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Elegant or not?

"Elegant or not?"

Verified Owner Comments: Some people may think this isn't a true dress watch. I would disagree. It may not be as dressy as some other styles, but this watch could go with a suit or everyday clothes, which is exactly how I intend tom wear it. Not a bad size either.

First but not last

"First but not last"

Verified Owner Comments: I have been oogling at Sinn watches since I first started getting into watches and this month I finally got my first one! The 6060 is a beautiful watch that is highly legible and shimmers with the light. The case is perfect for my 6.75 wrists and low profile enough to fit under dress shirt cuffs.

With the current situation I haven't had many chances to wear this bad boy out in the wild but it seems versatile enough to fit into any environment. Overall, I'm super excited about this watch and think this is just the beginning for me and Sinn. WatchBuys was super easy to buy from and their level of service thus far has been great. Highly recommend!



Verified Owner Comments: Received it on time, packaging is rendered with great care. The watch picture can never epitomize its beauty, real one looks fabulous.

38.5 mm dial rests just about right on my six and half inches wrist. Luminous hands are also great when it is in pitch black. Different time zones are intuitive to set up.

Leather band seems more elegant to me. I didn't wear it on the first day so the watch stopped at that night, when you wear it regularly it shouldn't be a problem. Strongly recommend.

Superb watch!

"Superb watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: Beautiful to look at and practical too.

Pictures do not capture how striking this timepiece is.

Great Day to Day Watch

"Great Day to Day Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: The Frankfurt Finance Watch has become my favorite day to day watch.

Comfortable on my wrist, highly legible and very accurate. My watch is within 8-10 seconds per week, which is much better than my other mechanicals.

If you work with multiple time zones, this watch is a must!