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Favorite watch

"Favorite watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I never imagined that I was going to like it so much, it has become my favorite watch in my collection.

Excellent watch

"Excellent watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I recently purchased the Sinn 104 green dial. I have been very happy with the purchase. I think different people may be drawn to this watch for different reasons, but surely for most will be the color of the dial. The dial is a dark forest green that varies in inside lighting conditions, sometimes approaching black, but that becomes sparkly emerald green when in sunlight.

Other highlights of the watch include the bezel action, which is excellent, and the fact that this watch lens itself to lots of different kinds of straps.

Conclusion: if you are looking for a comfortable, solid watch with a bit of vintage/ aviation feel, excellent built quality, striking dial, and not just another dive watch, it’s hard to go wrong with this piece.

Great Watch! Great Service!

"Great Watch! Great Service!"

Verified Owner Comments: Watch arrived fast and securely packaged. The dial and build quality of this watch is stunning.

I am very impressed and enjoy buying watches from WatchBuys.