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Sinn U50

"Sinn U50"

Verified Owner Comments: Received this superb timepeice in a flash via first class customer service.



Verified Owner Comments: This is an amazing watch. It wears perfectly on my 7 inch wrist. It's thin and light, but has enough weight to feel very solid.

The fit and finish are extraordinarily well done. As a tool watch, the U50 has it all – extremely strong, light, thin, high WR, salt water resistance, magnetic resistance, low pressure resistance. Go anywhere, do anything (maybe not a wedding for some, but I'd wear it to one, goes under a shirt cuff easily at 11.5m thick).

Also, a quick note about the submarine steel. It appears to be incredibly strong (this version is fully regimented), and the matte gray look of it is perfect for this watch.

Sinn really nailed it with this one.

Glad I didn’t hesitate

"Glad I didn’t hesitate"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my first Sinn and I am extremely impressed.

The HODINKEE review caught my eye and convinced me to leave the Rolex/Omega groove I normally occupy. Give this watch some time and it will win you over with its rational design and utter functionality. Very wearable on my 7” wrist.

Superb finish and quite comfortable and top drawer customer service from Watchbuys. Treat yourself!