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Love the watch, except the strap

"Love the watch, except the strap"

Verified Owner Comments: Watch is perfect, good weight, looks good on wrist, issue is strap is the smallest strap I've seen on a great watch. can barely get to second notch (not sure who's wrist the next five notches would fit on it, since I don't have that big of a wrist!)

Watch and Bracelet Review

"Watch and Bracelet Review"

Verified Owner Comments: Overall, this is a very good tool watch with (in my opinion the most useful feature) a central chrono minute hand. Physically, this watch is a very tall, heavy, and chunky. It is about as big as I could go on my 7.5 inch circumference wrist. The only thing that prevents this watch from being an outstanding tool watch is that the internal bezel does not ratchet. I have seen watched sell at quarter of the price that has a ratcheting internal bezel.

The leather strap that comes with this watch is outstanding and really fits the bill as a leather strap on a tool watch, however since the watch is very chunky, it really needs a steel bracelet to make it feel balanced on the wrist. I ordered the bracelet about a week after receiving this watch and honestly I was a little disappointed at the quality of the bracelet. First of all, the bracelet isn’t cheap at $500, but at the same time I was not expecting a Rolex Oyster quality bracelet. The clasp is stamped metal and looks like a lot of the clasp on my cheap Citizen or Seiko watches I bought when I was in high school. Also, this bracelet is only meant for the Sinn 140, which is a pilot’s watch…why would they put a diver’s extension on the clasp. This diver’s extension is completely useless. The other thing that makes this bracelet disappointing is that the black PVD coating is not uniform all the way around the links. In the spaces the links, rather than a uniform matte black PVD finish, it has a dark copper color. This is probably because the PVD treatment did not take in the tight space of the links. This issue could probably been avoided if they treated the links individually.

I do like the heft of the bracelet and the links are screwed on rather than being held together with push pins.