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Long-Awaited and Worth the Wait

"Long-Awaited and Worth the Wait"

Verified Owner Comments: I’d had my eye in this watch for a long time and was very happy when it became available again. It’s exactly as other reviews had described it and is a joy to wear and use. The service at WatchBuys was terrific.

Great field watch

"Great field watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I've got a larger wrist at 8 and find this to be my perfect field watch on a nato.

The non-UTC face is much better balanced and legible in my opinion and has a decent amount of presence even on a large wrist. It wears small as far as comfort but the large face makes it very legible with the stark contrast the matte black dial and the bright white hands, markers and Arabic numerals. It's an attractive watch where less is more. Very clean and understated, yet I find myself staring at it none the less.

If you're looking for something rugged and uncluttered with classic proportions, look no further. It's a Sinn, so you know the quality is there. Mine is unsurprisingly running at +.5 SPD given the well adjusted, top grade Sellita movement.

Bonus is the tegimented treatment to the submarine steel case. I changed out the strap upon receipt and thought I'd scratched the back of a lug with the spring bar. Upon inspection, I couldn't find any marring of the finish. Tough stuff! I'm sure it'll still look new a few years from now. The drilled lugs make swapping straps easy, which is good, considering different straps transform this watch and make it much more versatile.

If you're considering this watch, just go for it. You won't have any regrets.

Sinn’s Rolex Explorer

"Sinn’s Rolex Explorer"

Verified Owner Comments: Some might call this a pilots watch. I’d call it an adventure watch. With all the tech of a Rolex and Omega combined, it’s the perfect EDC adventure watch. You can dive with it, hike with it, or wear it to office. Super comfortable and hardcore.

Whether on band, strap or nato you can’t beat it. If there is a single flaw I’d say the lume could be improved. Would love to see one with a red or orange second hand. This watch is one you could put on and literally never take off.

Why spend more money for a lesser luxury watch?! Don’t. I’ve owned them all. This is the he way to go!!

856 Tegimented on Strap

"856 Tegimented on Strap"

Verified Owner Comments: I love the watch, it’s rugged and accurate and the design is classic and easy to read.

The guys at Watchbuys could have asked me if I needed a long strap it would have saved me the expense of having to replace it.

The 856 Is A Keeper

"The 856 Is A Keeper"

Verified Owner Comments: From the structural integrity of the case and the Tegimented treatment, to the easy to read dial, it’s a pleasure to wear such an understated watch.

My son thought so as well hence, the Sinn 856 I bought from WatchBuys almost three years ago is now on permanent loan to him. I had no choice, so I bought another Sinn 856 for myself!

Sinn 856

"Sinn 856"

Verified Owner Comments: this time piece is awesome, I've had Squale, Oris, Hanhart, Tag, to name a few. I could tell when I opened it up that this was going to be my favorite time piece. Quality is 2nd to none. Absolutely love the simple look of this watch. Fit is Perfect!!!! lume is top notch...

WatchBuys guys are great too...

Surprisingly ferric

"Surprisingly ferric"

Verified Owner Comments: I have been wearing my Sinn 856 for about a month. It sits well on the wrist for every day use. I was interested in it's anti-magnetic label (80,000 A/m or 1000 Gauss or 0.1Tesla) without knowing what that really means because I do work around MRIs (0.5-1.5 Tesla).

I have worn several watches around MRIs such as Apple series 2, Bulova 267 Hz, and Zodiac Orange Dive. I know that if I get too close, the watch would stop but they have so far restarted as I move away from the MRIs. What was unexpected about the Sinn 856, was that the pull on the case near the MRI was very strong. I did not expect the steel case for an anti-magnetic watch to be that ferric. I realize that anti-magnetic usually means the mechanism is protected somehow (like in a Faraday cage) but why would the case made to be so ferric?

Sinn 856 on leather strap

"Sinn 856 on leather strap"

Verified Owner Comments: I was considering both the Sinn 856 UTC and the 856. I ultimately went with the 856 because for me the UTC dial was a little cluttered with the 24-hour scale and the second time-zone hand was hard to read and not lumed.

The 856 has a beautiful uncluttered highly legible dial that for me made the difference. Both share the very well finished case from SUG with the Tegimented technology and drilled lugs which for me is great because I usually remove the OEM strap and stress about scratching the case.

Dehumidifying technology and anti-magnetic properties and nice size watch that I feel you can wear under a dress shirt or on a hike.

This was my second purchase from Watchbuys and as with the first the customer service before and after was outstanding and I would recommend them.

My favorite to wear

"My favorite to wear"

Verified Owner Comments: I own a Dornbleuth and a Nomos but this is my favorite. Like someone else mentioned, I can wear this watch anytime without worrying whether I’m going to damage it. Surprisingly, the leather strap can resist almost anything including water but I wouldn’t submerge it. The deployment clasp is a must and one of my favorite features of the watch but an option for an added price.

great watch, great buying experience

"great watch, great buying experience"

Verified Owner Comments: This is a very readable and attractive dial. I wanted a sturdy, scratch resistant watch with great legibility. I wanted to be able to quickly and precisely observe the minutes hand and markers. This pilots watch exceeds most of my expectations. So far accuracy is acceptable, at +8 seconds per day. It may settle down some in the coming months.

Matt was very communicative and helpful throughout the buying process. In large part because of him, I will use Watchbuys in the future.

The. 856 Won't Disappoint

"The. 856 Won't Disappoint"

Verified Owner Comments: Great design , easy to read dial and keeping good time...+ 2-3 seconds a day. I like the Technology that Sinn builds into the watch.. So far the tegimented case appears bulletproof... I have found the strap too stiff..Within The first few days , the inside leather keeper developed a small tear from simply putting the watch on..I fixed it with a small piece of electrical tape and it appears fine.. I would buy the 856 again and recommend it to people...I bought a 656L from WatchBuys about five years ago and enjoyed it too. For my money, Sinn represents great value.

Sinn 856 on Strap

"Sinn 856 on Strap"

Verified Owner Comments: My first Sinn and couldn't be happier. Perfect size and heft- I have average wrists and it sits perfectly. Not too ostentatious and not too small.

I originally tried the 556a and found it to be slightly small (though my wife liked it and it would have looked great on her). The dial couldn't be more classic or easy to read. I was worried I wouldn't like the titanium-esque color of the case. No worries now. It matches the face elegantly.

WatchBuys experience was fantastic. Great communication and easy shipping. Only downside was that I wished I could have used the FedEx option to reroute the package to a specific site because I knew I wouldn't be home. I guess you have to be a repeat customer for that option. All the more reason to get another watch!

Sinn 856

"Sinn 856"

Verified Owner Comments: Having owned and discarded several inexpensive (and low quality) watches in the past I decided to purchase a high quality watch that would last years (if not decades). 

I had three criteria: 

1) well made, high quality, and durable 
2) understated and simple. I am not interested in impressing people with how expensive or complicated my watch is. 
3) simple and able to fit into multiple social situations ranging from casual to formal. 

I do not desire to purchase multiple watches. The Sinn 856 fulfills all of these criteria. Within a week of receiving my new watch I went on a four day backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail with my watch strapped to my wrist the entire time day and night. 

The 856 came though having kept near perfect time (general +1s/day) and without a single mark on it. 

The 856 is indeed simple, high legible, and understated. Its quality is not seen in a flashy case or a complicated movement, but rather becomes apparent under close inspection when you examine the transparency of the sapphire crystal or the fine construction of the case. 

Finally, being simple it does indeed work in a variety of social situations. It can be worn as a day to day watch and in formal settings. 

I am greatly pleased with the 856 and would recommend it (and WatchBuys) to others.

Solid daily watch

"Solid daily watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I have several different watches from other European watch makers and the Sinn 856 is my day to day go to watch. Simple, classic styling, nice movement, sturdy and easy to read. I have worn it to the office, hiking, on industrial construction sites and it fits every occasion.

My father in law swayed me from Swiss brands to this German brand and I couldn't be happier. The watch was shipped on time and it arrived as I expected.

This will not be my last purchase from Watchbuys.

A great watch that's a great value

"A great watch that's a great value"

Verified Owner Comments: I own a really nice Rolex but I wanted a watch that I don't feel the urge to take off if I'm about to do something that might beat it up. After a lot of online research, I settled on a Sinn 856. 

I couldn't be happier with the watch or the service that I got from the supplier, WatchBuys. I like it better than the Breitling Super Ocean and the Omega titanium SeaMaster that I previously owned - and the Sinn costs a lot less. 

Frankly, I like it better than my Rolex which looks really over-priced in comparison to the Sinn. Don't be misled by the fact that Sinn doesn't advertize much in the U.S. They're the real deal.

My Perfect watch.

"My Perfect watch."

Verified Owner Comments: The watch is 40mm not 37.5 like the 556a, a must for my 8" wrist. Does not have the UTC, so easier to read dial, hard case, humidity warning. 

I can not stress enough, you to make time to go to the Road show. See them up close, put them on. The 556 would have been a mistake. I had notebook pages of questions Matt and the others answered-bezel mating, modification to movement hardness.

I was able to get all my questions answered and am very very happy with this watch. 

Well done.

Amazing watch and value

"Amazing watch and value"

Verified Owner Comments: This is the only watch worth getting within $1,000 of its price. Anything else you get in this price range is just throwing money away (unless you get another Sinn of course.)

This watch would easily fit in among high end brand watches at a jewelry store at a fraction of the price. Pros: Clean, legible dial Great size, works as a sport watch and dress watch Scratch resistant Good weight, light enough to feel comfortable yet heavy enough to feel high quality 

High quality leather strap Just an overall beautiful watch Cons: Don't like the copper sulphate capsule, would prefer not to have a hole in the side of my watch Not a fan of the sideways date.

Sinn 856 Non UTC

"Sinn 856 Non UTC"

Verified Owner Comments: The watch was delivered right on time as promised. It matches up with the description perfectly and is absolutely perfect.

The look and feel of the watch are just what I was looking for and the price was very fair considering that other similarly styled watches sold through retailers cost more than twice as much.

Watch Buys made the process so simple and their personal contact with me was really a nice touch. Since it is an on-line purchase they contacted me directly and talked me though what would transpire once the order was processed. I would buy another Sinn watch through WatchBuys once my Watch Fund fills up again.

I think the Sinn product is one of the best out there.

Outstanding Service, Outstanding Watch

"Outstanding Service, Outstanding Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: The 656 was nearly my perfect watch, but I always desired a slightly larger, tegimented case. It took Sinn some time (+10 years), but they finally came through.

They added the inert gas and copper sulfate technologies as well as "upgraded" the movement to an ETA 2892. It appears to be gaining 7-8 seconds per day, but may settle in as it is still new.

Perfect watch for me, but just as important was the excellent service provided by Matt and Rob. This was my first purchase from Watchbuys, but it will certainly not be my last!

Great watch, better service

"Great watch, better service"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch did not disappoint. Understated, tough, functional, 2892 movement. Just a beautiful timepiece that will last, and last.

Exceptional customer service at Watchbuys. Matt was great answered all questions timely. Thanks

Sinn 856 (NonUTC)

"Sinn 856 (NonUTC)"

Verified Owner Comments: A fantastic watch. I wear it daily on a Sinn silicone strap and it is perfect.

Understated,comfortable, functional and bombproof. In my opinion, excellent value.