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Trusted Service with WatchBuys

"Trusted Service with WatchBuys"

Verified Owner Comments: WatchBuys' service was very good with prompt responses to my pre-purchase questions. When I placed my oder they worked with me to arrange my desired delivery date.

The watch arrived in brand new condition with all of the books and tools in place. The Sinn 857 UTC has nice heavy weight and the construction is very tight. Adjusting the bracelet was easy and it feels smooth on the wrist. Very happy with the watch so far.

German Quality

"German Quality"

Verified Owner Comments: Very happy with my Sinn 857. For me this is a perfect tool watch. Everything works exactly how you want it too. It's also kept great time. I have it on a rubber strap right now, but the bracelet is excellent and was simple to adjust, although I recommend being very very gentle with the screws, unfortunately I broke one when removing links.

My experience with watchbuys was excellent. I appreciated their customer service and the watch was shipped promptly. Thanks watchbuys!

Pure Black Perfection !!

"Pure Black Perfection !!"

Verified Owner Comments: I really love this watch! It would be my first all black model and it's turned into my favorite so far. I looked at Bell Ross in the past, but this one won me over with a more updated look and feel. I'm wearing this more than my Rolex Sub, Omega Seamaster 300, Omega Grey Side and my Tag AquaRacer now.

I love the big bold numbers that are easy to read and the band fits well. Being able to adjust it at home with the tool provided is great! I'm curious to see how the black finish holds up over time, but after a ton of research it appears it will be very durable for years to come.

WatchBuys was very friendly and prompt with sending out my order. Thanks again!

Germany quality at it's best!

"Germany quality at it's best!"

Verified Owner Comments: Germany quality shines through and through here. The tegimented finish and build quality has the watch feeling very solid on the wrist, as you would expect from looking at it (but not heavy). The crystal is super clear, dial design is very clean and easy to read.

Excellent customer service by watchbuys, called me to thank me for the purchase let me know the next steps with shipping. Will definitely order again from WB

I love this watch!

"I love this watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: Absolutely impeccable, I love this watch. So clear, you can tell the time at a glance, it reminds me of the instrument cluster of my VM GTI or any BMW. Accurate, heavy, solid, built like a Panzer dare I say.

Great Watch - Great Service

"Great Watch - Great Service"

Verified Owner Comments: The process to order was easy, got a follow up call to make sure everything was in order. Received the watch the next day as promised. Love the Sinn 857. The bracelet is well made and the finish is very durable. I added a leather strap and it is also a quality piece.

Watchbuys made the process very easy.

An excellent piece of horology

"An excellent piece of horology"

Verified Owner Comments: I have had the watch over a month and wore it every day. its accuracy is unique . perfect to the second!

I am a watch collector and own several high quality watches, and it compares in quality with the upscale products. the black tegiment makes it discrete, which was another reason I chose it. I need accurate time in my business but nobody needs to know the watch 's cost. ordering and delivery were smooth - period.

I am very satisfied with the product.  Tthe old German quality at its best, and with an appropriate price.  Well done!

Great service and watch

"Great service and watch"

Verified Owner Comments: My first Sinn and interaction with WatchBuys. I could not be any happier with both experiences.

The follow up from WatchBuys was spot on (made sure I understood all terms of purchase, etc). And the watch! I am glad I purchased 857 UTC S as my very first Sinn. It is a substantial watch sure to be on my wrist more than in my winder.

More Sinns in the future? Yes, without a doubt!

Great Service, Great Watch!

"Great Service, Great Watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: Received excellent 'live online support', and within minutes I had the watch on order.

I couldn't have asked for better service, prompt shipping, and an awesome watch! I highly recommend WatchBuys.

Great UTC!

"Great UTC!"

Verified Owner Comments: I've had this watch for about two weeks now and it continues to impress me. The quality of the watch is impressive to say the least.

I would put Sinn up there with any major brand luxury watch company any day. gave me great service and a great watch! Thanks!

Awesome UTC

"Awesome UTC"

Verified Owner Comments: I have had my Sinn 857 for 2 years now and I have loved every minute.

I wear it on my right wrist and the clasp has yet to show any scuff marks on it from using a mouse pad.

The overall bang for buck has outshined the Omega Seamaster I once owned.

Great GMT

"Great GMT"

Verified Owner Comments: I just got my Sinn 857 and I love it. There is a lot of watch for the money. I absolutely love the PVD and the fit and finish of the watch as a whole. The clasp is very well made and the band has a great hex screw construction. The saphire cyrstal is nearly invisible and the movement is silky smooth.

I was going to buy a Rolex GMT 2 but I don't think that I would have been ANY happier with my watch. It's my first Sinn and I love it.