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Perfect in matte finish

"Perfect in matte finish"

Verified Owner Comments: The matte finish is simply stunning. The watch came perfect with no noticeable flaws. The watch wears perfect, if slightly smaller than a 41mm, because of the lug angles. Sits fairly low on the wrist.

The suede strap was a perfect match for the matte special edition. Well done!

The Finest Form and Function

"The Finest Form and Function"

Verified Owner Comments: If you’re looking for a watch that combines aesthetic with function, look no further. The bezel is actually functional as a timer, not just another dive watch piece of eye candy. The watch face provides precision and incredible legibility. It is a beausty.

Perfect everday watch

"Perfect everday watch"

Verified Owner Comments: In August of 2018, I purchased my first SINN watch. A 104 sa i: I have now replaced it with the special edition matte version.

If SINN had made this two years ago, I would have purchased it in a New York second.

This is now my absolutely everyday-perfect watch. I changed out the strap to a black Hirsch performance strap and the watch is now ready to go. As always - impeccable customer service and shipping. (this was my fourth purchase from Watchbuys)

Beautiful Watch!

"Beautiful Watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: I bought the Matte version of the Sinn 104 as my first real timepiece purchase. I'm over the moon with how this watch looks and functions, and have received a number of compliments. I finally have a nicer watch to wear than my apple watch when I want to dress up a bit, and it's taking over daily wear duties very quickly!



Verified Owner Comments: The watch is wonderful, meets all expectations. After a few weeks of wear I have determined it runs approximately 6 seconds fast per day. The matte case is fantastic. Sinn quality!

Update after 2 months of ownership: Watch accuracy has improved to approximately 2.5 seconds fast per day.  Watch is absolutely impressive!

matte finish makes it perfect

"matte finish makes it perfect"

Verified Owner Comments: I always liked the 104, but not the polished finish. Grabbed the matte version as soon as it became available, and it makes a great less dressy everyday watch. Looks great on a variety of straps. Case size and shape make any 104 easy to wear.

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