (which I've already picked out!)

Great Watch and Great Service

"Great Watch and Great Service"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This watch is astounding in its simplicity and presence on the wrist. Great service and shipping from Rob and Matt. It is a pleasure and a privilege to do business with these folks.

At 38.5mm, the watch fits perfectly on my 7 3/4" wrist. I love the stick hour markers and the simple to read dial in daylight or dark. Highly recommend the watch and this company. NOMOS Tangomat (38.5mm) and/or NOMOS Club Automatic is my next goal.

Thanks again for the great service, consultation time and shipping (super fast).

Finely detailed watch

"Finely detailed watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I bought a 556I from Watchbuys in Jan13. Here are my initial impressions. Watchbuys was great, professional, pleasant to talk with, responsive and performed all tasks as scheduled. Packaging, first-rate.

The watch itself is exactly as hoped - classic, elegant, and well-designed and made. The steel bracelet had some issues. In shortening the bracelet per Sinn's instructions, two of the screws came out readily and properly, two didn't (too tightly glued/screwed in) so I had to take it to a jeweler. It took two trips to fix the bracelet. In retrospect, I would have gone to the jewelers initially to shorten the bracelet. The quality of the bracelet itself is high, and the watch is really finely made and detailed. The pictures don’t do it justice.

Sinn 556 - Perfect first Sinn

"Sinn 556 - Perfect first Sinn"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: For the longest time I struggled over my first Sinn: the 556I or 556A. When the package arrived, I was pleasantly surprised and glad I chose the Sinn 556I.

The Sinn 556I at first glance is handsome and as legible as others have said. The piece wears well on my 6.5" circumference wrist and its white-to- black contrast dial makes it legible from a distance perfection in a 38.5 mm case package.

I wholeheartedly recommend this piece for any first time Sinner.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: Sharp Watch,understated elegance,Extreme legibility, suits almost any occasion.

You will receive compliments only from real watch lovers. The regulars might think it is very minimalist at best.

Daily wearer and Keeper for sure. Very accurate too.

Very Classy

"Very Classy"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The 556 looks amazing.

The gloss black dial goes nicely with the bold white markers and hands. The proportions are perfect and the case has a great brushed finish. The bracelet is simple yet robust.

First Automatic

"First Automatic"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: After lots of research I pulled the trigger and bought the 556 I. It did not take long to choose the 556 I over the 556 A. Like the minimalist dial.

This is my first "nice" watch and have been very pleased with it although I've only had it for two days. It appears that the watch has gone up in price quite a bit over the last few years but after my research I still think its a great deal when compared to a Xetum or others. I've wanted a Seamaster for years but honestly prefer the minimalist design of the dial and the metal bracelet is definitely more attractive, in my opinion, than the Omega.

I just bought this watch last week and it appears that it no longer ships with thread lock, no big deal. I like that this watch is rare in the States and no one I know owns one or has heard of Sinn. Nice watch and still a good deal, in my opinion.

A (somewhat) unexpected surprise...

"A (somewhat) unexpected surprise..."

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I had read a number of reviews about Sinn watches, and had come to understand that in the world of non-manufacture watches, they were about as good as you could get.

As the first entre into my Sinn purchases, I chose the 556I. I am 58 and have found that some of the watches I have are very trendy, but really don't sit well on the wrist. (2 Oris's and a Cartier). This watch feels perfect,especially with the deployant clasp installed. The dial is the absolutely the most legible that I have seen.

Knowing that, with ETA offering 5 levels of calibres, and that Sinn uses the top line, makes me feel great about this purchase. The movement even has blued screws.... What more could you want at this price range?

Sinn 556

"Sinn 556"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is a great all around watch. Fine build quality to this piece. The watch has a beautiful yet simple ink black dial that is both easy to read and flat out cool. The anti reflective coating on the sapphire crystal gives off flashes of blue at certain angles . . . very cool.

The satin or brushed case and bracelet are very well done. The watch works well with a suit to jeans with a t-shirt. If I could only have one . . . ahh . . . that's not going to happen! Buy it!



Verified Watch Owner Comments: Look around the Internet and everyone who owns or has owned this watch will agree: it's beautiful.

This watch has become my new daily and will stay in the collection. The manufacturing on the 556 is top notch and after an incredibly detailed examination of all aspects, I'd say it is definitely worth the asking price.


Only the essentials

"Only the essentials"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I got this watch about 6 months ago & couldn't be happier. I wear it daily. The design is simple and elegant. The band does get scuffed up through daily use, but that doesn't bother me. I don't mind the subtle signs of wear.

The anti-reflection coating on the glass does show fingerprints very easily, but the tradeoff is a glass that's virtually invisible (when clean).

Very pleased with my purchase.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: Just received it, first review. I am very impressed and more than pleased with my decision to buy a Sinn watch. Incredibly high quality for the $. The fit, finish, and quality of materials are all among the highest I have seen in watches costing up to twice as much. I went over the case, band, clasp, crown, and movement with a very discerning eye and can report that no shortcuts on quality were taken. Some well known brand watches seem to skip the important details of making the ENTIRE watch with precision and quality and use cheap bands or flimsy clasp, etc. Not Sinn, they follow through on quality with the entire watch. The dial is so beautifully simple, clean, easy to read but also enjoyable to look at (it is a gloss black vs. most Sinn's w/ a matte black). I was concerned the watch would be a bit small at 38.5mm on my 7.5 inch wrist.....IT IS PERFECT. The 40mm+ watches, when made as high quality as a Sinn, get too heavy and are uncomfortable to wear IMO. This watch at 38.5mm fits g... - more details

Good Choice

"Good Choice"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Nice simple face, compares favorably to a Rolex Datejust, though in a better size & without the eyesore cyclops.

The satin finish works well and makes it look like a more expensive watch. My only complaint is that after 1 week of everyday wear the bracelet clasp is all scratched up. Next time I'll go for a Tegimented Sinn version.