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60-Click Bezels make me Swoon

"60-Click Bezels make me Swoon"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Such a great watch. I recently moved on from the U1-T in favor of the U1-S. It was a long wait for the U1-S to restock on bracelet, but well worth the wait! The black/red/white combo is fantastic. I have a 7 1/2” wrist and the fit is perfect for my taste. Although taller, it rides about the same as the 42mm FXD and doesn’t seem as wide as the 43.5mm SMP300 "Dark Side of the Sea”.

Built like a tank....or more appropriately a submarine

"Built like a tank....or more appropriately a submarine"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I just recently started my watch collection and the Sinn U1 S is only the 3rd mechanical watch I have ever owned. As the title states, this watch is an absolute tank. It feels like it can take anything you throw at it and would keep asking for more. It sits well on the wrist and the bracelet is very comfortable.

The black coating used gives the metal a different feel and texture when compared to other metals like stainless steel. The entire watch is also tegimented and covered in the same black coating. You can find at least 3 tegimented symbols across the case, case back and bracelet, in case you forget. The 4 o'clock crown originally wasn't my favorite, but now that I've used the watch for a little while now, it doesn't even phase me at all.

The watch is also very legible as it is very high contrast and very easy to read. The wide hands make it even easier to see from any distance, or in darkness. I have not seen a U50, but based on the specifications, that watch would be too small for me. I have an approx. 7.5 inch wrist, and this watch sits very comfortably and doesn't look big or out of place. Even a friend of mine with smaller wrists (who thought the U1 would be too big for them) tried it on and felt that it doesn't sit big on their wrist at all. The design is unique while still being very utilitarian and rugged.

This is most definitely a tool watch, and while it probably wouldn't go well with a 3-piece suit, you should be able to wear it in just about any other situation. It's also got enough weight to remind you it's there without being overbearing, and the bracelet helps balance that out. Overall, this watch has been a great purchase!

Tank !

"Tank !"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This watch is a beast ! I'm not sure you can break this watch without a sledgehammer or a grenade. One of my all-time favorite watches for all the reasons you buy a watch like this.

Top quality is the rule with the U1. For all Sinn products for that matter, but this one is special.

U1 like a tank

"U1 like a tank"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The second U1 I buy. This one for a friend. Fantastic watch with exemplary hardware. The steel never seems to scratch and the visibility of the dial is second to none.

Happy Watch

"Happy Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I was really very happy with my first purchase of a SINN product from Watch Buys.

The process was easy and the customer service person was super helpful in understanding the product as well as the accessories for my specific watch.

I look forward to doing business with you again soon.

Stunning watch

"Stunning watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Very nice watch. When I look at it I can see the quality. When I pick it up, I can feel the quality. Will be sizing the band and wearing it very soon. Thank you, Jimmy



Verified Watch Owner Comments: Very easy company to deal with, the watch arrived as expected in the time frame they told me to expect it. Very easy to talk with over the telephone if you have any questions or concerns.

Would do business again in the future.

Wow...Even better than the original U1!

"Wow...Even better than the original U1!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: As a long-time owner of a Sinn U-1 on the dive band, pre tegimenting - I can say that the U-1 S may be even better than the original! The bracelet is very comfortable, balancing out the weight nicely (I find the original a bit top heavy without the bracelet). And it maintains the sporty, unique look of the original, but the red and white markings and accents on the face and bezel really stand out against the matte black finish.

And the cool factor of the tech in this beast of a watch cannot be overlooked - submarine tegimented steel, 1000m water resistance, captive bezel...This watch is built to survive AND look good doing it!