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Outstandingly Unique

"Outstandingly Unique"

Verified Owner Comments: After receiving this watch17 days ago, the accuracy is <+2s per day. The bracelet is extremely comfortable. The fit and finish is excellent. The uniqueness of the appearance is unlike any other watch. It is not a Clone. It is what it needs to be. Nothing more, nothing less. I Love It!

This watch is everything I expected and I am truly proud to finally own a Sinn.



Verified Owner Comments: Just received my Sinn U1SE love it.

Of course time will tell just how accurate it is. The bracelet is excellent. I had no problem removing one link for a tighter fit. For a big dive watch I especially like the way the subdued dial and bracelet makes it look a bit smaller than it really is. I travel a lot and wanted a good watch that would not attract attention.

Watchbuys is an excellent company to deal with. They were helpful in my selection and delivered the watch quickly and securely.

Sinn U1 SE

"Sinn U1 SE"

Verified Owner Comments: The first Sinn in my collection and my new favorite watch. As a fan of heavier watches, given my large wrist size, I found the U1 to be the perfect fit. I highly recommend the bracelet.