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there's always one thing

"there's always one thing"

Verified Owner Comments: Of course it's an engineering marvel. The black surfacing is indeed very tough the watch is (disconcertingly, to someone who remembers rather different mechanical watches) silent no ticking. It keeps time well ( the ~5 seconds per day is factual) though again, winding it has no tactile feedback at all no sound of a ratchet, no sense of resistance.

The one thing is that the 24-hour hour hand is both smaller and lower in the hand-stack than the regular 12-hour hour hand while you can figure out where the 24-hour hour hand is when it's under the minute hand, it can vanish completely under the regular hour hand. Which isn't crippling it does mean that you have to do some math in your head to get your 24-hour time zone time. It would be better if this didn't happen.

Absolutely solid

"Absolutely solid"

Verified Owner Comments: This is the most solid feeling watch I've ever worn. The size is perfect. It wears very comfortable. The dial is very easy to read. It is very accurate. Price is right. The UTC is comes handy for me when traveling the dual time is easy to ready quickly.

Great service and fast shipping from watchbuys.

Looks great! Very accurate!

"Looks great! Very accurate!"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my first mechanical watch and I am impressed with how accurate it is. The watch looks great and the strap is very substantial and attractive. Interestingly, more people have commented about the strap than the watch. The lume is a bit disappointing though. It's usually not legible in the dark. Not a dealbreaker though.

857 S Review

"857 S Review"

Verified Owner Comments: Great watch and super accurate.

Fit and finish are excellent. I have owned numerous Rolex and Breitling watches, and none of them have been as accurate as this Sinn...I guess we'll have to wait and see how it does in the long run.

I'm really happy with it so far!