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Verified Owner Comments: Everything is a compromise. The goal is to find the least number of compromises. The same is true about watches!

Both this company and the three Sinn watches I purchased fall under that catagory. Very pleased with the total experience.

As advertised, no surprises

"As advertised, no surprises"

Verified Owner Comments: On the watch: Works as advertised. There were no unknown or unexpected details about the watch.

With that, my OPINION of the watch is thus: I like the watch. Having the small seconds takes a bit of getting used to. The readability is quite good and one of the reasons I chose this piece. It is also very easy to differentiate all the information presented on the watch face Everything works without fighting itself for your attention. What surprised me most is how easy it is to read the date!

Finally, the lume works great and this is the best watch I've had for telling the time in the dark. I was not sure how I would like the finish on the bracelet. Turns out, it's quite attractive. The biggest dislike is the clasp on the bracelet. I'm used to a button release style clasp. I'm not sure I'll ever get used to nor like the friction (?) style clasp. Should I go for another Sinn, it's likely I'd opt for the strap because of my dislike for the clasp. My biggest regret is that I didn't hold out and get the count DOWN bezel (the other 103s were out of stock at the time of purchase), which is what I wanted. There aren't enough watches with countdown bezels (again, my OPINION) but at least it's bi-directional.

But not waiting is entirely my fault. I hope Sinn continues to make and sell watches with countdown bezels Would I recommend and/ or buy this watch again? Absolutely! (with the proviso that I'd be a little more patient and wait for a countdown bezel)

WatchBuys did a fine job on their end. Being a first time customer, they called, as outlined in their FAQs, to verify my details. They also answered a couple of my questions about the shipping so I could plan my day. I really appreciate that the watch was wound and set to my time zone, and essentially ready to go straight out of the box. Really, my biggest gripe was FedEx not being able to narrow the delivery window.

Readable and accurate

"Readable and accurate"

Verified Owner Comments: Surprisingly readable given size and dial layout. Great vintage look and feel with modern guts. Chronometer-grade accuracy at -1 second/ day.

Stands behind the hype

"Stands behind the hype"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch gets so much love. When I purchased my first Sinn, I was enamored by the 356. When looking at the 103 ST, I thought it was quite hideous. This watch interest is evolving and always being influenced. I was looking for my next piece and I narrowed down only on this guy. I saw numerous versions and went with the 103 ST. This is the tried and true original as they say. I am having a hard time getting used to the mix of polished and brushed/matte surfaces, and am still waiting.

I think of this completely as a tool watch and think others may want to consider paying the slight premium to have the matte version. The whirring sound of the motor is akin to the Valjoux 7750. It might sound annoying at first, but you do grow used to it. I have a 7.25 to 7.5 wrist and this guy wears so well. It just kind of disappears into the wrist with the downward lugs hugging the wrist.

The bracelet is a must, well constructed. The clasp maybe something to desire for, but you can't go wrong. Highly recommend this guy with the complication. Being a tool watch, I think I am half half on the bezel. The coin edge bezel you get with the 103 ST SA seems like more fitting for the tool watch, but the anodized bezel is growing on me.

Watchbuys/Sinn 103 St

"Watchbuys/Sinn 103 St"

Verified Owner Comments: I knew the watch because I have seen it before.

What I didn't know was how excellent the service is from Watchbuys: perfect in every way. Great communication, fast shipping, in short, a pleasure to buy from them and I will be returning!

Buying experience

"Buying experience"

Verified Owner Comments: Watch Buys communication throughout the buying experience was very good. My Sinn 103 arrived on time and is everything I expected.

Wonderful Watch

"Wonderful Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I went back and forth on what chronograph I wanted to add to my collection. The 103 ST kept drawing me back. I won't usually purchase without trying a watch on, but took a shot. The watch is fantastic, wears great, bracelet is very comfortable. This is a great everyday watch. I would highly recommend it to those in the market for a classic chronograph.

Sinn 103 Acrylic

"Sinn 103 Acrylic"

Verified Owner Comments: I was looking for a pilot’s chronograph with provenance, and considered a number of the classics, including the Omega Speedmaster, Breitling Navitimer, and Porsche Design Chrono 1.

I chose the Sinn 103 on its merits with the additional advantage that it was less than 60% of the price of these fine competitors. I bought the 103 because:

  • I time a lot of things and the combination of the timing bezel and chrono is much more useful than either complication alone (I often am using both simultaneously, the bezel for events under 60 minutes and the chrono for those over 60 minutes).

  • The legibility is unsurpassed in its class, the lume is excellent, and the dial design is both classic and beautiful. I never tire of looking at the dial.

  • Sinn is a great brand, with aviation, military, and tool watch provenance.

Delivery was rapid and Rob and Matt are a pleasure to deal with.

Sinn 103 St Acrylic on Bracelet

"Sinn 103 St Acrylic on Bracelet"

Verified Owner Comments: Meticulous craftsmanship and time honored German engineering and design are what this watch is all about. The case and bracelet are solid and the domed Acrylic crystal hardens back to the classic pilot watches of the early 1960's.

Extremely accurate movement. My watch gains approx. 1.25 seconds per 24 hour period.....chronometer grade. Wonderful classic, rugged, accurate, timepiece.

Sinn 103 St Acrylic

"Sinn 103 St Acrylic"

Verified Owner Comments: I've had this watch for about 1 month now and smile every time I see it. The Breguet numerals, domed acrylic crystal, and friction bezel all work so well together to give a warm, vintage feel.

The watch exudes quality and the Valjoux 7750 has been extremely accurate with no break-in period. Furthermore, the staff at WatchBuys were very knowledgeable and professional.

Highly recommend not only this watch, but also working with WatchBuys!!!

Fantastic Watch, Phenomenal Service

"Fantastic Watch, Phenomenal Service"

Verified Owner Comments: High quality watch, exceeds accuracy average for this movement.

Versatile both on bracelet and straps. Buying process was seamless, Matt, Rob, and Watchbuys staff were very patient with all of my questions and provided speedy shipping to accommodate.

Definitely recommend this watch and Watchbuys.

Great watch

"Great watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Bought it and thought it was one of the best watch I have ever owned. Beautiful, classic and classy, very accurate.

A must have if you like classic watches.