Sinn 556 I on Strap

SKU: SI-191

Automatic winding mechanical watch in steel on strap - more details
• Case diameter (mm): 38.5
• Case thickness (mm): 10.0
• Case back: Transparent
• Case metal: Stainless steel
• Dial color: Black
• Winding: Automatic
• Manufacturer's limited warranty: 2 years
• Warranty service: RGM or Sinn

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Sinn 556 I on Strap
Sinn 556 I on Strap
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In creating the Sinn 556 I, Sinn's goal was to offer their most affordable watch in the line, while at the same time maintaining the quality and engineering standards that have set Sinn apart.

The Sinn 556 I features a case size at 38.5 mm which is satinized. This finish results in a slightly more polished look without the shiny "mirror look". In addition, the dial used for the Sinn 556 I features indices ("I") rather than Arabic numerals for a very clean layout.

Other features of the Sinn 556 I include:
  • Case in 316L surgical stainless steel which is satinized
  • Sapphire crystals on both sides of the watch
  • Double coated anti-reflective covering
  • Dual seal crown lock to improve water resistance
We love the Sinn 556 I, and feel that it offers outstanding precision and engineering at an attractive price.

This watch is fitted with a Sinn black calf leather strap with white stitching and tang buckle. Water resistant to 200 meters.

Sinn watches feature a number of cutting edge technologies, many of which are unique to Sinn. Among the more popular features are:

Tegimented Hardened Cases

Many Sinn watches are fitted with Tegimented cases produced in-house by Sinn's case making affiliated company in Glashutte, Germany.

Standard steel used by most watch companies has a hardness of between 200 and 240 HV (Hardness Vickers is a common scale used to measure material hardness). The Tegiment layer has a hardness of 1,200 Vickers which is five times harder than standard steel (and on some Sinn models even higher - up to nine times harder than standard steel).

The Tegiment layer is not a coating consisting of a foreign material, instead the steel itself that has been hardened using a special engineering process that creates a hardened barrier. The base material is a type of stainless steel also used for surgical implants, and the stainless steel resistance to corrosion is even further improved by the Tegiment hardening process.

The primary advantage to a Tegimented case is extreme resistance to scratches and other case abrasions.

Please note that certain Sinn watches are fully Tegimented (case, bezel) while others are Tegimented only on the bezel. Use the links below to view both categories.

  • View Sinn watches with fully Tegimented cases.

  • View Sinn watches with Tegimented bezels only.

Dehumidification Technology

A number of Sinn models feature cases filled with inert gas. Sinn has found that filling the case with gas can help prevent the introduction of moisture and humidity to the case, as well as provide a more stable environment for the oils that lubricate the movement.

Another advantage to this technology is that it prevents the dial and crystal from fogging. The proper care of any mechanical watch movement mandates that these oils maintain both their viscosity and lubrication properties.

  • View Sinn watches with dehumidification technology.

Copper Sulphate Capsules

A number Sinn models use one or more copper sulphate capsules to absorb humidity trapped inside the case. Over time these capsules will gradually turn dark blue indicating that humidity has been absorbed.

The primary benefit to these copper sulphate capsules is a more dry and stable environment for both the movement and the lubricating oils. Together with Sinn's inert gas treatment these capsules form the basis of Sinn's Dry Hold Technology.

This technology not only provides a more stable environment for the movement, but also prevents fogging of the crystal when going from hot to cold environments or from humid to non-humid conditions (such air conditioned buildings).

  • View Sinn watches with copper sulphate capsules.

Extreme Antimagnetic Protection

Magnetism can cause dramatic swings in the timekeeping of a mechanical watch movement. People are often exposed to magnetic fields without even knowing so – frequent high altitude flying, metal detectors, audio and video equipment, medical equipment and computer equipment to name a few.

Many Sinn watches offer extreme protection against magnetism up to 80,000 A/m. Sinn achieves these results using a number of different technologies, including special case and case back construction, soft iron components in the case and protective rings surrounding the movement.

  • View Sinn watches with extreme antimagnetic protection.

DIAPAL Oil Free Escapement

Sinn caused quite a stir when they first released their DIAPAL technology. Beginning in 1995, Sinn began work to create an oil free escapement. With any mechanical watch movement, the aging of oil, especially in the escapement can create long term problems for that movement. Additionally, as movement oil ages, required service intervals become more frequent.

Sinn's early analysis to this problem provided a quick solution (at least in theory) - if you don’t use oil, it can’t age. The process began by exchanging the ruby escapements for diamonds (the word "DIAPAL” derives from the German name for diamond escapements, "Diamantpaletten”) in order to achieve the desired effect. The designation stuck, even though today Sinn works with solutions taken from advanced nanotechnology rather than diamonds.

The result is a movement that proves so reliable that Sinn offers an unprecedented five year warranty on their DIAPAL watches.

  • View Sinn watches featuring the DIAPAL oil free escapement.

Hydro Oil Filled Technology

Sinn has developed a technology termed "Hydro" in which the entire watch case is filled with oil. Watches using this technology are based on quartz rather than mechanical movements, and each movement is a certified chronometer.

By using this type of movement, Sinn is able to fill the watch with oil, which has the double affect of greatly enhancing the readability of the dial and time from any angle (including under water), and increasing the water resistance of the watch even at great depths.

  • View Sinn watches with Hydro Oil Filled technology.

Submarine Steel

Sinn has created a line of watches featuring cases made from German submarine steel (the U Series). The steel was procured by Sinn from a steel supplier to Emden GmbH, one of Germany’s North Sea shipbuilding yards who construct submarines from the very same steel.

Because of the special steel used from the submarine steelmanufacturer, the case resists the effects of exposure to salt waterand salt water environments.

These cases are produced in-house by Sinn's case making affiliated company in Glashutte, Germany.

This special steel is also amagnetic which means that is does not have magnetic properties and cannot itself become magnetized. The watch movement itself is protected from magnetic fields up to 4,800 A/m.

  • View Sinn watches built from German submarine steel.

EZM Mission Timers

Sinn is a partner for manufacturing watches for the German Special Forces, including SWAT, Customs, FBI, helicopter police, GSG9 and other units.

Beginning with the now highly collectible (and valuable) Sinn EZM 1, Sinn has grown this collection to some of the most durable and highly functional watches made and they remain among the most popular in the collection.

  • View Sinn watches in the EZM Series.

TESTAF Certified Pilot's Watches

Lothar Schmidt, Sinn's CEO and owner had long been disturbed by a lack of technical standards for defining a "pilot's watch". As an engineer, Mr. Schmidt was fluent in standards for diver's watches, anti-magnetic watches and the many other technological standards used to manufacture watches.

A widely used reference for standards is DIN, or the Deutsches Institut fr Normung (German Institute for Standardization). Oddly, he discovered there were no DIN standards to cover pilot's watches where such standards exist for example for diver's watches.

The new "Technical Standard for Pilot's Watches" (TESTAF) was developed by the Aachen University of Applied Sciences and establishes the suitability for professional use as a pilot's watch.

  • View Sinn watches in the TESTAF Series

"My first Sinn"

Posted by: Teodoro B

Comments about this watch: After a frictionless order process (bravo Watchbuys!)

I received my 556i and couldn't be happier with the purchase. The watch looks better on the wrist than any picture can portray. It'll be my daily beater.

My speedy pro is having a tough time getting some wrist time!

"Even better in person..."

Posted by: Anil C.

Comments about this watch: Beautifully well built watch . The dial and its simplicity and legibility of the index markers and hands are stunning.

Quality leather band. Very accurate. You won't regret the purchase.

"Sinn 556 I"

Posted by: Sean C

Comments about this watch: Fantastic build quality, I'm very satisfied with this watch. Simple design will look current for many years.

Strap seems to be well built and has a nice leather smell. I have small wrists and it doesn't look too big. Recommended.

"Sinn 556"

Posted by: Gary M.

Comments about this watch: Everything advertised and more. Fantastic watch and even better retailer.

Superior customer service from the informational "Chat" feature to post order call back and upgraded shipping. A delighted customer and will highly recommend.

"Sinn 556 I"

Posted by: Norman S.

Comments about this watch: I am extremely pleased with my purchase of a Sinn 556 I. The watch is even better looking than in the pictures and reviews that caused me to buy it.

WatchBuys customer service personnel are extremely knowledgeable and helpful – no high pressure sales pitch. All my questions prior to and after the sale were thoroughly answered and the watch was sent out for prompt delivery. This will not be my last purchase from this company.

"Quality, versatility, elegance all in one package"

Posted by: Teddy H.

Comments about this watch: This is a watch that fits in really well in a business casual setting, weekend BBQ party, or formal / suit & tie environment.

No tegimented case or other technology is included, however. But I LOVE its simple, understated design that screams quality all around. This is my first Sinn purchase, and likely it won't be my last.

"Sinn Excellence"

Posted by: Sumeet S

Comments about this watch: This watch has a super clean design and a flawless finish. I like the satinized case a lot as well as the focus on telling the time without any distractions.

Turning the watch over gives you a look into the 25 jewel movement through a sapphire back. All in all this is a tremendously satisfying watch to own.

"Great watch and great customer service"

Posted by: Dawson

Comments about this watch: Would I like a tegimented watch? Sure, but aesthetically this is in my opinion the best looking watch out there. I love the look and feel.

Customer service was top notch too, it was on back order for a week but they received a shipment from Sinn early and promptly gave me a phone call to let me know it was on its way, explain the return policy, and ask if I had any questions. I'll definitely order from them again.

"Sinn 556"

Posted by: Mark S

Comments about this watch: Great watch, reminds me of the clocks at a German Airport.

Little on the small side at 38.5 mm, but outstanding build quality makes up for it.

"I wish I would have found you guys sooner"

Posted by: Matt H

Comments about this watch: It would have saved me a ton of money over the years.

I am completely satisfied with the watch and WatchBuys support. Perfekt!!!

"Excellent Service"

Posted by: Mark B.

Comments about this watch: Purchased the Sinn 556 I in Canada. WatchBuys staff were excellent.

I have received many comments on my Sinn 556 I. It is very comfortable (easily wearable with a dress shirt cuff) and is a classic design that looks good in a professional workplace, or just out on a boat.

Also it easily readable at night. Highly recommend!

"Sinn 556I"

Posted by: Larry

Comments about this watch: I bought a 556I from WatchBuys in January. Here are my initial impressions:

WatchBuys was great, professional, pleasant to talk with, performed all tasks as scheduled, and very communicative. Packaging, first-rate. The watch itself is exactly as hoped - classic, elegant, and well-designed and made.

"Sinn 556"

Posted by: Stephen D

Comments about this watch: This watch is beautiful with the super black face and bright white contrast of the hands and markings.

Highly recommended.

"Follow up"

Posted by: Thomas H

Comments about this watch: Follow up on a 556 I got not too long ago. Still love it. Am going to start selling all my other watches, no need for them any more.

 Picked up a Sinn rubber strap with deployment. The 556 looks great with it. It's all the watch I need.

"First but not last...."

Posted by: Doug C

Comments about this watch: I have been intrigued by Sinn's for a few years now, and finally decided to purchase a 556. Wow! What a bargain. This watch just reeks quality, far beyond other brands at this price point. One of the top levels of ETA's tiers for their calibres, I was impressed that it even included blued screws. This is unheard of at this level. I have two complaints, and believe me I have tried to find faults. 1) I would prefer a matte finish to the dial. This version is slightly shiny (yes, I know this is sub... - more details

"Sinn 556"

Posted by: Tom

Comments about this watch: A beauty. My eyes are not the best and I have no problem reading the numbers.

Classic design. Ausgezeichnete Uhr.

"Beautiful Watch!"

Posted by: Tony

Comments about this watch: I couldn't be happier with the purchase.

I wanted the metal bracelet but it was sold out. I have to say it looks great on the black leather strap as well. It shows off the case nicely and gives it the appearance of greater thickness. It fits my 6.75" wrist perfectly. It also looks great on a brown strap. As soon as the metal bracelet becomes available, I'm all over it!

Great value!!!

"Beautiful and understated"

Posted by: Smedley

Comments about this watch: This is a beautifully made and elegant watch.

I'm a pretty big guy, but the relatively small diameter still looks appropriately sized. I'm very impressed by how good the piece looks, yet it's not in any way ostentatious or fussy. The transparent back is fascinating as well.

Highly recommended.

"Amazing watch"

Posted by: Jon

Comments about this watch: Very happy with the quality of this watch. Sinn has gone back to using top grade ETA 2824-2 movements in the 556, and mine keeps excellent time for an automatic. The level of finishing on the movement is excellent.

Don't like the strap that came with it and couldn't justify the cost of a bracelet, but the strap is easy to change and you can always buy a bracelet from WatchBuys later. I have a green zulu and a brown di modell jumbo that both look very sporty with the 556.

"Nice watch!"

Posted by: Dave

Comments about this watch: I just got a 556 after the holidays, and I can't stop wearing it! I have TAGs and an Oris, too, but this watch is different from Swiss watches and has so much character. It has a really solid, Teutonic feel to it. The dial is extremely easy to read and the nighttime lume is also quite good. So far over the past couple weeks, it is keeping bang-on time as well. The 556 is a solid watch and a great value. It has a definite feel of no-nonsense quality, durability, and masculinity, and a classic des... - more details

"Classic style, great wearing watch"

Posted by: Ed

Comments about this watch: It wears bigger than its 38.5mm.

I have a 7.25'' wrist and it's a perfect size.


Posted by: CJC

Comments about this watch: I've had my 556 for a few months now. Works like a champ and looks great with any wardrobe, from the gym to business meetings.

Negative: Scratches on bezel are highlighted by finish. Still not a deal breaker.

"Sinn 556"

Posted by: James R

Comments about this watch: Gorgeous watch at a fantastic price.

However beware the satinized finish isn't very durable. The 316L steel is quite soft and the grain in the satinized finsh will show even the slightest scratches, ESP those that run perpendicular to the grain. Also the hard edges around the bezel and case ding easily owing to their sharpness.

Still it's a great watch at a reasonable price, no regrets.

"Sinn 556 on Strap - Superb Value & Build"

Posted by: Mark

Comments about this watch: I just received my first Sinn watch yesterday. The value of this watch is incredible. From the moment I took it out of the box I could tell that the build quality was that of watches that are much more expensive. This watch feels so solid on my wrist yet it is not over-sized. I do have a smaller wrist and this 38mm watch fits it perfectly. I would highly recommend this watch to anyone wanting a solid design, German craftsmanship/engineering, great value, small or medium sized wrist, someone mayb... - more details

"Sinn 556 on strap"

Posted by: Santo

Comments about this watch: I have a collection of almost 40 watches and this is likely to become my everyday wear watch. This watch feels good on my wrist unlike some others that pinch or have sharp edges. The crown is set in such a way that it doesn't dig into my wrist when I flex my wrist. The black and white dial and hands present very well thus making this is an easy to read watch without my glasses. I am already receiving complements on my latest addition. The price point can't be beat for this timepiece. The crystal... - more details

"Great watch !!!"

Posted by: James

Comments about this watch: This was one of the most pleasant surprizes I'v encountered in a long time.

This is a beautiful watch offering both sporty and elegant look at a very affordable price. A+++

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