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Sinn 104 I St Sa

"Sinn 104 I St Sa"

Verified Owner Comments: Amazing watch!

I ordered on a Sunday and I received a phone call first thing on Monday morning to review my order and ask if I had any questions.

Never had such attentive customer service on anything before. I have a 6.75” wrist and requested a shorter strap, if possible, and they were happy to oblige. I would not think twice to recommend Watchbuys to anyone looking for an honest and pleasurable watch buying experience. Already contemplating my next one! Cheers

Excellent Seller

"Excellent Seller"

Verified Owner Comments: High quality product and excellent service. A+++++++++++++++ 😊

Sinn City

"Sinn City"

Verified Owner Comments: Debated a few different watches for a good year or so (being my first expensive watch) until I finally decided to jump on this one, and am I ever glad I did. I've had the watch for about a year now and still love it as much as the first day. It's an absolute strap monster & as you can see on many forums this watch always gets compliments whilst not being too flashy.

I could go on about this guy. Thanks for the excellent service on such a nice timepiece!!

Beyond Expectation

"Beyond Expectation"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch has exceeded my expectations in every way, and I find myself wearing it the most often out of my collection. It is currently paired with a Haveston strap, which is another favorite both in both form and function.

The experience with WatchBuys was exceedingly professional and timely. I highly recommend both...wear in good health!

Beautiful watch and outstanding customer service

"Beautiful watch and outstanding customer service"

Verified Owner Comments: I purchased this watch after reading many reviews. I was looking for a reliable durable every day watch as I had grown tired of frequently rotating watches and was looking to reduce my collection. This watch not only met my expectations for versatility but also was more attractive than the pictures revealed..

Customer service was also outstanding and my questions were immediately responded too via phone call. My only problem now is my plan for this to be my last watch purchase has been ruined as due to quality of service and quality of the watch I suspect I will be looking to buy my second Sinn before too long.

Perfect Everyday Watch

"Perfect Everyday Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Came in well adjusted and regulated to +2 sec a day roughly. Beautiful dial with great bezel action. Best watch purchase to date. All the youtube videos about this watch were right.

Excellent Watch

"Excellent Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Fantastic all around watch. Extremely accurate, and even more stunning in person. It's a staple in watch communities for a reason. Highly recommend.

Great watch Great service!

"Great watch Great service!"

Verified Owner Comments: First off I must say I absolutely love this watch! The fit and finish is great as well as the astetic. The leather strap is beautiful. Unfortunately due to my small wrist it doesn't quite fit me. Its a perfect fit now on the last hole. As it stretches over time it won't fit any longer. Something to keep in mind if you have a smaller wrist. However this thing looks great on a Nato strap as well.

As for watchBuys, they are great! I received a call from them within an hour of placing my order. They answered every question I had and had it shipped to me in no time. I will definitely buy from them again! Two thumbs up!!

Great watch and service!

"Great watch and service!"

Verified Owner Comments: The Sinn 104 was my first watch purchase from WatchBuys and I could not have been happier. They contacted me promptly to verify my address as I was a new customer, and shipped fast.

The watch arrived in perfect condition, and I've since also ordered a 556! Highly recommend.

First time buyer

"First time buyer"

Verified Owner Comments: First, I was pleasantly surprised I found the watch, which was a Sinn 104. I called and asked several questions about the watch. Watchbuys were extremely knowledgeable and speedy in response time. Then they called right before to clarify all costs and shipping process before the watch was shipped out. It took no time for the watch to arrive. Upon arrival, it was everything I wanted and more.

I’ll gladly buy from Watchbuys again. I’m currently planning my next purchase for my next Sinn as well. Not only do they have Sinn, but quite and eclectic brand off all other watches and watch brands. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Watchbuys.

Fantastic watch and buying experience

"Fantastic watch and buying experience"

Verified Owner Comments: The watch is simply amazing and I wear it for both formal and casual occasions. I have received lots of compliments about my watch. It keeps excellent time, only gaining 3 to 5 seconds a day which I find acceptable. The brown leather strap is great quality, but it was a bit large for my 7 inch wrist, so I added a couple of holes to fit it just right. I also have worn the watch on a black leather strap, a black rubber strap, and a stainless steel bracelet.

It pairs well with everything as it is black and white. It's light weight and very comfortable to wear. The dial is very legible even with quick glances. The lume looks great and it is easy to see the time in the dark. I use the bezel as a countdown timer once in a while mainly for cooking, but I use the bezel to track elapsed time just about everyday.

I don't have anything negative to say about the watch. Regarding the buying process - it was easy. Shipping took only two days via fedex and I was able to track the package. The day I placed the order I was contacted by phone to confirm the order and Kevin at WatchBuys was very nice to work with and was able to answer all my questions about the watch and the strap.

I highly recommend buying this watch from WatchBuys.

sehr glücklich

"sehr glücklich"

Verified Owner Comments: I couldn’t be happier with my first mechanical watch purchase. My 104 I St Sa on Strap met and exceeded my expectatations.

My Watchbuys experience was top notch. A nod of the hat to Matt. Great service!

I originally was looking at this model on fine link bracelet. But due to to it being Christmas is was not available. However, on the leather was. And after many emails with Matt, who patiently answered all, I made the purchase. Along with a deployant clasp and a fine link bracelet separately. Matt ensured the watch, clasp and bracelet shipped as one. Plus, as requested, they set the day window to German.

I can’t say enough positive things. Happy with my watch and the overall experience. Already looking at my second Watchbuys Sinn purchase.



Verified Owner Comments: Excellent service and very quick shipping. The watch arrived in perfect condition and I’m absolutely satisfied with the purchase.

Sinn 104 I St Sa A

"Sinn 104 I St Sa A"

Verified Owner Comments: Excellent blend of functionality and class. Retired F15 & 737 pilot. Past watches: Breitling Aero and numerous Casio. Came with grey strap. Keeping it. Wrist 6 3/4, short is perfect. Coloring and configuration of face is spot on.

Best service I've ever received!

"Best service I've ever received!"

Verified Owner Comments: This is more of a review for Watchbuys than the Sinn 104, which is a great watch anyway.

My watch arrived last night. I was really excited because I’ve been contemplating this purchase for six months. However, when I tried it on the watch did not fit well at all. The regular strap is too long for my 7” wrist and even on the last hole the watch is a little loose. Having anticipated this problem I had spoken to one of their reps prior to purchasing, but he convinced me to get the regular-length strap.

I thought I had to live with this first world problem, but I reached out to them anyway to offer some suggestions. I ended up speaking with the company owner who dealt with me in the most professional manner. He offered to send me a short strap free of charge and even suggested that I mix and match from both for a better fit.

Selling a good product is easy. It’s the quality of service that makes a company and these guys offer service of the highest quality. If any of you have any doubts about purchasing on line, don’t.

These guys are awesome! And so is the watch!

One of the 104's Many Personalities

"One of the 104's Many Personalities"

Verified Owner Comments: I was on the fence between the 104 on a fine link bracelet or this beautiful dark brown heavy leather strap. Not wanting to have to frequently switch bands, I eventually bought both watches (see my review of the fine linked 104). The leather completely changes the personality of this piece by adding a vintage pilot watch vibe. If you're looking for an uncluttered, classic, yet masculine watch to go with your wardrobe's brown leathers, this one's a no-brainer.

Purchase with confidence with Watchbuys' super-efficient client service.

Great experience all the way around!

"Great experience all the way around!"

Verified Owner Comments: Sinn 104 I is my first automatic watch could not have picked a better one to get me hooked! Love the look and quality of Sinn as good in person as the reviews I had read.

Purchase through Watch Buys was incredible the experts here answered all my questions and provided some extra advice for upkeep and maintenance. Could not be more pleased with both the watch and WatchBuys!

Perfect Everyday Watch

"Perfect Everyday Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Love the watch. Switched out the strap for a more comfortable (to me) Hirsch black leather strap. This has become my daily wear watch - even after scratching a lug within the first week.

It runs consistently 3 seconds fast per day. I have to remind my self to wear my other watches instead of the Sinn. (Stowa, Hamilton, Seiko, Omega) The only thing I would change about this watch is I would prefer a beaded/blasted case rather than polished.

I have to say the customer service with WatchBuys is stellar. I definitely plan to purchase from them again.

Excellent Service, excellent watch

"Excellent Service, excellent watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Heard a lot about this watch, and was not disappointed to have bought it. Everything about it is awesome.

Excellent timepiece, and had a great experience buying from WatchBuys!

Beautiful, Meticulously Crafted Piece of Art

"Beautiful, Meticulously Crafted Piece of Art"

Verified Owner Comments: I cannot be more impressed with the Sinn 104 ST SA. Its beauty cannot be accurately described without seeing it yourself in person.

It's so German - and I mean that in the best way. Every thing fits well, looks premium, operates seamlessly, and has the marks of a true craftsman. I would highly recommend this watch as an Automatic Starter Watch. The price point is great (relatively speaking) and the piece will last you a very long time.

For all you American buyers, please don't fret - Watch Buys is legit. I was a little sketched out at first, but their customer service is phenomenal and everything I received is legitimate. Seriously watch collectors, you NEED to own this watch.

German Quality

"German Quality"

Verified Owner Comments: I debated for over a year before buying the Sinn 104. I saw it initially at a Watchbuys roadshow and knew I wanted it, but I couldn’t decide the Indices or numerals dials. I finally decided on the Indices (104I) version since I thought the numerals dial was just a little too busy.

I am very happy with my purchase. The countdown bezel is an extremely useful feature. Whether I’m timing eggs, my parking meter time or portions of my many conference calls, I use it all the time. I also appreciate the 200M water resistance – no worries about doing the dishes or getting caught in the rain. Finally, I wanted the watch on the H-link bracelet but Watchbuys was sold out. It was explained to me that since Watchbuys does not inflate the cost of the bracelet after the fact, I could purchase the bracelet later, at the same difference in price over the strap that it would have been initially. Kudos to them for that.

I now have the watch on the quality brown leather strap and when the bracelet becomes available, I’ll buy that. So the quality of the watch, its features, and the Watchbuys sales support, I know I made the right decision on the Sinn 104. I also know that this probably won’t be the last German watch I buy from Watchbuys.

Fantastic Sinn 104 and Service!

"Fantastic Sinn 104 and Service!"

Verified Owner Comments: First time buyer from Watchbuys and I have to say the service was great. The staff were knowledgeable and explained the delivery process to Toronto, Canada thoroughly and were accurate with their details.

I purchased an alternative Sinn strap and deployment clasp which was swapped onto the watch before shipping. The quality of the Sinn 104 far exceeds the price point, even with the brokerage duties and Canadian taxes added on.

Great Work!



Verified Owner Comments: I have been pondering buying this watch for a long time. The price was a factor, and I just couldn't commit, but when the price increase was announced, I knew it was now or never.

Am I glad I bought this watch! It's beautiful, but it's much more than that. You know right away that it's a quality timepiece as soon as you open the box. I love how it looks and feels on my wrist, and it keeps great time. I've read where the 104 is described as an everyday watch, and it's true it gets most of my wrist time.

The attention to detail is excellent, including the minute track around the dial, the day-date complication, and the wonderful bezel, which is a pleasure to use. And it's such a visible watch, with excellent contrast. Plus the beautiful case back. Watchbuys has excellent service, and they, and the Sinn 104 are highly recommended.

Excellent Watch!

"Excellent Watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: There’s not much else I can say about this wonderful piece that hasn’t already been said by others more eloquent than myself in describing its virtues. The build quality is fantastic and it’s easily the most comfortable watch I’ve owned.

Buying experience was top notch.

Sinn 104 st sa i

"Sinn 104 st sa i"

Verified Owner Comments: Love this watch, immediately my favorite watch out of my small collection. It fits great on my 7.5 in wrist. Feels and looks like absolute quality.

Was worried about buying it without seeing it first but definetly didnt regret the purchase. The leather brown stock strap is a little tough so I replaced that and the is receptive and visible but the lume does not stay bright as long as I expected. Other than that this is a awesome watch.



Verified Owner Comments: An absolutely glorious watch

A Must Have Time Piece

"A Must Have Time Piece"

Verified Owner Comments:

Its been less then one week since receiving my Sinn 10104 Sa St I.. After many months of researching the right watch for me, I pulled the trigger on the Sinn. I have Have to say, although it's not on of the big brand luxury brands that I was looking to purchase (all would have been preowened based on my budget) Sinn is certainly a contender.

The fit, form, and functionality in my opinion is bar none at this price point. I've received complements from strangers while just standing in line at the store. Anyway, if you're on the fence , dont be. Even if you can afford a more luxurious watch, add the Sinn 104toyour collection you wont be disappointed. After one week watch accuracy is + 1.8 s/day. Im extremely happy with this. Well with in the -4/+6 Cosc cert.

One finally note. Watch buys is top notch. They take their business serious and seem to understand the value of not only the time piece we are purchashing bubut the value of the individual making the purchase.

It’s all true

"It’s all true"

Verified Owner Comments: This is a retirement present to myself for 47 years of work, and everything said about this watch is true. I couldn’t be more pleased with it.

Fit, finish, precision, and drop dead good looks makes this watch as good as any of the Omegas and Tudors I’ve put on my wrist. Go ahead and watch the YouTube reviews. It’s accurate as all get out. Everyone raves about it.

Just buy it. But one suggestion.....the brown leather strap is thick and very high quality, but I put a black cowhide alligator print strap with white stitching on it, and this thing just pops. Stunning combo in my opinion.



Verified Owner Comments: I finally purchased this watch after months of agonizing as to whether I should spend over $1000 for a watch. After all, I have only been collecting watches for just over a year, and had yet to pull the trigger on a $1000+ watch.

It was also my first time buying from Watch Buys. I'll be the first to say that It was well worth the investment. It is a beautiful well build piece which I feel will remain in my collection for many years. Watch Buys was also very easy to deal with. Ordered over a weekend and heard back from them first thing Monday morning. Shipping was fast, and I had my watch within two days. Will definitely purchase from them again.

Sinn 104

"Sinn 104"

Verified Owner Comments:

I'd been wanting to purchase a Sinn for a while after seeing numerous articles and reviews about their build quality and good looks. I finally made the decision to purchase the Sinn 104 on leather strap and have no regrets.

I was a bit nervous at first as this is the most money I have ever spent on a watch. I was not disappointed. It is a stunning looking watch, that feels like it is built like a tank. An added benefit is this watch is a strap monster. I have tried it on several Nato straps and two different leather straps and it looks great on all of them.

I used Watchbuys free shipping and it arrived well packed in only two days via Fedex. I would definitely buy another Sinn and use Watchbuys again.



Verified Owner Comments:

The watch is unquestionably worth every penny of the asking price and is everything you hope it will be.

The WatchBuys service was also phenomenal and I would purchase through them again- overnight shipping to Canada is pretty wicked. I give the highest recommendation to anyone considering this glorious chunk of Germany.

Sinn 104

"Sinn 104"

Verified Owner Comments:

I've been building my collection for a few years and my Sinn 104 purchase was a memorable intro to Sinn timepieces. Many positive words have been written on this piece: great value proposition, perfect, useful, defines what a tool watch is....these are all true and my research kept nudging me to the WatchBuys site.

When my 104 arrived I knew I'd made a good decision. Key for me is legibility - can I glance at my wrist and retrieve the info I need quickly and accurately? You bet - This piece really delivers. (With a longer glance the time info is enhanced by an accurately subdivided dial and both day and date complications). Add a level of comfort and wearability - from a perfect case shape and size - including an overall height that allows you to forget it is there - and you do have an almost perfect piece with equal measures of value proposition, usefulness, and tool-icity.

Get off the fence. You won't be disappointed.

Excellent Watch and Fantastic Service

"Excellent Watch and Fantastic Service"

Verified Owner Comments: I purchased this watch as a gift for my husband. He was impressed with the design, quality, and craftsmanship. It's a beautifully elegant timepiece and has hardly come off his wrist since he received it.

The service from WatchBuys was incredibly friendly and efficient. I would not hesitate to buy from them again (in fact, I just placed another order). I couldn't possibly recommend them highly enough.

Sinn 104 I St Sa on Strap

"Sinn 104 I St Sa on Strap"

Verified Owner Comments: I had considered many different watches before settling on the 104, and I feel like I made the right choice.

The fit and finish of the watch exceeded my expectations from the pictures I had seen online. The watch is comfortable, accurate, legible, and engrossing to look at. I have a 7 wrist and I'm using the smallest hole in the strap, so if you have a smaller wrist you should consider a different strap.

The phone call from Watchbuys explaining the process and answering questions was a nice touch.

Sinn 104 I ST SA

"Sinn 104 I ST SA"

Verified Owner Comments: My First Watchbuys Purchase

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