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For the watch: Sinn U1 B on Bracelet
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Verified Owner Comments: Amazing customer service. Exceeded any expectations I had.

This was a birthday gift for my husband and he loves this watch. Can’t rave about it enough. Thank you Watchbuys!

First Sinn

"First Sinn"

Verified Owner Comments: Love my U1B. Hasn't left my wrist since I received it. Backorder took a bit but Watchbuys overnighted it as soon as they received it.

Couldn't be happier.

Awesome, awesome, awesome!

"Awesome, awesome, awesome!"

Verified Owner Comments: This is absolutely one of the best purchases I've made.Quality is top notch.

Excellent service from Watchbuys, they went above and beyond to ensure I had a very positive buying experience.

Sinn U1B

"Sinn U1B"

Verified Owner Comments: I have owned the U1 in the past and loved the piece. It is a both a soliid 'tool' diver watch but moreover it is a real beauty on the wrist. When i saw this new blue model I was hooked. Once I had this one it looked even better in person.

If you loved the original U1 then you will find this one even more beautiful.