New Fortis Pricing for the US and Canada

Fortis Watches From WatchBuys

WatchBuys and Fortis are proud to announce a new focus and pricing structure.

Effective April 27, 2017 we have lowered the pricing on all Fortis watches on our web site to a "distributor direct" sales model.

This is not a sale, is not a limited time offer, is not overstock, are not grey market watches, are not refurbished and are not old stock that we are trying to liquidate - these are brand new watches from Fortis in Grenchen, Switzerland.

This is a new permanent pricing structure that applies to brand new Fortis watches sold by WatchBuys, the North American distributor for Fortis Switzerland.  These watches carry a true Fortis manufacturer's limited warranty and benefit from the same support that you receive on any brand purchased from WatchBuys.

All Fortis service, both in and out of warranty is handled by RGM, our watch service partners in Mount Joy, PA.

What Happened and Why the Change?

We sat down with the Fortis senior management team at the BaselWorld 2017 Watch Fair in March.  Fortis and WatchBuys wanted to create a primary focus market in North America, but to do so we had to adapt to new ways of pricing and distributing Fortis watches in the US and Canada.

Fortis has made a full commitment to a direct sales model in North America and has completed the closure of all previous retail points of sale.  This change allows us to now purchase Fortis watches under a new lower pricing agreement, and we are passing these savings to you.

Now, you no longer need to assume the risks and purchase Fortis watches from non-authorized web sites selling grey market, overstocks and refurbished Fortis watches with "their own warranty" to benefit from the most competitive pricing.

Only WatchBuys offers North American Fortis customers these benefits:

  • No grey market watches
  • No refurbished watches
  • No store worn watches
  • No store dumped old stock
  • Factory fresh and brand new watches from Fortis, Switzerland
  • The latest models as well as the classics
  • Genuine Fortis limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Watches serviced under warranty in the US by RGM
  • New distributor direct pricing model
  • Comprehensive return policy with a 100% refund
  • Free FedEx shipping and insurance on all Fortis watches
  • WatchPoint Rewards which may be accumulated for future discounts

To see our collection of in-stock and brand new Fortis watches with new pricing, please click here.

  • Live outside the US and Canada?  We are authorized to sell and ship Fortis watches to many countries around the world at our new distributor direct pricing structure,

    Please click here to contact us to let us know of your interest and your country of residence and we'll respond promptly with an explanation if our shipping to your country is allowed by Fortis.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  When is the new pricing structure effective?

The new pricing structure is effective on April 27, 2017 and applies to the entire line of Fortis watches.  These new prices are active now.

2.  What's different about purchasing a Fortis watch from you versus

WatchBuys is the sole and official authorized distributor of Fortis watches for North America.  As such, all of the Fortis watches we sell are brand new and unworn and come directly from Fortis in Switzerland.

The same cannot be said for the majority of other web sites displaying Fortis watches for sale, as those watches may be grey market, pre-owned, store refurbished, old stock or worse.

Since we are the sole Fortis North American distributor, and we do not resell Fortis watches to stores or to online dealers, if you see a Fortis watch for sale on another web site based in the US or Canada, that watch is a grey market watch and is not covered by the official Fortis limited warranty.