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Great Watch

"Great Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: A must owned time piece..captured by its solid build n unique markers.

Beautiful and Functional

"Beautiful and Functional"

My comments on Sinn U1

"My comments on Sinn U1"

Verified Owner Comments:

Purchased as retirement gift for my husband and it's worth every penny.
This timepiece is built like a tank as he states and he likes this watch and wears it more than his Rolex Seadweller and for a watch this size he states its very easy to wear on his wrist.
Don't hesitate and don't wait and miss out on this timepiece & for WatchBuys they're the BEST !!!

Sinn U1

"Sinn U1"

Verified Owner Comments: Well worth the wait. This timepiece is built like a tank and takes all the abuse you can give it. Runs as accurate or better that any of my Omegas or Breitlings.

Best bang for your buck in luxury timepieces. This is a watch you depend on to look great with an Armani suit or a Body Glove wetsuit!

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