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EZM 13

"EZM 13"

Verified Owner Comments: The customer service at WatchBuys is great and the EZM 13 is a nice watch but I feel like it’s rather expensive for what it is. I have better built watches that were definitely less expensive and would expect the EZM 13 to be around $1,500 instead of $3,000. My favorite thing about Sinn though is how their links use screws that can be sized with an Allen wrench. It’s so much better than standard screws or a pin and collar system.

Helpful customer support

"Helpful customer support"

Verified Owner Comments: Before shipping, Watchbuys notified me the watch did not meet their QC standards. Thanks for your attention in catching that Watchbuys!

They then special ordered another and were responsive to my questions while waited for shipment from Germany.

The watch itself is a great "tool watch.” Attractive, sturdy, easy to read. I’m a many time return customer.

Exceeded my high expectations

"Exceeded my high expectations"

Verified Owner Comments: This is the first Sinn watch I have purchased and I was coming in with high expectations based off reviews from other friends and threads I am a member of. This watch did not disappoint.

It is currently running -1 second consistently every two days for the last two months through everything from desk diving to actual diving, playing hockey, golf, and drastic temperature and pressure changes. The 60 minute chrono feature is much preferred to the standard Valjoux 7750 30 min complication. The styling is neither to plain nor to busy and I highly recommend looking at reviews that include wrist shots from other sites, the pictures on this site just don't do the watch justice.

If I were to complain about one thing however it would be the anti reflective coating. I am somewhat of a freak when it comes to blemishes on glass. I am constantly polishing my watch faces, glasses, phone screen, etc... and sapphire crystals are the best thing for me in watches. But with an anti glare coating on both the inside of the crystal and the outside of the crystal this watch collects scratches rather easily on the face. I plan on having it removed by RGM when I send it in for service but will live with it for now. I would be nice though to have a watch that is meant to be used heavily instead of being babied have the option for only anti glare on the inside.

Overall though this is a minor complaint and this watch is the best decision in purchasing a timepiece that I have made to date and probably will remain so until I can afford to finally purchase a Lange.

A Tool Watch among tool watches.

"A Tool Watch among tool watches."

Verified Owner Comments: The EZM 13 is the embodiment of the often abused term "tool watch.” Just looking at its tight tolerances, precisely engineered case, and supreme legibility one knows it will perform its task under the most adverse conditions.

The DNA of the legendary EZM 1 is obvious in its purposeful simplicity. The dial is precise, uncluttered and readable, and the 60-minute chronograph counter can be read intuitively at a glance. The chronograph pushers are robust yet responsive. The bezel clicks into place with authority, one can feel a substantially engineered spring at work underneath.

Lume is superb, remaining easily visible throughout the night. Accuracy "out of the box” is outstanding, +0.3/seconds/day on the Timegrapher, with robust amplitude and negligible beat error. The specs speak for themselves, but the comfort of the EZM 13 was a pleasant surprise. The fit and finish of the screwed bracelet are excellent, easily adjustable with the supplied tools, and the compact lugs make for a wearable, purposeful, adamantine instrument that sorely tempts one to become a "one-watch guy.”

Sinn EZM 13

"Sinn EZM 13"

Verified Owner Comments: One watch guy here. My mkii milsub lrrp is retired after 8 years of very hard use-hundreds of search warrants, and bad stuff that goes with that. It never really came off my wrist.

Now I have my next one watch. EZm13 and wow. It was delivered on time, in record time, and being my first watch, watchbuys foot the bill for the 25$ shipping to get it to me on a saturday, when I asked about getting it before I left for a week.

Watch buys came through with their great service I read about here and on the sinn forum. I must say this watch is gorgeous. Its unique and tough and not common-and the bracelet is so easy to manage. I am very pleased with my purchase. Its a lot of money but well worth it. Another plus-the watch was timed exactly when it arrived. No need to adjust it.

Sinn EZM 13

"Sinn EZM 13"

Verified Owner Comments: As a Boeing 767 pilot and avid SCUBA diver I currently own over 20 dive/pilot style watches. I have been thinking of purchasing a Sinn watch for several years now and finally decided to pull the trigger and buy the EZM 13.

I have been wearing my EZM 13 for a few weeks now and love it. The style and quality of Sinn is as good if not better than all of my big Swiss brand watches.

The guys at Watchbuys were extremely fast to respond to questions and to ship the watch. I highly recommend Sinn and Watchbuys.