Stefan Kudoke Free KudOktopus

SKU: SK-021

Watch Brand: Stefan Kudoke

Stefan Kudoke North America

Unique skeleton watch
• Watch diameter (mm): 42.0
• Watch height (mm): 10.7
• Lug width (mm): 22
• Lug to lug (mm): 51
• Case back: Transparent
• Case metal: Stainless steel
• Dial color: Skeleton
• Front crystal: Sapphire
• Movement: Manual mechanical
• Strap or bracelet: Strap
• Manufacturer's limited warranty: 2 years
• Warranty service: RGM or Kudoke

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WatchBuys Price: $12,720

Stefan Kudoke Free KudOktopus
Stefan Kudoke Free KudOktopus

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Stefan Kudoke Free KudOktopus
Stefan Kudoke Free KudOktopus
Stefan Kudoke Free KudOktopus
Stefan Kudoke Free KudOktopus
Stefan Kudoke Free KudOktopus
Stefan Kudoke Free KudOktopus
Stefan Kudoke Free KudOktopus
Stefan Kudoke Free KudOktopus
Product Details

This piece is absolutely one of our favorites from Stefan Kudoke.  With this watch, he created a piece that is truly meant to "live" on your wrist.

The octopus that lives within the Stefan Kudoke Free KudOkoptus is not confined to the inside of the case, but instead its tentacles appear to wrap around the entirety of the watch.  It is breaking free.

The decoration and craftsmanship of this piece are second to none, and its unique design will turn heads in any room. 

The Work

"Hand made" is a designation that we get very tired of hearing from many watch brands.  Yes, there is some degree of "hand made" in the final assembly of most mechanical watches, but the real truth is that most of the watches today are produced by CNC computer guided robots, which can cut, polish, engrave and perform many other tasks in a very precise way.

There are certainly parts of this watch produced using CNC technology - after all, the tiny gears must be an exact size to ensure reliable timekeeping.

But what makes Stefan Kudoke's watches different is that "hand made" is really true.  Take a minute to enlarge the pictures above and you'll see what hand workmanship is all about.  It takes Stefan Kudoke months to create a watch at this level, and this model is rightfully called a work of art.

We love the integration of the octopus throughout the piece and not just as a single element of the design.  It is stunning, and unlike any other watch you'll see on another wrist.


Stefan Kudoke produces his watches in extremely small quantities - it is not uncommon for us to receive only 1 or 2 pieces of a series in a year. 

Here's the way Stefan describes this watch:

"Free KudOktopus captures time with its handmade and -engraved thermally blued tentacle hands and holds wheels and screws tightly with its suction cups.  As opposed to its two brothers, Free KudOktopus has been released from the case and is now no longer captured behind glass. Thus there is the imminent danger of the animal attaching itself to the wrist of its owner with its floating tentacles and not letting go again."

Other Details

This watch features a stainless steel case that is 42 mm in diameter with sapphire crystals on both the front and back.  The straps are attached to the lugs by screws, and the escapement and escapement wheels are all hand polished.

The hands are in a tentacle design and are flame blued.  Stefan uses color sparingly, but to great effect in this watch.

This watch features a black calf leather strap with a Stefan Kudoke signed tang buckle.

How Can I Purchase This Watch?

This watch is offered on a reservation-only basis due to demand far exceeding supply.

If you would like to own this watch, please follow the link below to learn about the reservations process.  Watches will be delivered in the exact order in which we receive your reservation.

To make a reservation and to learn more about delivery estimates please click here.


Stefan Kudoke is a member of a very prestigious group of watchmakers - the AHCI or Académie Horlogere des Créateurs Indépendants.

Founded by Svend Andersen and Vincent Calabrese, the AHCI is based in Zurich, Switzerland, and consists of 35 members from around the world whose work has been judged by the academy.

We congratulate Stefan Kudoke on his election to the AHCI.
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