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Sinn T2

"Sinn T2"

Verified Owner Comments: After a couple of years of occasional the only complaint is the clasp. The extension is too easy to deploy and the main clasp is also of a loose design. Other than that great watch.

Very Pleased!

"Very Pleased!"

Verified Owner Comments: I had a U1 that and I loved the design but at a size of 44 X14 it was just too large for my wrist. I ended up not wearing it much so I sold it despite it being among my favorite watch designs.

The T2 looks and feels much better on my wrist and has a similar design. This is my first titanium watch and I was a bit unsure about that aspect but I really like it. It is significantly lighter than my old U1 but still has the substantial look to it. Very functional, highly legible, great design.