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Sinn U50 DS-T

"Sinn U50 DS-T"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This Sinn is perhaps the best looking Sinn U50 I have owned. The dial on this watch (scratched intentionally) is so captivating that I can't keep my eyes off it almost got into an accident staring at it. And timekeeping is perfect (+0.5-1 secs a day).

The tigemented case and band are very scratch resistant almost scratch proof. It's a perfect tool watch. I have been wearing it for 9 days straight and I can't take it off my wrist (I usually wear a watch for 2 days before I rotate it) Last but not the least, it's lume although not the strongest, is very long lasting. Definitely a touchdown from SINN.

The perfect non-pretentious tool watch

"The perfect non-pretentious tool watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: + Compact dimension that works well on thin and larger wrists

+ Unique dial finishing that you just can't your eyes off of it + Extreme legibility at all condition. + Incredibly tactile bezel feel.

+ Reliable and well regulated SW300 movement. Mine was less than +2/day out of the box. -

The stamp clasp feels a bit dated, especially compared to competition at the same or even lower price range. - Machining tolerance on the bracelet end links can be improved. Mine was a bit loose at one end. - 4 o' clock crown is a bit of a gimmick. The small crown and its awkward location makes it hard to get a good grip when adjusting the time.