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With its foundations in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany in 1961, Sinn over the years has "quietly" grown to one of our most respected brands based in Germany.

Sinn is owned and managed by Lothar Schmidt, formerly production director with IWC and A. Lange & Sohne. Mr. Schmidt is an engineer, and over the years has led the Sinn team in creating a number of patented technologies that genuinely benefit the watch, its technical operation and the maintenance of the movement.

Sinn pioneered the use of oil in watches to achieve extreme depth, in addition to the DIAPAL technology that allows the movement's most important bearings to do without lubrication.

Sinn's Tegiment processing hardens cases to 1200 HV or more, resulting in a watch case that is highly scratch resistant and many times the hardness of standard stainless steel. And their use of inert gasses with copper sulphate capsules creates a humidity free environment for the movement and oils.

Sinn is not only about technology - they make great looking watches whose designs hold up over time. Sinn's many fans around the world have supported this brand since its inception, and now Sinn is a leader in high functionality watches featuring new and exclusive technologies.

Take a few minutes and browse the Sinn collection. This is an impressive group of watches with engineering and craftsmanship.

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