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Good value tool watch

"Good value tool watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Overall this is an impressive tool watch for the money. Packaging / presentation is well done. Nice to include tools. The black ink dial and anti reflective coatings make this watch pop. Love the red seconds. Fit and feel are excellent especially at this price point.

I absolutely love wearing this watch. I wish this one had a gold tone rotor. I wish the luminescence lasted longer. I wish the clasp was milled vs stamped. If the above were to be done this could be your one watch! This is my least expensive watch and it has been getting the most wrist time.

Sinn 556 A RS on H-link

"Sinn 556 A RS on H-link"

Verified Owner Comments: Great looking watch. Really like the red seconds hand. Was able to get a good fit on my 6.75” wrist.

A great first mechanical watch

"A great first mechanical watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I've had my Sinn 556A RS for a few weeks now and I'm very happy with my purchase. As someone new to the world of mechanical watches, I was overwhelmed by the number of options I could have gone with. After a ton of research and falling in love with the aesthetics of Sinn watches in general, the 556 seemed like a great pick. And it is!

The bracelet works well, it keeps great time (around +4 seconds per day by my inexact measure), and the dial is incredibly legible.

Amazing watch in every way

"Amazing watch in every way"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my first Sinn watch and it absolutely exceeded all expectations. You really don’t understand the care, quality and craftsmanship until you put it on. I’ve gotten many compliments. Love it so much.

First time

"First time"

Verified Owner Comments: This was my first time purchasing from watchbuys but also my first Sinn. No complaints with the watch itself or watchbuys whatsoever. Shipping was extremely fast and everything came packaged nicely. Will definitely recommend watchbuys to anyone and will use them again when I’m in the market.

Sinn 556 A RS

"Sinn 556 A RS"

Verified Owner Comments: Great experience. Shipping was fast and the personalized call to verify the order and answer any questions was a great touch.

The watch is amazing and exactly as I expected. I am not usually a bracelet person but find the H Link bracelet to be really comfortable. Running at +2 seconds a day for the first week. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend buying another Sinn from Watchbuys at some point in the future.

Solid Adventure Watch

"Solid Adventure Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Amazingly substantial adventure watch. Highly legible, accurate, solid bracelet, and stylishly minimalistic. Highly recommended.

Fantastic watch and fantastic buying experience

"Fantastic watch and fantastic buying experience"

Verified Owner Comments: After discovering the Sinn watch brand and understanding their limited North America market, I was came across Sinn’s authorized dealer in the US: WatchBuys. I purchased the 556 A RS online and couldn’t be happier with the watch or the buying experience.

I especially enjoyed the very personal phone call I received from WatchBuys to confirm my purchase and to discuss shipping and delivery protocols. I would most certainly recommend WatchBuys to any serious watch enthusiast or collector. They are very professional and made my purchasing experience enjoyable.

And BTW, the Sinn 556 is simply stunning! Thank you! John H. Norfolk, Virginia

Love it - Fits small wrist and “invisible” date window

"Love it - Fits small wrist and “invisible” date window"

Verified Owner Comments: I have a 6.25 inch wrist and this fits perfectly. Also the date, give its size and location is "invisible” until you look for it, which I love. Super impressed so far with quality. My first but now likely not my last Sinn.

Sinn 556: the infatuation marvel

"Sinn 556: the infatuation marvel"

Verified Owner Comments: I (instantly) responded exceptionally to this watch: Sinn 556A. I was liking some others, lower priced ones, i.e. khaki/Vaer/movado, but the 556 effected me on a totally other level.

Watchbuys was top-notch:, liked their packaging, support, 2-day FedEx delivery, and service - you can call them, they answer and knowledgeably assist.

Sinn 556 A RS

"Sinn 556 A RS"

Verified Owner Comments: German Perfection. You get what you pay for it.

First luxury watch

"First luxury watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I've always been intrigued with watches and after owning various smartwatches for the better part of the past 10 years, I finally took the plunge on a real watch and decided on Sinn.

The purchase experience through WatchBuys was great and shipping was very fast. The watch itself exceeded my expectations in terms of quality. The only thing I'm disappointed by is that it does seem to run about 8-9 seconds fast each day, which is about on par with my Hamilton Khaki. Was kinda hoping it would be under 5 seconds but maybe I just need some time for it to break in? Either way, I'm happy with my purchase, I love looking at this piece.

Some thoughts on the classic negatives

"Some thoughts on the classic negatives"

Verified Owner Comments: If you’ve reached this far your 556 research, you’ve probably heard all the usually comments. It’s a great size, wears great, and is a decent price. Let me add some details on the classic negatives and how I came to buy it. Lume - bathe worst sort of the watch, lume is poor to okay. I’d say 3-4/10. Movement- I believe it’s an SW-200 now. My reserve was the power reserve. I wind it 5 times on days I don’t wear it and have no problems.

Bracelet- very comfortable. Honestly easy to size. If you’ve ever adjusted a seiko bracelet you’ll be fine. The clasp is okay to good. Reviewers who trash the clasp are being fairly harsh. I’d give it a 5-6/10. How do you choose the regular seconds or red seconds? Just buy whatever one is in stock, that’s what I did.

Sinn 556 on bracelet

"Sinn 556 on bracelet"

Verified Owner Comments: My second Siinn from Watchbuys and very happy.with the purchases. Great watches for which they are the only agents.So happy with the watches and staff the, that I’m going to buy a Hanhart today. TC Kopjas, MD

First Sinn

"First Sinn"

Verified Owner Comments: Long time watch collector, and love the 556, perfect size and understated.

Cannot be more happy with my purchase!

Great daily wear watch

"Great daily wear watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I own several Sinn watches (U50, U1, 240St, and 836) all of these are larger than the 556 so I was a little worried about the case size. All my fears were quickly resolved once I put this 556rs on my wrist, the dial has so much presence it looks like a 40mm.

The quality of the watch is the same as I have become use to with Sinn, great case finishing, dial, and precision time keeping. It would be hard to find another watch out there in this price bracket that delivers this much for the money.

Watchbuys is always easy to work with and has top notch service, one of my favorite dealers to work with. You cannot go wrong with this 556a rs or with buying it from Watchbuys!

SINN A RS on H-link

"SINN A RS on H-link"

Verified Owner Comments: My husband is extremely satisfied with this watch. He keeps track of its accuracy all day and it hasn’t skipped a beat. It is as close to perfect as a watch could get.

My First Mechanical

"My First Mechanical"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my first mechanical watch... and I love it. The simplicity of the dial with the added pop of red is perfect. It disappears on my 6.75in wrist and is suptemely comfortable. Coming from G-Shocks, I am still getting used to the size and sometimes wish I had gone with the 856.

My 6.75in wrist is rather flat so I can pull off larger watches on my 6'1 frame. In all reality, it probably just means I'll be picking up another Sinn in the future while also still loving this 556. I do love the H link bracelet but I understand the complaints about the clasp, to a degree. I have no experience with other clasps to compare it to but the engagement is definitely not a high-precision, satisfying click. However it's secure and very comfortable.

While it took some trial and error playing with the links and micro-adjusts to find the right fit, the process was easy enough. My example is running around +2-3 SPD so not too shabby on the accuracy front as well. All in all, if you're used to larger watches, it may take some getting used to but the piece is definitely solid, comfortable, and a joy to wear.

Sinn 556

"Sinn 556"

Verified Owner Comments: First purchase, could not have had a better experience w Watchbuys.

The 556aRS is a beautiful watch that feels better in person then it looks on the screen. Terrific watch.

Couldn't be better.

"Couldn't be better."

Verified Owner Comments: The Sinn 556 A RA has been on my want list for a year or so. I finally ordered one and received it in a timely manner.

The watch arrived in a package that was probably the best packed item I have ever received. Delivered via FedEx I had to sign for it in person. Safely delivered I opened the package and was not disappointed. This watch is exactly everything I expected it to be. Sweet spot size for my 7.5 inch wrist. The finishing is excellent. The anti-reflective crystal is brilliantly clear. The accuracy is about the same as my Rolex watches. Very good.

The date window is small but that was not unexpected. I like that it has minimal presence on the dial. One concern I had was the clasp. Reviewers have complained a bit about not being able to get a finger hold to open it. I have no such problem with it. Another concern with the clasp was the friction/pressure style. I’ve had bad luck with others. Not so with the design of this one. Works very well. Overall I have no negative issues with this watch. I’d buy it again and I unreservedly recommend it.

Watchbuys was very easy to work with and they pay attention to every detail. My experience with them was exceptional.

Very first Sinn

"Very first Sinn"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my very first Sinn watch and it definitely lives up to the hype you can definitely tell the build quality is superb.

I was debating on whether I should get the 556 in the white second hand or the red second hand but I ultimately went with the red second hand because I think it gives it more character and stands out a bit more.

So smooth it must be a Sinn

"So smooth it must be a Sinn"

Verified Owner Comments: Where to start, great customer service, and followup.

And then there is the Sinn A RS - simply wonderful. Nice fit and finish, perhaps the perfect size.

The red seconds hand has a smooth sweep across the dial that says there is more to this watch.

It is not perfect, wish the clasp had an on-the-fly adjustment and 2 button release, but nothing that would keep me from buying, or recommending, this again and again.

Great Watch

"Great Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Love the minimalist design and quality build. Still a great value for the money. Fast shipping too.

Nice watch

"Nice watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Nice watch. Love the red hand.

Seems to be 2-3 seconds fast after synchronizing to

The only watch you'll ever need

"The only watch you'll ever need"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch offers so much value for the price. 200 meter water resistance, screw-down crown, sapphire crystal with AR coating, exhibition movement. Not to mention how attractive the dial is. The matte black dial and red seconds hand adds to the sportiness of this watch. The red seconds helps offset the white from the numerals and really enhances the watch.

I also love the subtle date window at the 4:30 position and is the only watch I've seen to have the date display upright from that spot rather than diagonal. 38.5mm is such a comfortable size that will wear well on a variety of wrist sizes.

The buying experience was quick and easy and I'll look to add another Sinn to my collection in the future.

Absolutely stunning

"Absolutely stunning"

Verified Owner Comments: My first Sinn but won't be my last. Incredible build quality, dial and casevare amazing. Worth the price and wait.

Watchbuys CS is the best in the industry.

Sinn 556 A RS

"Sinn 556 A RS"

Verified Owner Comments: Great watch, great buying experience

Perfect everyday watch

"Perfect everyday watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This is a great watch. Easy to read with the numbers at 12, 3, 6 and 9. Really happy that I picked the red seconds version as the red adds some pizzazz and differentiates the seconds from the other hands.

I also have a 104 and although I like both very much, I prefer this watch. I also like the H link bracelet vs the other options. Super comfortable, durable and all weather.

fantastic watch

"fantastic watch"

Verified Owner Comments: It wears small on me. But the quality is apparent. Legibility is excellent. This has become my favorite watch.