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Fantastic watch, brand, and value

"Fantastic watch, brand, and value"

Verified Owner Comments: This was my first mechanical chrono purchase, and I was absolutely stunned by its beauty and ease of use. Beautiful to behold - its even better in the metal than the pictures do it justice. Legibility is excellent, even in lowlight conditions. Its a little chunky, but still sits very comfortably on my small-medium size wrist (6.75). I kept it on for a few days, all day - two days in the office and all weekend, and not once did the size or weight get in the way of daily routines, and timekeeping has been accurate as far as I can tell. The strap is breaking in nicely too.

The stealth was my choice also because of the colouring - works well in the work place (I work in corporate office) and on the weekend as well - very under the radar if you ignore the thickness of the case. Highly recommended to anyone looking for their first mechanical chrono, or just a unique watch with a tried and trusted workhorse movement.

Stealth Purchase

"Stealth Purchase"

Verified Owner Comments: The service was impeccable. I love the watch. This was my first purchase from WatchBuys and it will not be my last! Thank you.

Exceptional Watch

"Exceptional Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Sometimes it's just the feeling you get when wearing a watch. I don't know exactly what it is, maybe the matte black finish on the case, which has a sort of shine to it. Maybe the incredible readability. Maybe the feel of the performance strap. Or maybe it's the combination of all these things, but whatever it is, for me this watch imparts strength, stability, and solid performance.

I absolutely love wearing this watch. I considered buying the deployment clasp, which is a bit expensive, but didn't. I think it will add to the watch considerably, so will end up ordering it eventually.