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Perfect GADA watch!

"Perfect GADA watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: Bought this watch a couple weeks ago and it hasn't left my wrist once. Keeping a consistent +3.5 sec/day (BTW, this is my third Sinn watch and they've all run within COSC specs). Can't go wrong with this watch - fits in every situation and looks great while doing it.

Sinn 556 I

"Sinn 556 I"

Verified Owner Comments: A top quality watch. Owned several Sinn watches over time, the 556 I is probably one of the best for daily use. Bracelet is very comfortable.

Fantastic Watch

"Fantastic Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Ive had this watch now for about two weeks and it hasn't left my wrist im completely satisfied with it. I was a bit hesitant at first about the red second hand or not but im glad i went with the clean white second hand.

Also I don't know maybe i got very lucky but this watch keeps super accurate time. Im talking +5 seconds, and thats since ive gotten it. The bracelet is also fantastic, only problem i had was one of the screws got stuck and broke off when adjusting for size, but Watchbuys made that right immediately after i contacted them about it.

They sent me extra screws and their customer service is great!

Awesome watch!

"Awesome watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: I was on the fence for months before finally ordering this watch. I looked around at so many different kinds, but none of them ticked all the boxes like the 556 does. It meets all my requirements for a true daily watch that can be worn anywhere for any occasion, and looks great!

One main concern I had was the size at 38.5, but now that I have the watch, it's crazy that I was so concerned. My wrist is 7.5 and the watch fits great!

Highly recommend this watch and WatchBuys.....they were great to deal with, sent me constant updates and the watch arrived in perfect condition. Good luck!

Watch Buys and 556i

"Watch Buys and 556i"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my second purchase from Watch Buys and I couldn’t be more pleased. Service is second to none, Knowledgeable, honest, quality products.

My first purchase was a Sinn 856, love that watch, came on bracelet, and when I wanted to put a rubber strap on they were more than helpful, I ordered it and had it next day, just like they said. My latest purchase was a Sinn 556 on bracelet. All other watches are now put away, this 556 is the perfect watch. Size is perfect for my 7 1/4 inch wrist, fit and finish is as good as any of my high end watches. Tha ETA movement in this watch is fantastic, + 2 seconds a day.

All in all a great watch, and a great experience with Watch Buys. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND not only this watch but also Watch Buys.

First high quality watch

"First high quality watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I did a lot of research prior to purchasing this watch (tons of youtube videos, reviews, etc) finally pulled the trigger and made the purchase. It was a very good decision. Its a very classy watch with very high quality manufacturing - no corners cut. Its now a daily wearer for me and I get a lot of compliments.

Didn't love the bracelet, but service is fantastic!

"Didn't love the bracelet, but service is fantastic!"

Verified Owner Comments: The watch case itself is beautiful, but I wasn't in love with the bracelet - it was a little too loosely connected to the case for my liking. Ended up having a great conversation with Matt about the 556 and eventually decided to return it.

That said, I would buy another watch from these guys in a heartbeat. They stand behind the products they sell and they provide great customer service.

Great service !

"Great service !"

Verified Owner Comments: I ordered two SINN 556I recently. It was my first order with WatchBuys....the watches arrived promptly as discussed with them. From their website to phone (Jon mostly ) to delivery and watch box presentation - I’m very happy with WB and will order again.

Wait! I just did! I preordered the Jaeger & Benziger Anthracite Chrono ...Hopefully, I’m as happy as I was with the SINNs... JD

Good Experience, Great Watch

"Good Experience, Great Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: My first time purchasing through WatchBuys, and my first Sinn. I would certainly recommend them as an online retailer, and if I am looking for another Sinn, Junghans or other German brand this will be the first place I come to.

As for the 556i - I love it. I've been intigued but cautious with this brand as I had never seen one in the metal, and my only regret now that I have one is that I did not purchase sooner. The simplicity of the dial is understated perfection, finishing is top notch and the bracelet was very easy to resize at home.



Verified Owner Comments: Glad I got this on the bracelet. Makes for an any occasion watch

Outstanding medium sized watch

"Outstanding medium sized watch"

Verified Owner Comments: After spending way too much time on YouTube reviews and seeing what's available in a 38-40mm watch with a high quality steel bracelet, the 556 I is an amazing watch value. If you're tired of watches the size of dinner plates buy one of these.



Verified Owner Comments: I had been looking at the 556i for a long while and finally got it for my birthday. It is a fantastic watch and exceeded my expectations. So glad I finally took the plunge.

Couldn't be happier!

"Couldn't be happier!"

Verified Owner Comments:

I bought this watch as a graduation gift for my son, and I am really thrilled with it. The dial is deep black and crisp white, and the layout is graphically very powerful. Although 38.5mm, it lays flat and wears smaller, which is helpful as he (and I) have smaller wrists.

The quality of the machining is astonishing, especially given the price point. The bracelet has a velvety finish and the case is solid and sharp...with a sapphire back! I own other nice watches (Rolex, PP) and this watch holds it's own in comparison.

Watchbuys personnel were patient and complaints whatsoever.

Purchased a Sinn 556i

"Purchased a Sinn 556i"

Verified Owner Comments: This purchase represents my first (hopefully not my last) purchase from I could not be happier with the entire shopping experience, as well as the watch! was very prompt and professional throughout the ordering and fulfillment process. As for the timepiece, the Sinn 556i is, in my opinion, an incredible value-for-money watch. The build quality of Sinn is on par with many watches that are far more expensive. I have and will continue to recommend both and Sinn Timepieces to anyone looking for a high-quality watch.

Best bang for the buck

"Best bang for the buck"

Verified Owner Comments: Bought a Sinn 104 from WatchBuys before, customer service was top notch!

This time the experience was great as before! The 556 with bracelet is a great everyday watch. The build quality is great and I am a big fan of Sinn pilot watches' legibility. People on the forums often compain the 556's lume but I found mine to be great, it keeps legible all night! BTW if you don't know, the 556 has top grade ETA 2824-2 movement, I found it to be better then the Sellita in the 104

Sinn 556 I Bracelet

"Sinn 556 I Bracelet"

Verified Owner Comments: Out of the box, most impressed with the build quality of the watch and the buttery soft bracelet - the most comfortable I’ve worn - including Rolex and many other brands. I was impressed with the clean, minimal design in pictures and even more so on the wrist.

Overall size very comfortable on my 7.5” wrist. First week the watch kept excellent time at 1 and 2 seconds per day. Second week almost over and so far gaining in time to 3+ secs per day. I’ll give the watch the recommended 8 weeks to settle in. Although Watchbuys describes the movement as "Top grade” I do not see that claim on Sinn website.



Verified Owner Comments: Amazing watch! It’s hard to beat the quality and value for your money with the 556. It hasn’t been off my wrist since it arrived several weeks ago.

I also can’t say enough about my experience with watchbuys. They are an outstanding business and Rob, one of the owners, patiently answered all my questions over the phone. I would not hesitate to buy another Sinn or another watch from watchbuys.

Still going strong and looking great 5 years later

"Still going strong and looking great 5 years later"

Verified Owner Comments: I know the 556 is Sinn's entry level but I still love it's simple markings and striking glossy black face even over some of their higher end models.

I'm 6'1 but have fairly thin writs so it's 38.5mm and 12mm dimensions work well for me. While only visible when it's off the window to the movement is a very nice touch. Lume isn't super long-lasting, but I think any more would have given a greenish hue to the markings by day and ruined the beautiful white on black contrast.

Awesome Watch - 5 years later

"Awesome Watch - 5 years later"

Verified Owner Comments: I bought this from WatchBuys in 2013 and have worn it almost daily since. It's a great, beautiful, timeless piece that can pair with almost anything.

This was my first 'real' ($1k+) watch and I bought it after A TON of research. I am very pleased with my purchase, even 5 years later - so much so that I came back to review it. And it's unique - I've only run into one other person with a Sinn since I bought it.

Great Watch

"Great Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This Sinn is great! Very well executed case and gloss dial, which makes it highly legible. It's a bit on the small side, but it is great for smaller wrists and for a change from larger dive watches. Very versatile on bracelet, natos, leather, and almost any other strap.



Verified Owner Comments: Such a timeless design and so versatile. Put it on NATO straps and dress it down or leather strap/bracelet to dress it up. You really can't go wrong with this one.



Verified Owner Comments: The quality of the case, bracelet, and movement Is amazing! Shipped fast and arrived well packaged as well.

Also, the folks at WatchBuys are top notch in customer service and they are truly passionate about watches. I highly recommend!

Why did I wait so long?

"Why did I wait so long?"

Verified Owner Comments: I do not know why I waited so long after trying the Sinn 556i at several WatchBuys shows. It is perfect for me. It sits very comfortably on my 7 wrist and is easily legible day or (most of the) night. In the first 10 days it has gained a total of 13 seconds I assume it get better as it wears in! The watch looks great on the four after market straps I've tried in addition to the very comfortable and attractive bracelet.

Attractive, legible, comfortable, tough and works in the yard or office - there's not much more to say.

Very happy!

"Very happy!"

Verified Owner Comments: I am very happy with my overall experience with WatchBuys. Matt was great and answered all of my questions thoroughly. The watch arrived exactly when they said it would and I received a follow up call shortly after placing my order just to make sure all of my questions were addressed.

As for the watch itself, I couldn’t be happier. The Sinn 556I is a well built watch that offers tremendous value for the price. I own several watches at higher price points but this one takes the crown for the best bang for the buck. The fit and finish of the Sinn 556I rivals that of watches costing several times more. It runs well within COSC parameters, sports 200m of water resistance, is shock-proof and also anti-magnetic.

What I enjoy most about the watch is its versatility. This is no doubt a tool watch given all the features. But at the same time, it can be dressed up with a suit at the office – it looks great for all occasions. The simple, clean, minimalist dial is what makes the watch so appealing. This is the kind of watch that you can wear to the beach and at the same time look equally appropriate in an interview.

I highly recommend the Sinn 556I and WatchBuys!

Excellent Watch

"Excellent Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch is perfect, and the bracelet is extremely comfortable. Great customer service from WatchBuys!

Sinn 556i

"Sinn 556i"

Verified Owner Comments: Fantastic watch that is versatile enough to be worn in almost any occasion. This is a luxury level watch in my opinion with fantastic case finishing, screw down crown, screwed in links, great lume, and a strikingly good looking dial.

I also received great service from watchbuys. They called me soon after I placed the order to see if I had any questions and to tell me more about their policies. The watch was delivered very quickly and was well packaged. Great experience all around!

Sinn 556i

"Sinn 556i"

Verified Owner Comments: This is a beautiful watch. Well freakin made. Solid. I love the simple dial.

Customer service is awesome as well. As a first time buyer I love how WatchBuys call you and informs you and watch detail, shipping, and return policy. These guys are legit.

Perfect watch

"Perfect watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This is probably my first serious automatic watch and so far I love it! Looks sporty enough to be worn regularly to work and dressy enough to be worn with a suit. It's also quite accurate and my watch seems to run 2-3 seconds fast / day (which I am told is very respectable).

Watchbuys were pretty easy to deal with. The day after I placed my order, I received a phone call to confirm. Two days after that, I had my watch.

Love this watch!

"Love this watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: I wanted a watch versatile enough to wear for any occasion and the 556 I checks all the boxes for me. It has a clean look and is extremely legible with great lume for after the sun goes down.

The water resistance goes well beyond anything I need so I have no worries about water damaging the movement but know I can swim with it. Pictures do not do this watch or the excellent finish justice plus it's keeping time within +5 seconds a week.

The bracelet is very comfortable and easy to resize. There is nothing I would change about this watch. Sinn nailed the design elements for the 556 in every aspect. I am one satisfied customer.

Sinn 556 I

"Sinn 556 I"

Verified Owner Comments: A great watch, glad to have it.

Love the 556i!

"Love the 556i!"

Verified Owner Comments: Even though this is the "entry level" watch from Sinn, it still an amazing piece! I love the simplicity and the deep black of the dial.

I initially had some issues with the bracelet that came with the watch but Kevin and Matt were very helpful and ended up sending me a brand new replacement bracelet.

I will definitely be using WatchBuys again in the future!

556 I

"556 I"

Verified Owner Comments: Excellent value for money. Lovely case size for my 6.75" wrist. Nice black lacquer dial, all print is crisp and with nice readability. Movement timed to ~ +2sec/day which was pretty impressive. Bracelet is nice end links have little play. The clasp is partially stamped and the bracelet rattles a little (less than the old Rolex bracelets). Crown is nice with a firm end point to its screw down. Overall, I'm very happy.

Sinn 556i

"Sinn 556i"

Verified Owner Comments: I first saw this watch 3 years ago, when I first started "getting into" watches. I oogled over pictures, memorized specs, and lusted after it until just recently. I read reviews from people with the same size wrist as myself, and talked myself into and out of the purchase several times. I am also a fan of cars. With cars there is a saying "don't drive your hero's." Essentially, cars you had pictures of as a kid (and lust after) should remain items of your adoration. Driving them is often a let down. So I was a little nervous that theory would translate to this watch.

The buying process was very easy with WatchBuys, and extremely fast! FedEx delivered it right at 10am as promised. And the watch was just as I imagined it. In fact, I've owned the watch for almost a month and have only taken it off to sleep and shower, despite having several other nice pieces to wear.

In short, I love this watch and the buying process through WatchBuys instills confidence in a 4 figure+ sight-unseen purchase. 10/10 would buy again. Except I shouldn't have to since it barely leaves my wrist.



Verified Owner Comments: I was searching for a daily office / weekender watch. The Sinn 556 I with bracelet is what I decided on.

I placed the order, and the next day Wachbuys gave me a call to answer any questions and explain their policy. The watch arrived in a timely manner.

Right out of the box the watch feels just right. It has a certain heft to it without being heavy. The satinized finish is perfect. The transparent case back is a great feature. Five minutes later with the provided tool I was removing and adding links till I got it just right. If you take your time and hold the tool firmly in the screws you will not have any trouble. As good as it looks in the images it looks much better in person.

The Watchbuys experience was a very satisfying one.

First Sinn - 556i

"First Sinn - 556i"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch has been running spot on since I purchased it. I have had it for weeks now, and I'm still within 10 seconds of the atomic clock. I think I got a little lucky here, but I'm sure a lot of it is attention to detail and quality.

I have had many comments about the bracelet specifically. It's beautiful. The finish is somewhere between brushed and polished, so it works for any occasion quite nicely. At 38.5mm the watch itself is on the small side for my wrist (approx 7.75") but does not look too small, slips under shirts nicely. So comfortable to wear - a little weight to it but only noticeable when you think about it. Overall, I am very pleased with this everyday wear watch.

I'm not going to be afraid to wear it in almost any situation. The only thing that could make this watch a bit better is the face. There is not a lot of depth - just a glossy black dial with printed on indicies. If they were raised placed indicies at the hour marks or at 12 3 6 9, and maybe a bit of texture on the dial, it would add a little something. The glossy black dial does make me notice spots on the crystal more often, and I find myself wiping the crystal more often than other watches.

I love it...and would highly recommend to others who want a quality but quite affordable do it all watch.

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