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Sinn Jagduhr 3006

"Sinn Jagduhr 3006"

Verified Owner Comments: I purchased the Sinn Hunter’s watch. It is my fourth Sinn watch and definitely maintains the high standards of quality I experienced in the other watches. I was concerned that  it’s dial might be a bit busy and difficult to read but that is definitely not the case.

It imparts a large amount of information very clearly. I like the color of the dial. It is a large watch, not a concern for my large wrists, but should be taken into consideration by those with more moderate sized wrists. I’m more of a bracelet guy but find the strap to be pretty good, better than most in my opinion

Sinn 3006 - A week plus later

"Sinn 3006 - A week plus later"

Verified Owner Comments: I took the Sinn 3006 on the green silicone strap ona one-week vacation (lots of swimming and fishing), along with two other watches (a Tissot and a Tough Solar G-shock with nightly radio synch for accuracy checking).

As you might expect, the Sinn got all of the wrist time (as in wore 24 hours a day, while swimming, fishing, driving, and sleeping). First off, accuracy. I checked the 3006 at least twice and usually at least three times a day. Absent my interferences, it was 100% within -0 / +2 seconds per day, and at least half the time was spot-on versus the Casio with it's nightly radio synch. I have quartz watches that don't do that well.

Seriously... -0 / +2 accuracy is well into COSC territory. Whoever is doing the regulation on these movements deserves major kudos. How it wore: Great! The weight of the silicone strap, tegiment buckle, and metal strap bars balanced very well and didn't constantly migrate to face-down as my Tissot does (I wear my watches finger-in-the-strap loose). Again, it's quality all the way. Nit: note above I did say that absent my interferences. I do admit that I was fiddling with the chronograph and by partially pushing the pushers just right, managed to get the watch to stop for several seconds. That made the watch run about three seconds slow that day. My bad, for sure. - Bill

Sinn 3006 - first 24 hours!

"Sinn 3006 - first 24 hours!"

Verified Owner Comments: 1) Accuracy: varied from spot-on to +2 sec/day, vs. NIST-derived time. Paradoxically, it ran fast when the chronograph was engaged (most watches slow down when the extra load of a chrono is engaged). Without the chrono, it was on par with non-thermally-compensated non-inhibition-calibrated quartz, which is saying something about the quality of the balance-wheel mechanical movement!

2) If you have a larger wrist (8.5 inches or more) you will need to buy a longer strap as the rustic leather strap will not fit.

3) The green SINN silicone strap and Tegimented buckle is perfect, it's smooth and rounded and fits more comfortably than textured bands and the watch stays put without the band being silicone sticky. My 8.5 inch wrists needed 4 segments cut (and I wear my watches loose). The Tegimented clasp makes my Tissot titanium clasps feel cheap and shoddy.

4) In fact, this watch makes every other watch I own feel cheap and just a bit shoddy.

5) The actual color of the face is very dark green, almost a green-black. 6) The rake-ended date hand is far easier to read than date-in-window designs. Important if you need reading glasses, maybe important to everybody.

-1) nits- the day of week advance button is active all the time, not just in time-set mode. -2) Actually installing the silicone band is somewhat difficult - the silicone is contoured to match the case and until you match it perfectly, the spring pins won't latch. Sinn should include a band tool but they don't (however a small paperclip will do the job as this watch has fully drilled lugs) -3) automatic winding is unidirectional, so occasionally you may flick your wrist just right and feel the rotor spin for a few seconds. Unnerving till you get used to it.