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Verified Owner Comments: I'm not usually a fan of chronograph watches and although I have a 7 wrist I don't like to wear anything over 40mm, but this watch really caught my eye. For a right handed wearer the left controls are truly unique.

I've become quite fond of this watch and wear it often.

Sinn Military Type IV

"Sinn Military Type IV"

Verified Owner Comments: I absolutely love this watch. Perfect size for my wrist and the dial is easy to read. Feels substantial in weight but not overly big on my wrist. It only took me a couple of days to get used to the left hand crown. Well worth the price.

This was my first purchase using Watchbuys and it couldn't have gone any better or easier. Highly recommend them.

Sinn Military Type IV

"Sinn Military Type IV"

Verified Owner Comments: This is hands down my favorite watch! It is super wel built and the layout is very unique. The left hand crown is perfect for the southpaws!

Watchbuys made this transaction effortless and I can’t wait to come back to buy my next piece from them! Thanks Guys!

Great fit, great styling

"Great fit, great styling"

Verified Owner Comments: I've bought quite a few Sinn watches over the years and usually greatly prefer divers over pilot watches but I'm in love with this 103. This is my third 103 - I had the limited edition blue one and a standard one with the black dial and white indices but never really bonded with either of them and ended up selling them as they basically went unworn.

The Military Type IV has a definite vintage look to it with the creamy, off white color of the hour markers (I wouldn't say it's as close to the faux vintage patina that some watchmakers use) and the red chrono hands are the perfect shade to just the right amount of pop. I also appreciate the high dome of the acrylic crystal. I've seen some people on watch forums complain about the MILITARY TYPE IV text but it's really much more subtle in person than it is in the photos and isn't as noticeable as you would think.

All in all, I think Sinn knocked it out of the park with this one.