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Excellent watch

"Excellent watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Sinn really delivers on quality. Overall the watch is excellent. H link bracelet is super comfortable, the Tegimented black bezel looks fantastic in contrast with the white dial. Sapphire crystal with AR on both sides cuts reflections. Keeps time very well. The two critiques I have. One is that the clasp could be better. Two is if they it had a lume on the UTC hand also.

Overall I’m happy with this watch and glad to have it in the collection.

Gorgeous Bauhaus Style Watch with one Tiny Drawback

"Gorgeous Bauhaus Style Watch with one Tiny Drawback"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I bought this watch to wear to work as a Boeing 747-400 cargo pilot. While at home I own two Rolex GMT Masters II’s and I find them too flashy to wear to work, or, on long layovers in places that can find you in some pretty sketchy neighborhoods, like Bahrain or Shang Hai. But, I need a GMT/UTC watch for work nonetheless.

After watching several good reviews on YouTube, I believe this watch, the 105 st sa UTC W, should work fine. Build quality of the Sinn case and bracelet are very high. Fit and finish are top notch in their segment: The tegumented bezel action is crisp, certain and clicks fast to all 24 detents. The proprietary process Sinn uses to tegument their bezels should keep it virtually scratch proof.

The bead blasted bracelet and case are the perfect sophisticated understatement to wear on off-days if you might sport a flashy Rolex or two throughout the week. Be aware though, some reviewers admonish a relatively easily scratched bead-blast finish. I did buy this watch so I wouldn’t cry if I’d find a scratch on it though. A great "beater” as one might say in the collecting world. But don’t let this watch be judged by how it compares to a high-end brands or models. I’ve been wearing this watch for 3 days now and had 2 compliments on it already.

Sinn design is stunning in its own right. My only wish is that this movement - the venerable Salitta 330 - would allow hour hand hacking (popping the crown out to a detent which would allow setting of the hour hand alone). However! As Sinn has modified this movement it does something even a Rolex GMT Master II cannot. It allows hacking of the GMT/UTC hand. Aaaah, genius. That said, it is the GMT hand which requires being set but once to GMT time. If you’re a traveler it’s the hour hand that must be moved every time one lands in a new time zone. As some reviewers have said, this is not a "true travelers GMT watch”. Still I can work with this. Added bonus which a Rolex GMT Master II also does not do is allow you to set the date by pulling the crown out to the 2nd detent and turning it counter-clockwise. About one day every half turn. Awesome!

At this price point, it’s all the watch I expected. I’m recommending this watch to my pilot buddies.

Beautiful watch, very happy with purchase

"Beautiful watch, very happy with purchase"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The WatchBuys team made the buying process a breeze, and the watch itself is beautiful. Would buy from WatchBuys again in the future.

Outstanding Value//Beautiful Watch

"Outstanding Value//Beautiful Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Incredible buying experience. Super fast shipping. Multiple phone calls from the good folks at Watchbuys to make sure everything was what I wanted and answered all of my questions.

The attention to detail and contrast this watch has makes it one of the best values on the market. Incredible watch for the money. Can't wait to get my next one!

Perfect size and Finishing

"Perfect size and Finishing"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Simplicity of this GMT watch is the biggest attraction. Matte finishing of the bracelet and bezel gives is very under the radar feel. The orange UTC/GMT draws attention and overall mixture of attractiveness and subtleness is optimal. Excellent every day piece.

I also got a leather band for it and it goes very well with white shirts in the suit when dressing it up.

Beautiful UTC/GMT Watch in Great Size

"Beautiful UTC/GMT Watch in Great Size"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is my first Sinn. I've been looking to add a UTC/GMT watch to my collection for a long time. However, my wrist is on the smaller side and most options are too big. I love the contrast the white dial, black bezel and orange UTC/GMT hand.

It's a pleasure to look at. The bracelet was easy to size, and I'm looking forward to picking up the integrated rubber strap when Sinn finally releases it. I spent a lot of time looking at small-ish GMT alternatives like a Grand Seiko 9F GMT or a vintage Rolex Explorer II but kept coming back to this one, and I have no regrets.

This One Ticked all the Boxes

"This One Ticked all the Boxes"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Fantastic tool watch for travel and daily use. Fit and finish is spot on. Bidirectional bezel is easy to turn. Bracelet is super comfortable with no hair pull. Dimensions are perfect for my 7.25 wrist and especially impressed with the height even though the display caseback adds to it. Love the simplicity of the design. My only dilemma was a white or black dial.

Excellent buying experience from Watchbuys.

Great watch!

"Great watch!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The white dial and orange UTC hand is exceptional!