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Beautiful Tool Watch

"Beautiful Tool Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I'm absolutely in love with the 104 and specifically this matte edition. I can't take it off my wrist! Shipping was blazing fast and received it within 2 days.

I received a call from costumer service about 10 minutes after confirming my order just to thank me for the order and answering any questions I had. Good customer service and the watch is running great!

Sinn 104 St Sa Matte

"Sinn 104 St Sa Matte"

Verified Owner Comments: Absolutely love this watch. Went back and forth it and the polished version and I’m very happy I went with the matte edition. Very sharp looking watch that has held VERY accurate time right out of the box.

Watch Buy’s customer service was unmatched. Definitely will be buying more Sinn’s from Watch Buys in the future!

Sinn 104 Special Edition

"Sinn 104 Special Edition"

Verified Owner Comments: This was my first Sinn purchase and my first purchase from WatchBuys. I am extremely pleased with the quality of the Sinn and will be adding additional models of their timepieces in the near future.

As for WatchBuys, the transaction from start to finish could not have been more efficient, professional, courteous and friendly. I have never had a watch dealer call me after a purchase but they did! A genuine pleasure to deal with.

Easy to Order

"Easy to Order"

Verified Owner Comments: I was able to order this for my friend across the country. Watch Buys worked with me (on a Saturday!) to make sure my order wasn't fraudulent and was going to the right place.

The shipping was fast and neat, and the watch is great!

No regrets.

"No regrets."

Verified Owner Comments: I sold a standard, polished Sinn 104 to purchase this special edition and I have no regrets. I think the matte finish is a much better match to the character of the 104.

The finish is well done and the bezel, crown, and strap buckle are also matte to match the case. I like the countdown bezel and find it more practical in daily use than the elapsed time bezels on most tool watches.

The strap is better than expected. Thick but flexible, it was broken in by the second or third day of wear. My only complaint is that the crown can be difficult to pull out once unscrewed. The amount of force required makes it hard to know the crown position and I sometimes end up adjusting the date when I intended to manually wind the movement. I expect this to get easier with use.

Overall I am happy with my purchase.

Perfect in matte finish

"Perfect in matte finish"

Verified Owner Comments: The matte finish is simply stunning. The watch came perfect with no noticeable flaws. The watch wears perfect, if slightly smaller than a 41mm, because of the lug angles. Sits fairly low on the wrist.

The suede strap was a perfect match for the matte special edition. Well done!

The Finest Form and Function

"The Finest Form and Function"

Verified Owner Comments: If you’re looking for a watch that combines aesthetic with function, look no further. The bezel is actually functional as a timer, not just another dive watch piece of eye candy. The watch face provides precision and incredible legibility. It is a beausty.

Perfect everday watch

"Perfect everday watch"

Verified Owner Comments: In August of 2018, I purchased my first SINN watch. A 104 sa i: I have now replaced it with the special edition matte version.

If SINN had made this two years ago, I would have purchased it in a New York second.

This is now my absolutely everyday-perfect watch. I changed out the strap to a black Hirsch performance strap and the watch is now ready to go. As always - impeccable customer service and shipping. (this was my fourth purchase from Watchbuys)

Beautiful Watch!

"Beautiful Watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: I bought the Matte version of the Sinn 104 as my first real timepiece purchase. I'm over the moon with how this watch looks and functions, and have received a number of compliments. I finally have a nicer watch to wear than my apple watch when I want to dress up a bit, and it's taking over daily wear duties very quickly!



Verified Owner Comments: The watch is wonderful, meets all expectations. After a few weeks of wear I have determined it runs approximately 6 seconds fast per day. The matte case is fantastic. Sinn quality!

Update after 2 months of ownership: Watch accuracy has improved to approximately 2.5 seconds fast per day.  Watch is absolutely impressive!

matte finish makes it perfect

"matte finish makes it perfect"

Verified Owner Comments: I always liked the 104, but not the polished finish. Grabbed the matte version as soon as it became available, and it makes a great less dressy everyday watch. Looks great on a variety of straps. Case size and shape make any 104 easy to wear.