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Great watch

"Great watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I've wanted to own a Sinn for a while, but I prefer a larger watch. The 836 is perfect and has all the usual Sinn virtues: it's super-legible, has great build-quality, and embodies the brand's aesthetic.

It's a winner if you're looking for a Sinn in a slightly larger size.

Sinn 836 is a winner

"Sinn 836 is a winner"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is an incredibly well designed watch with very clean simple aesthetics. Sometimes less is more. The date window at 6 o'clock provides nice symmetry. Photos do not do the watch justice. While being 43MM it is not oversized for my 7 inch wrist.

The one knock I will give it is that the strap is big for my wrist size. I need to fasten the buckle at the last hole for it to fit. The quality of the strap though is very good with it being both sturdy and supple.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: Simple design, easy to read, lightweight for its size. Good choice for days where you don’t want a heavy tool watch on the wrist. Highly recommend.