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Outstanding timepiece!

"Outstanding timepiece!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I’ve been waiting for the fully Tegimented version of this watch to come into stock, and one did. It hasn’t left my wrist since it arrived. It has flawless cosmetic craftsmanship and wears smaller than expected, which is a good thing for me. This is the perfect all-around watch for me! And WatchBuys was very easy to work with.

Wouldn't change a thing :)

"Wouldn't change a thing :)"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I like the fully tegimented setup, no scratches at all though I bang my wrist around a lot (you should see the wear on my other pieces!) Also the tone of the bezel, case & bracelet all match (in models with just tegimented bezel, can see a slight color difference the tegimented and un-tegimented steels.)

I like the blue dial. I initially picked it because I have way too many black dial watches already (and only 'too many' blue), but this is just such a nice shade and texture in person, I like it better than the black dial regardless now that I've seen both in person. The sapphire has AR coating on inside and outside, and the outer AR is holding up well despite my abuse (not all AR coatings do), that's good. I was guessing the stamped clasp would feel cheap, but the bracelet looks and feels nice and is flush with the case the lugs, so that's great.I have a flat 7.25 wrist, pieces looks good.

Was worried with the 1000M water resistance would sit proud on the wrist, but conforms decently. I have a huge watch collection, this is one of the best for recognizing the time very quickly. Great job with the hand/dial contrast, and the hand design in that regard. Appreciate the easy to grip crown at 4 o'clock, too many makers move crowns there to avoid digging into the wrist, but then leave the crown overly short so difficult to work with. This is done right no dig-in, but leveraging that improved angle at 4 to give decent length to the crown.

Overall build quality is great, and time keeping is better than I'd expect with this movement not fine-tuned by a watch maker (~+5 spd). Good piece, wouldn't change a thing, no regrets.

Sinn U1-T Blue Dial Fully Tegimented on Bracelet

"Sinn U1-T Blue Dial Fully Tegimented on Bracelet"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: My experience with the purchase and with the watch have been entirely positive.

Trey was very helpful and I'm glad that WatchBuys customers have the option of using cashier's checks.

The watch is superb. What Porsche is to cars, Zeiss is to optics, and H&K is to firearms, Sinn is to watches - the highest expression of German engineering and innovation.