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Great edition of an excellent watch

"Great edition of an excellent watch"

Verified Owner Comments: The Sinn 104 is a very high-quality watch with a highly accurate movement. The bracelet is easy to adjust and comfortable, though its clasp was a bit difficult to open at first.

The red seconds hand both makes the time easier to read and looks great when worn with a strap with red accents.

First rate transaction, First rate watch

"First rate transaction, First rate watch"

Verified Owner Comments: The purchasing process was excellent, and included a courtesy call before shipping out the watch.

As for the watch, it is even better than I expected since I never saw it in person before. I consider it to be a tool watch but it almost feels like a luxury watch because of the tasteful design and quality workmanship.

I will be buying more from Sinn and WatchBuys in the future.

Sinn 104 I St Sa RS

"Sinn 104 I St Sa RS"

Verified Owner Comments: Stellar watch, stellar service