Sinn Price Increase

Sinn Watches

Sinn Watches Official North American Distributor

Sinn has announced a worldwide price increase effective September 1, 2021.

This increase is the result of spikes in the costs of labor, watch parts and components, and raw materials.

If you would like to purchase or reserve a Sinn watch at the old (current) price, please read below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.  How much will each watch increase in price?

Sinn does not implement an across the board increase (for example 10% on all watches).

Instead, they calculate on an individual watch basis how much their costs to manufacture that specific watch have increased over the last year, and the price of that watch is adjusted accordingly.

2.  When will you know how much the price increase will be on an individual watch?

Sinn will provide us with our new costs at the end of this month.

3.  If I special order a Sinn watch from you now and it arrives after the price increase, will I need to pay the difference in price?

No - if the Sinn watch that we special order for you arrives after the price increase, we will pay the increase and not you.

You will lock in the old price.

Please note that we can only accept special orders for Sinn watches at the old price as listed on our web site - when Sinn informs us that a certain model is no longer available as a special order with delivery in August or September, we must remove the ability to special order that watch at the old price.

Our web site will change daily to reflect which models are available for special order at the old price based upon Sinn's production and inventory.

4.  When will you post the new pricing on your web site?

September 1, 2021. 

5.  Do you offer any deferred payment options where I can buy now and pay in installments with no interest?

Yes we do.  In conjunction with PayPal Credit, you have the option to set up such a plan.  For more information please click here.

6.  I made a reservation/deposit (or plan to make a reservation) on a Sinn model but have not received my watch.

If the price on that watch increases will I be required to pay the new price when my watch arrives? 

No.  If you make (or have already made) a reservation for a Sinn watch, you are grandfathered at the old price and will not be required to pay the new price, regardless of when your watch arrives.

If you have additional questions that we have not covered, please call us at 888-333-4895 and we will be happy to answer those questions.