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A solid buy!

"A solid buy!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Been wanting a U1 for some time and it didn't disappoint. Great watch, Solid as a rock!

U 1 Beast

"U 1 Beast"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Wanted a standard sinn U 1...also knew I wanted it on a red silicone bracelet....

Watchbuys had everything I wanted at a very nice price...sinns silicone bracelets are very high quality...the watch looks incredible on the red one....thanks watchbuys for a seamless experience....Bill

Sinn U1

"Sinn U1"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This piece is a tank. The whole thing is just a beauty but at the same time a real tool . I can not wait for summer to return so I can take this one diving and put it through the paces

Monster Tool Watch

"Monster Tool Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The lug to lug length doesn't make this piece wear too big, even though it is a 44. Feel like wear and size is akin to a Tudor Black Bay Slab and works very well for me. Personally didn't do the tegimented didn't think my use case needed. My daily as of now.

Glad I have one!

"Glad I have one!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Both the U1 and Watchbuys customer service are top notch.

My thoughts on the U1: It's a hefty watch. There's no way around it and you feel it on the wrist. I have a 7.5 wrist which I consider on the smaller side for a 44mm watch. That said it's still comfortable and wears a little smaller than other watches its size. The bracelet is the way to go. I was hesitant at first because the only bracelets I've truly enjoyed from any brand are the Oyster bracelets.

The U1 H-link is a great addition and I think looks more at home on the U1 than other Sinn models. The simple clasp is familiar and works as intended. The photos of both the watch and bracelet don't do either justice. Not much else to say other than the U1 is a modern classic with unmistakable styling and presence.

For any dive watch wearer old or young I highly recommend it. This is a pure dive watch, not a jewelry piece as other classics have recently become.

U1 Bracelet model

"U1 Bracelet model"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I have had this for about 10 days. It is running very and is very accurate far, about +2 sec a day.

I love the feel and look of the watch. This is a very unique watch. I love the dial and the hands, very legible.

This is one of the neatest watches there out there without a doubt.

Sinn U1 Absolute Beauty and #1 Service

"Sinn U1 Absolute Beauty and #1 Service"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Simply beautiful timepiece that's a keeper. German engineering, understated quality and you can't beat the service at Watchbuys! Get it if you're thinking about it.

Review for U1

"Review for U1"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is a fantastic timepiece. I also have a UX on strap, both wonderful.

My second U1...

"My second U1..."

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I've owned a U1-ST for nearly a year. Love the watch, the blue dial and black tegimented bracelet/case are awesome. It's a great timekeeper and fantastic dive watch. However, I've always been attracted to the red hands, black dial, and bead-blasted finish of the standard U1. So....dilemma solved.

Ordered it today! It's different enough from my U1-ST that I'll definitely be keeping both! Can't wait to receive it.

Sinn U1

"Sinn U1"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Glad I bought it.

Impressive Watch and Service

"Impressive Watch and Service"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This U1 is even better in person. Impressive construction and design. Robust tool watch. Great customer service. Excellent!

Sinn U1

"Sinn U1"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Quality engineering and execution at a reasonable price.

Sinn U1

"Sinn U1"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Unique diver – great value!

Sinn U1

"Sinn U1"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This watch is a 10 out of 10 - you never know the about the quality of a Sinn until you’ve held one in your hands.

I have a Tudor Black Bay and the quality is def there in the U1 also. I highly recommend this watch and any other Sinn your thinking about it's well built and you can tell everything was thoroughly thought through.

Great Watch and Excellent Service

"Great Watch and Excellent Service"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The Sinn U1 was exactly what I hoped it would be. It is well-built tank of a diving watch.

WatchBuys service was excellent as well. I'd buy from them again.

Sinn U1......once again

"Sinn U1......once again"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I have come back to the U1 once again. This piece is simply the best all around multi purpose watch that I have ever owned. Over the years I have had a couple of other U1's and sold them only to long for the loss of that piece months later. The classic beauty and functioning of the U1 simply can not be surpassed. This is a watch you can wear to work, to an evening event and of course to dive if you should be so inclined. I will never move away from this one now that I have it once again :)

Awesome U1

"Awesome U1"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Purchased the Sinn U1. This watch is awesome! I highly recommend this watch to all. The customer service I also great. Thank you.

Sinn U1

"Sinn U1"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Watch looks and wears great.

Watchbuys customer service is better than Apple! Responsive, helpful and attentive.

Sinn U1

"Sinn U1"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Absolutely fantastic watch.

Customer service from watchbuys was terrific. A lot is made of the size and the heft of this watch. I have 7 3/4" wrists and muscular forearms, and the watch looks perfectly proportional to my arm, however if you have thinner wrists, and forearms this watch may be a little big. Great Lume, this thing is built like a tank, and gets noticed much more than my Rolex Deepsea.

Sinn U1 and Sinn EZM 7

"Sinn U1 and Sinn EZM 7"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: First and foremost, I am a collector of watches. Even though I am a modest high school English teacher with an even more modest budget, I have always admired and appreciated a well made watch.

Prior to discovering Sinn, I purchased and owned a Rolex GMT Master II, Omega Seamaster, Omega Speedmaster and of course Seiko's Orange Monster. Last year, through chance, I happened upon the Sinn watch brand and became instantly hooked on their style, function and overall aesthetic functionality. I purchased a Sinn EZM 7 firefighter watch last year.

Immediately, I realized that I had found a company that I would never leave. After wearing the EZM 7 for over a year (the watch never loses time, has not shown wear/scratches anywhere despite its constant usage and its hands down awesomness in regards to look, style and overall functionality). So for the new review. Last month I took the plunge and ordered my second Sinn watch, the Sinn U1. Along with ordering the watch I also ordered a black / red striped strap. In short, the U1 is awesome.

Even at 44mm, the watch fits my wrist perfectly. Although the weight of the watch is noticeable at first, once strapped on the wrist, the weight disappears and an instant sense of wearing a true timepiece emerges. As an owner of two Sinn watches, I doubt I will ever stray from their company or watch line. Sinn watches have proven to me that one does not need to shell out two to three times the amount simply to own an high end Swiss watch. With that said, a day does not go by without someone commenting on my Sinn U1 or Sinn EZM 7.

Both are excellent watches that have made a lasting impression on me. I have become a Sinn customer for life and I look forward to purchasing my third Sinn watch in the future.

The customer service at Watchbuys is second to none. If you are hesitant about purchasing a Sinn, do not be ... you will not be let down.

Excellent Customer Service and Watch

"Excellent Customer Service and Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This was my first experience dealing with Watch Buys and it was nothing short of fantastic!

Very knowledgeable and eager to answer my questions making sure I was getting what I expected. Super fast shipping and packaging was A+.

The watch itself is everything I was looking for and I was not disappointed in any way. The accuracy is way better than I was expecting and the fit and finish of the piece is amazing.

Thank you Watch Buys for taking care of me.

Sinn U1

"Sinn U1"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The watch is a Sinn U1 on bracelet. I've had it three weeks now and it is running consistently +7 sec per day which should be easy to regulate down to better than +3 if past experience with this movement is any guide.

I really like the watch. It is about the biggest watch I would wear and feels quite heavy compared to the dress/sport watches I've worn in the past, but you get used to it in a day or two. You don't get the precise "click" when rotating the bezel that you get on some other dive watches but it's not loose and it stays put after it's moved. Again, it just takes some getting used to.

The watch is tough - I've already managed to bang it around a bit and it is obviously not going to ding easily.

I highly recommend the Sinn U1 and Watchbuys.

Sinn U1 on bracelet

"Sinn U1 on bracelet"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I couldn't be happier with the design & build quality of this tank of a watch, or with the service I received from WatchBuys.

Just an outstanding experience all around, and I look forward to shopping here again soon!

Quality beast

"Quality beast"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Customer service: Excellent customer service. Watch arrived in a very timely manner. Well packaged.

Watch: Flawless craftsmanship. Nicely proportioned. This is a thicker watch compared to prior watches I have owned, but not obscenely so. Still fits nicely under sleeve. Smooth bezel with secure clicks. Position of crown is nice as it doesn't dig into dorsum of hand. Comes with tools for adjusting band.

Band is very comfortable and barely notice I'm wearing it throughout the day. The watch is heavy as you would expect. Illumination is subtle, but sufficient. The sapphire, body and band have held up to a beating. Have wacked the face against pipe and brick without any scratches. Has kept perfect time for 3 weeks so far.

This could be the last watch I own, but I've already started looking at other Sinn watches. I would highly recommend this watch without reservation.

Outstanding Watch!

"Outstanding Watch!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This U1 makes my Rolex Sub feel cheap and flimsy. 

It's heavy, yet wears very comfortably. The dial is the most legible and unique of any watch I have owned, and I have owned plenty. It's running +3 seconds a day right out of the box, that's Chronometer standard. 

WatchBuys even sent it with the time/date set for my home, when I opened it up, all I had to do was put it on! 

Great Watch, great dealer!

Canadian customer

"Canadian customer"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: A close friend has worn this watch daily for almost 5 years. Somehow its understated appearance actually improves with time and the build quality is such that it still looks brand new.

I finally took the plunge, and have no regrets. This is a fantastic piece of engineering, both on the bracelet and the silicone strap.

And, BTW, if you are buying from Canada, duty is only 5%, and watch arrived within days. Excellent buying experience.

Beautiful rugged watch that is meant to be used.

First and last watch for a long while

"First and last watch for a long while"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The watch itself is simple yet beautiful.

I haven't tracked it yet but it's been keeping very accurate time. It also feels very sturdy I have no fear about knocking the watch around everyday.

 If you want a timepiece that you can wear everyday and not think about I wouldn't recommend anything else.

Bill in VA

"Bill in VA"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Wanted a U1 for several years, very happy!

Great service, great watch

"Great service, great watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I've only had the watch a couple of weeks, but had been eying a U1 for a few years before finally taking the plunge - although that's probably the only plunge I will take with the watch as I have some sort of irrational fear of diving...

Anyway, the watch was delivered just as described and I am very pleased with it. I was a bit apprehensive about its size being too large for my relatively smaller wrists but it feels and looks smaller on my wrist than I was imagining. The bracelet is great and seems to be very high quality and very sturdy for its price, but I promptly switched it out for a canvas NATO strap. Although I imagine I'll go back and forth between the bracelet and the NATO straps quite frequently.

Almost perfect

"Almost perfect"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Great watch. Very tough case.

I had 1 problem in Death Valley (USA) it got so hot about 115F that dust from the dial got stuck to the luminescent on the minute hand and has been there since.

I would buy one again though, it's a very enjoyable watch.

The Sinn U1 seems Indestructable

"The Sinn U1 seems Indestructable"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I would be reluctant to take one of those finely polished highly advertised Swiss products to get banged up among tanks and regulators and such during Scuba, but not so this watch since it really seems bulletproof. It is a heavy watch, and not at all delicate, but for my needs and sensibilities, it seems almost perfect.

I have not owned it long enough to fully test its timekeeping abilities, but if a few seconds each day really mattered, I would not be wearing an automatic watch. I am primarily concerned with deep water resistance and the ability to stay intact during rough use and this watch fills the bill.

I am quite pleased with it.

Great watch! - as advertised

"Great watch! - as advertised"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The U1's simple appearance wears well with jeans or business casual and is a great diver for its intended purpose.

Though big and robust, it doesn't feel heavy on the wrist. The submarine steel looks better in person than on print.

Excellent watch

"Excellent watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Received my U1 today. It is better in person than it shows on the site.

The quality is readily evident; in fact, each of the Sinn watches I have ordered from WatchBuys are of the highest quality.

In addition, the customer service at WatchBuys for each order has been stellar.

Sinn U1

"Sinn U1"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This has to be one my favorite watches to wear on a daily basis.

Built like a tank and shows no signs of wear.  I also just ordered a Sinn U212 SDR!!! Cant wait!!!

Sinn U1 w/ braclet

"Sinn U1 w/ braclet"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The photos of this watch don't do it justice. I love the simple uncluttered dial, very easy to read, and functional as a dive watch and a non-flashy dress watch.

Ordered it yesterday and received it today. Great watch and great service. Thanks

Great piece!

"Great piece!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Fantastic looking watch with a great build.

It's also very accurate, all I can say is buy one!!

Sinn U1: Well worth the money!

"Sinn U1: Well worth the money!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is a very distinct and well built piece.

I've had it for a couple of weeks now and it hasn't left my wrist. I love how resizing the bracelet is a piece of cake. This watch is a definite keeper and I know it will last a lifetime.

Splendid work Sinn!

Sinn U1

"Sinn U1"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: For me, the U1 was love at first sight. I had heard and read great things about the watch and decided to treat myself to one.

I really like the watch and the great customer service at WatchBuys!

X-mas Gift

"X-mas Gift"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I had been looking at this watch for quite some time and finally made the decision to purchase. Actually it was a X-mas gift from my wife.

Anyway, definitely everything that I had researched was true and I couldn't be happier. I'm very glad that I purchased it on the bracelet because I find it much more comfortable than the rubber strap. It's only about 2 weeks old but so far so good and no complaints.

Loving my new Sinn U1

"Loving my new Sinn U1"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Everything about this watch is better than expected.

Adjusting the bracelet is a "Piece of Cake"as well as changing to the strap(thanks to the drilled lugs). The manual is as informative as it is well written and the supplied tools are more than adequate.

I'm looking forward to many years with this watch.

Great watch

"Great watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This watch is built to last and has a distinct design!

It's now my favorite watch to wear casually and formally.

Great watch

Sinn U1 Masterpiece

"Sinn U1 Masterpiece"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Along with owning my newly acquired Sinn U1, other automatic watches in my simple collection include an Omega 300M SeaMaster Automatic, Baume and Mercer EX Executive Dual Time, Seiko "Orange Monster", and a LUM-TECH B2 Combat

I get more compliments on the Sinn than any other, accurate as a certified chrono, and seemingly indestructible. Build and quality equal or exceeds time pieces costing 4 times the U1 cost.

Favorite daily watch.

Great Buy

"Great Buy"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Awesome piece of engineering. A diver's watch distinguished from the rest of the pack.

Beautifully handcrafted, solid, unique design, great feel and look.

Great Watch

"Great Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: A must owned time piece..captured by its solid build n unique markers.

Beautiful and Functional

"Beautiful and Functional"

My comments on Sinn U1

"My comments on Sinn U1"

Verified Watch Owner Comments:

Purchased as retirement gift for my husband and it's worth every penny.
This timepiece is built like a tank as he states and he likes this watch and wears it more than his Rolex Seadweller and for a watch this size he states its very easy to wear on his wrist.
Don't hesitate and don't wait and miss out on this timepiece & for WatchBuys they're the BEST !!!

Sinn U1

"Sinn U1"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Well worth the wait. This timepiece is built like a tank and takes all the abuse you can give it. Runs as accurate or better that any of my Omegas or Breitlings.

Best bang for your buck in luxury timepieces. This is a watch you depend on to look great with an Armani suit or a Body Glove wetsuit!