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My First Mechanical watch and wonderful!

"My First Mechanical watch and wonderful!"

Verified Owner Comments: Really fast shipping! Delivered in 2days after ordered! I had to confirm my order by phone call that I did not expected, but it was easy and quick. Thank you Trey!

Watch is excellent! I like Rotation bezel with chronograph and this water resistance 200m. love it!

My first (but not last) Sinn

"My first (but not last) Sinn"

Verified Owner Comments: As an active celestial navigator, I am picky about reading time quickly, clearly, and accurately. While I do not expect perfect timekeeping from an automatic watch, I do desire very good timekeeping. I had done considerable research on a number of watches as I hoped to pick the best watch the first time as these are not inexpensive items. The Sinn watches kept coming up as excellent time pieces.

I contacted WatchBuys and was helped by the very patient and helpful Jon. The 103 St arrived a few days later and I was most impressed. It keeps excellent time and the bezel and chronograph work perfectly in coordination with the way I run a sextant. I especially like the lume because it stays readable in darkness for many hours. People seem to judge lume by how bright it is after it is charged and give high marks to lume that is immediately bright but fades quickly. I, instead, give high marks to lume that lasts for hours.

I am very happy with the watch and with WatchBuys. I see another Sinn from WatchBuys with my name on it.

Sinn 103

"Sinn 103"

Verified Owner Comments: I’ve had this watch for a few years now so It’s had a bit of wrist time. Great watch for the money. That being said, if I had to order this watch again, I might consider the st sa. The sapphire is more legible and the bezel is less prone to nicks/scratching. If debating a strap or not: I think this watch with a bracelet is too heavy. The weight with a strap is just right.

As with all 7750 movements, it’s a bit thick. Durability is okay but I’ve already had it break a year ago from being dropped. (Was repaired and serviced and now runs fine.)

Sinn 103 St Acrylic on Strap

"Sinn 103 St Acrylic on Strap"

Verified Owner Comments: Great watch.

Watchbuys is a great company and I would definitely buy more watches from them. A rather small detail but they adjusted the watch to the time zone I was in and ensured the date and days are correct. I know its a small detail but just goes to show the extra mile they go.

Sinn 103

"Sinn 103"

Verified Owner Comments: Great watch, great service. Got a call back to confirm shipping address. Ordered at 12:30 on a Friday and watch was delivered at 3:15 on Monday. Very happy.

Will definitely order from watchbuys again.

A Classic

"A Classic"

Verified Owner Comments: My addiction to watches began after being exposed to a Breguet XX during the Apollo 11 lunar landing. Our school science teacher was an aviator and wore one and since that time I've been looking for an affordable equivalent.

WatchBuys and Sinn with the 103 Acrylic nailed it! It's a beautiful piece and goes nicely with my Seamaster and my 104. Bravo Zulu!

Great watch great service

"Great watch great service"

Verified Owner Comments: I was looking for a watch that had all the looks of a higher price chronograph but was say half the price.I found the Sinn and decided to make the purchase.

After ordering i received a follow up call from watchbuys and gave me All necessary information and confirmed my address. I chose free next day delivery. Watch arrived next day and upon opening I was impressed with the watch.

I have purchased many different watch brands and currently own the Rolex Sub, omega seamaster 2254. And a Tudor black bay blue.

This watch has all the character of these watches . To sum it up, nice watch, great service equals happy customer!

Nice watch

"Nice watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Fast shipping, excellent customer support always emailing with me. The 103 St Acrylic is a great watch, however sometime my chronograph hand is misalignment at reset position.

Watchbuys explain to me it could be still breaking period and could take up to 2 months, now I have been having over 2 weeks and will update in the future.

Sinn 103 St Acrylic with Fine Link Bracelet

"Sinn 103 St Acrylic with Fine Link Bracelet"

Verified Owner Comments: I highly recommend the combination of this traditional looking tool watch with the more elegant Fine Link bracelet.

Watchbuys did a great job of providing me this watch on special order because It isn't part of the regular Sinn catalog.

Sinn 103 st acrylic

"Sinn 103 st acrylic"

Verified Owner Comments: Thanks watchbuys love the watch!!

I love my 103 St

"I love my 103 St"

Verified Owner Comments: My new Sinn 103 St is a beautiful and high quality watch. The domed acrylic crystal is a cool feature which adds a special dimension to the watch. I really love the friction bezel and may even prefer it over more modern click bezel systems.

I recommend this watch for anyone looking for a vintage style fleiger.

My New Vintage Chronograph

"My New Vintage Chronograph"

Verified Owner Comments: I have always wanted to own a true vintage chronograph from the era when it would have been a required tool for a professional. Since that means back in the 1960's then an acrylic crystal and a historic look would be required. There is really only a few choices if you want new and avoid the pitfalls of a 50 year old chronograph. Among them are an Omega Speedmaster or one of these Sinn 103's.

I went with the Sinn due to the auto movement, day-date, rotating bezel and water resistance of 200 meters. I was concerned with how the acrylic would take my daily wear usage, but after 7 months I have not found the need to do any kind of polishing. As for general wear, this watch hugs the wrist and because of the lighter acrylic stays planted on the wrist better than modern sapphire crystal watches.

Accuracy has been very good with a few second gain per day which I can count on and unlike a true vintage the lume glows like a torch! You can't go wrong with this Sinn 103 Acrylic.

Sinn 103 Acrylic

"Sinn 103 Acrylic"

Verified Owner Comments: The 103 model with Acrylic is a great offering from Sinn. This is a chronograph that not only looks great, but works great as well. The top grade ETA Valjoux 7750 movement is amazing and is a must have in any collection.

Watchbuys made the purchasing process very easy, and the watch was delivered without any issue. Mine has been keeping perfect time, and has barely left my wrist since arriving!

Sinn 103 St

"Sinn 103 St"

Verified Owner Comments: This is a fantastic chronograph with great looks and the famous Sinn quality of manufacture. The dial is very legible both with time-keeping as well as chrono functions, and it has a cool 60s pilot look with the overall design and domed acrylic crystal. Lume is bright and long lasting. The Valjoux 7750 movement is rock-solid, accurate, reliable, and chronograph functions work smoothly.

This watch looks great with jeans and shirt, but the polished case also works for business settings. Overall, a fantastic watch and great value for the money.



Verified Owner Comments: This watch looks amazing and is probably worth more than its current price tag. I could not be happier with this purchase.

My new favorite

"My new favorite"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my second Sinn - and my new favorite watch in my collection.

The acrylic crystal lends a very nice vintage feel to this classic watch.  I'm also impressed with the lume and the high-quality and thick padded leather strap.

The watch wears beautifully.

Sinn 103 ST

"Sinn 103 ST"

Verified Owner Comments: This is simply one of the best values in a pilot chronograph out there. Since I received mine it's been reliable and accurate.

I will definitely be getting another model from the 103 line.

Great Watch

"Great Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This is truly a classic. Simple and sporty. Can be worn anywhere.

Very comfortable and practical. I highly recommend.