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Sinn UX

"Sinn UX"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: From other reviews, I was worried that the Sinn UX might be to large for me. After receiving and unboxing, it was love at first sight and its just the right size. What an awesome watch. My only regret is not getting the SS bracelet instead of the rubber strap version. Don't get me wrong, the rubber strap is really nice but I think I will like the SS bracelet much more.

That will be my next purchase with Watchbuys. Excellent customer service and delivery.

A Sinn to Abuse

"A Sinn to Abuse"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I already had a Sinn 104 that I adore. I haven’t touched my Speedmaster in almost two months now because I’m still in the honeymoon phase with my Sinn. However, I made the mistake of putting it in a leather strap and started thinking that trips to the gym or the pool would have a detrimental effect on the wonderful bracelet. Changing it isn’t hard but I don’t want to do that every day.

So I spent too much time on ClickSpring’s YouTube channel and started to think about how nice it would be to have a watch that wasn’t just resistant to abuse but actually designed for it. I haven’t had a quartz movement for years and had become sort of snobbish about them. Something about the UX GSG9 spoke to me and convinced me to pay more than I had for my 104 for something I’d planned to try to wear out. Watchbuys did not disappoint and delivered within two days. The watch is exactly what I’d been looking for. The rubber strap with clasp is so comfortable and it even has micro adjust.

The watch truly feels like something to take to war and I doubt it will show any signs of wear and tear when the battery finally runs down. It’s a gem.

Overbuilt perfection

"Overbuilt perfection"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I wear watches pretty hard as an electrician/HVAC tech. So far after two weeks there is not a single scratch anywhere on the bezel or case. Replaced the rubber strap with a Sinn leather strap, the rubber is very comfortable but bulky, the leather strap is comfy but needs a lot of time for break in as it is as overbuilt as the watch.

So far the quartz is perfect and the look of the oil filled case is cool, crystal clear viewing at any angle. Only cons would be the bezel action is weird, clicks forward then kinda springs back to position, and the outside AR coating on the crystal smudges easy.

typical outstanding German quality

"typical outstanding German quality"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This was my 4th SINN watch purchase. Sinn never ceases to amaze me. It's an impressive timepiece, large but not too bulky. I like the fact that it tops out at 13.2mm in height. Anything taller looks ridiculous on my wrist.

Striking Tegimented black Bezel against the grey submarine steel body. I replaced the over-engineered tang buckle strap that came with the watch with a silicone/rubber Sinn strap which is easier to use and fits my wrist better. It's priced competitively. Excellent value. Highly recommmend!

Very nice watch

"Very nice watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Fast delivery by the Watchbuys staff. Watch is very comfortable to wear, legibility under water is amazing. Used the watch during deep dives in Cozumel, MX and worked perfectly. Tegimented bezel and sapphire crystal don't show any marks. The strap clasp that is made of submarine steel is showing some scuffs, not a big deal. I'm enjoying this watch and recommend it.

Great watch!

"Great watch!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments:

Very legible and comfortable. The oil filled method is very useful and really works well.

Excellent communication and fast delivery by the Watchbuys staff. I wouldn't hesitate to order this watch if you're on the fence.

Simply amazing!

"Simply amazing!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I wanted something a little different from my Sinn U1 but still maintain the rugged no nonsense appeal. This UX GSG-9 is perfect.

It relegated most of my watches to standby duties. The legibility is awesome and illusion of the hands looking like they're stuck on the crystal is trick.

Don't hesitate. Buy!