Sinn U2 W Limited Edition on Bracelet

SKU: SI-557

Watch Brand: Sinn

Sinn North America

Limited Edition of 100 Pieces North America

Fully Tegimented dive watch with white dial
• Case diameter (mm): 44.0
• Case thickness (mm): 15.5
• Case lug width (mm): 22
• Lug to lug (mm): 50.5
• Weight - head only (grams): 114
• Water resistance: 2,000 meters
• Case back: Solid
• Case metal: Tegimented PVD / DLC submarine steel
• Dial color: White
• Front crystal: Sapphire
• Tegimented: Fully
• Inert gas: Filled
• Copper sulphate: Capsule
• Movement: Automatic mechanical
• Manufacturer's limited warranty: 3 years
• Strap or bracelet: Bracelet
• Warranty service: RGM or Sinn
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Sinn U2 W Limited Edition
Sinn U2 W Limited Edition on Bracelet

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Sinn U2 W Limited Edition
Sinn U2 W Limited Edition on Bracelet
Sinn U2 W Limited Edition
Sinn U2 W Limited Edition on Bracelet
Sinn U2 W Limited Edition
Sinn U2 W Limited Edition on Bracelet
Product Details

Limited to 150 Pieces - 100 for North America

Once Sinn completed the early drawings for this new watch, our friends at the Sinn Japanese distributor became excited about the project.  We agreed to "share" our project as we have worked with them in the past to participate in their Sinn limited editions.

As a result of this cooperation, pieces #1 through #100 are available for North America only, and pieces #101 through #150 are designated for Japan.  The case back is engraved XXX/150.

What Makes This Watch Special?

We've incorporated a number of interesting features into the new Sinn U2 W Limited Edition:

  • The first Sinn U2 with a white dial
  • One of only three Sinn U2 watches with a single time zone
  • Extreme legibility
  • Fully Tegimented PVD submarine steel case and bezel
  • Sinn EZM 5 mission timer (Einsatzzeitmesser) designation
  • Multiple copper sulphate capsules to absorb humidity
  • Inert gas filled to protect the oils
  • Extended 3 year Sinn warranty
  • Domed sapphire crystal
  • 2,000 meters water resistance
  • SuperLuminova with green glow on hands and indices
  • Extreme temperature resistance -45 to +80 Celsius
  • Screw fastened uni-directional bezel
  • Low pressure resistant

Read on to learn more about these features.

A Clean Design

In creating this new watch, we had two primary goals:

1.  Create a dive watch that immediately stands out from the rest of the Sinn U Series.

2.  Create a watch with a clean design, without visual clutter, and with a focus on simplicity and legibility.

Fully Tegimented

The Sinn U2 W Limited Edition features a fully Tegimented (hardened) case, bezel, crown and case back. 

Standard stainless steel used by most watch companies has a hardness of between 200 and 240 HV (Hardness Vickers is a common scale used to measure material hardness). 

Tegimenting the submarine steel along with a PVD application results in an exceptionally hard watch case with a rating of 2,000 Vickers, more than nine times harder than standard stainless steel.

Submarine Steel Case

The Sinn U2 W Limited Edition features a case made from the same steel used in the construction of German submarines. The steel is procured by Sinn from a steel supplier to Emden GmbH, one of Germany's North Sea shipbuilding yards who construct submarines from the very same steel.

The submarine steel case resists the effects of exposure to salt water and salt water environments and the related impacts of corrosion.  Unlike watches made with standard stainless steel, this watch case does not need to be rinsed with tap water with each exposure to a salt water environment.

The Tegimenting process increases the submarine steel's resistance to corrosion, as well as provides extreme protection from scratches and other damage to the case. 

Designed for Depth - 2,000 Meters

This watch features a uni-directional ratchet operated rotating bezel, which also milled from the same submarine steel as the case. The bezel is also Tegimented along with a PVD application. The indices are machined directly into the bezel without the use of bezel inserts, which can corrode or come loose at deep depths. 

The international testing lab of Germanischen Lloyd has tested the Sinn U2 W Limited Edition, and determined that the watch can be certified as water resistant to 2,000 meters. This same firm tests submarines for their ability to withstand the effects of underwater use.

EZM 5 Mission Timer

This watch is a member of the Einsatzzeitmesser EZM series which is designed for professional use.

Sinn has long been a supplier of watches to various divisions of the German special forces, including the GSG 9, border protection, customs, military and special police divisions.

Designing watches for these units carries a number of requirements, including resistance to shocks, water and temperature changes among others.

Dehumidifying Technology

The Sinn U2 W Limited Edition features Sinn's Dehumidifiying or "Dry Hold" technology to protect the movement oils, increase the service intervals and to eliminate crystal fogging.  

Sinn uses a combination of copper sulphate capsules and inert gas to achieve these effects, and the presence of this technology boosts the warranty period to three years.

Tegimented Black PVD Bracelet

This watch ships on a fully Tegimented black PVD Sinn bracelet with locking buckle.