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Love it

"Love it"

Verified Owner Comments: A great watch - the 43mm size is right in the sweet spot if you like larger modern watches that aren't obscenely large on your wrist. The quality and heft of this watch is solid. Everything on the watch feels solid (crown, bezel, pushers) as it should at this price point. The exhibition case back is a nice feature as well, showing you on the rotor that this isn't your standard movement.

The dial is very interesting with the sunburst effect, but it's also interesting to note that it has a slightly different color depending on the light you're in. In the sunlight and bluer lights (5000K), it looks more blue and matches the strap wonderfully, whereas when you're in yellower light (2800K) it actually takes on a very slight purple hue. A little strange with the purple hue, but nonetheless that's the neat effect you get with the cool sunburst.