Chronographs Flyback

Flyback chronographs are relatively rare in production today, and are among the easiest to use chronograph watches.

Unlike traditional chronograph watches, a flyback chronograph may be reset while the chronograph hand is in motion causing it to reset ("fly back") to zero and start again.

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Price: $3,390.00
SKU: HA-020
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Limited Edition 130 Pieces

Flyback chronograph in black DLC case
Price: $3,760.00
SKU: HA-018
Flyback chronograph with HDSPro® hardened case
Price: $1,260.00
SKU: HA-034
Chronograph with split seconds and flyback functions
Price: $4,660.00
SKU: SI-456
Column wheel flyback chronograph on bracelet
Price: $4,360.00
SKU: SI-455
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Column wheel SRS Flyback chronograph on strap