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Fantastic watch and customer service

"Fantastic watch and customer service"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Watch and bracelet are perfect and arrived 2 days after my order was placed. WatchBuys staff called me after the order was place and answered all my questions. When the watch arrived, and I was surprised to find it was running and showing the correct time.

Sinn is a fantastic brand and WatchBuys was a pleasure to work with!

Love my new Sinn EZM3

"Love my new Sinn EZM3"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Super easy transaction and great customer service. I wasn't comfortable ordering it on line and called it in. Customer service was excellent, and the. it was ready to ship I got another call advising it was on the way.

Good thing I got the call because I was out of town and would have missed my delivery. Customer service was able to delay my shipment so I would eb home to sign for my watch.

Love the quality of my Sinn, and I get great compliments as many people I work with notice my watch selections. I have many other luxury Swiss brands and my Sinn holds it's own within my collection.

First German Watch, not the last.

"First German Watch, not the last."

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I've been researching and looking for a pilots watch to add to my collection for awhile, and with all the variety out there, both old styles and new, it's tough trying to find something that will fit the bill. Eventually, I decided on the Sinn EZM3F and I couldn't be happier.

Pilots watch, but the feel of a diver, great matte look and a solid build. I love all the technology in the watch as well.

The team at Watchbuys has been nothing but fantastic and answered all of my questions without hesitation and the entire purchase process has been flawless. I really do look forward to purchasing another watch via Watchbuys again in the future.

Strong everyday watch

"Strong everyday watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I've always been interested in watches, and a few years ago had bought my first premium and mechanical timepiece, a Nomos Weltzeit, which I love. My everyday watch was either a Braun or Uniform Wares (I'm a fan of minimalist design), and after I had the latter stolen I was looking for a sturdy, versatile mechanical watch with a minimalist approach to design, that I could wear as an everyday watch. I also wanted something that wasn't too bulky as I have relatively small wrists.

I initially was looking at the Sinn 556 I, but after attending a Watchbuys road show I tried on and opted for the EZM 3F. I would say that overall I'm very pleased with it. It definitely has versatility on the strap, and the additional technology is a nice touch, although TBH I'm not 100% sold on the benefits of the reverse crown. One thing I would flag - I did a fair amount of research into bracelet vs. leather strap, and ended up buying both. Overall I definitely prefer the leather strap but obviously this is a personal preference.

Final thought - apart from some slight confusion (I had setup a notification for the EZM 3F, and was alerted to the watch being in stock, but it was the EZM 3 rather than EZM 3F), Watchbuys have been great, and definitely went above and beyond (e.g. advice on a tool to get to change straps). Would recommend them as a vendor - all things considered the prices are good too!

Fantastic Timepiece

"Fantastic Timepiece"

Verified Watch Owner Comments:

I recently bought a Sinn EZM 3F after MUCH research and consideration. I’m very glad I did.

The watch exudes robust quality. The fit and finish is superb and the design is a testament to no-nonsense functionality (one of the key aspects of Sinn’s EZM mission timers). My wrists are somewhat small for an adult male so I was concerned that this watch might look like a tuna can strapped to my wrist. The width and height measurements of all the watches I considered figured heavily into my final purchase decision. Now that I have the EZM 3F on my wrist I can honestly say that it does not look too bulky or ostentatious. As many here have said, it truly "wears well”. I plan to wear this watch for EVERYthing except formal occasions (when I wear a suit) and mowing the lawn. The bracelet too seems gratifyingly stout and durable.

I chatted with the specialists at WatchBuys repeatedly throughout my 8 month researching, consideration, and analysis phase. They were unfailingly helpful, prompt. and courteous. The exemplary customer service made me feel like my business was valued. So far I’m absolutely delighted with every aspect of this substantial timepiece and the shopping/purchase experience that preceded it.

Sinn EZM 3F

"Sinn EZM 3F"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I really enjoy the EZM 3f I purchased. It is built very well and is really comfortable on the wrist. I will definitely buy another Sinn.

Watchbuys was really easy to deal with as well.