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Sinn never disappoints...

"Sinn never disappoints..."

Verified Owner Comments: This is my 2nd Sinn and what a great tool watch! Love the design aesthetics, comfortable and very accurate (within + 1 s/d).

Modern take on the 104 (did they need it?) The bezel has been extremely useful as a countdown timer and keeping track of another time zone. Extremely happy with the purchase. My only negative and very minor gripe is that the bezel feels almost plastic like and I prefer the handset/indices of the 104.

The bezel action is very good, has a nice audible click and has very little to no play in it. I know some have complained about the date window but I like the design. I

Highly recommend this piece!

Great timepiece!

"Great timepiece!"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch ticks so many boxes, it's unreal! Extremely well thought out andlegible, looks great, easily goes from suit and tie to shorts and t-shirt, and keeps a low profile- only other watch enthusiasts will know what you have on your wrist!