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Great watch

"Great watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Great watch, it is massive but wears smaller and not that heavy without metal bracelet. Runs +5 sec/day, very steady and within COSC specs (while not being COSC).

Support from watchbuys was great, all my questions were answered before purchase, shipping was fast. Just awesome experience.



Verified Owner Comments: Hello WatchBuys, this is the first time purchase with you, I found the service and product to be top notch, will do this again shortly and recommend others, thank you.

Great Watch

"Great Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my second Sinn, the first being an Arktis which I've had for many years. Love the design of the U1-great wrist presence, solidly built, looks fantastic on the rubber strap. Its a winner all the way around. There's no mistaking the looks of the watch for anything other than the Sinn U1.

First time buying a Sinn

"First time buying a Sinn"

Verified Owner Comments: Having owned a few Seiko's and a number of Casio's over the years I felt the need to pull the trigger on something European. I looked at many brands from the Swatch group, Rolex, Omega, TAG, etc. What I found is that prices for those luxury pieces were way out of my league, and that most of those supposedly tool watches were not that robust, or at least didn't seem to be branded that way.

This is why after much research I opted for Sinn. The brand is so focused on giving you an actual robust, uncompromising, aesthetically functional tool watch, that I had to have one. In this case I bought the Sinn U1 SDR, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase! The watch runs at a very consistent +6 seconds a day, and I'm sure with a minor regulation it can run within +/- 1 second per day. It really is that consistent, despite barely leaving my wrist since I got it!

Speaking of wrist's, mine is 7 and a quarter inches, and I don't find the 44mm to be too big at all. In fact, if you are used to wearing G-shocks you with find that the U1 actually wears a bit smaller. Watchbuys also has been a breeze to work with and I will be buying from them again soon (I have my eye on a Fortis). My only complaint about the U1 and many Sinn's in general, is that the front AR coating on the sapphire is susceptible to scratching. I scratched mine when a metal buckle on my backpack grazed it. It honestly isn't a big deal and you can hardly notice it, besides it's a tool watch at the end of the day, and scratches and scuffs can only add to the character of a watch (In my opinion).

Overall, I'm very happy with my U1 and it's simply the best watch I have ever owned, so far... because I think I've caught a horological disease.

Tough and easy to read

"Tough and easy to read"

Verified Owner Comments: If you are looking for a serious diver this is it. First, it has without a doubt the most visible watch face of any diver I own. Full disclosure: I own a Rolex Sub no date and an Omega basic no date also.

More on the comparison the U1 and those watches in a moment. I like the size and heft of the U1, Sinn, as usual, does not stint on steel and mission oriented features. I like the easy to read look of the bezel, but it does move up and down a bit when you push on it and that seems odd to me and a bit irritating. This movement seems to be some sort of spring loaded retention device and, while irritating, does not impede function in any way.

Did I mention that this diver has easily the best visibility of the face in my group of divers? The crystal is flat and there is no discernible glare at nearly every angle. The mat black background, thick white hands and orange highlights make reading the time or elapsed time easy. I like this watch very much. OK, some negatives.

First, I bought it on the rubber strap. If you have a good amount of hair on your wrist I recommend that you avoid the rubber strap. The rubber is very thick and flexible but is very grabby to my wrist hair. It hurts. Next, the method for sizing the strap seems primitive to me. You have to actually cut the strap to make it smaller and unless you are the Hulk you will have to make it smaller. (I guess because it may be worn over a wet suit.)

Now, once you have it sized for your wrist . . . that's it. There is no ability to easily micro-adjust. Because of the grabbiness of the rubber I bought the metal strap for it. The metal strap itself is high quality and I am happy with it, but the clasp is noticeably cheap in comparison to Rolex or Omega (they are considerably more expensive though to be fair), the metal is thin and sharp. The clasp, once you have taken out any links necessary to fit, only allow micro-adjust by pushing in a pin (like the ones attaching straps to watches) and moving to another small hole. There are only three positions.

Comparing the U1 to Rolex and Omega: I think that the quality and usefulness of the U1 for a diver is as good or better than Rolex or Omega. I am not a deep horology student and I cannot comment on the quality or accuracy differences in the various movements, but as far as I'm concerned the U1 is accurate to within a second or so each day.

As I mentioned above the U1 is a good deal heavier on my wrist that either of the others. I don't weigh watches as a comparison point as I feel that how they sit on your wrist and feel on your wrist is what is important not actual weight. The U1 is taller/fatter and tends to feel top heavy to me. Both the Rolex and Omega are smaller and ride better. I will keep, love and wear the U1. It will not be on my wrist as much as the Rolex or Omega, but I like to switch out watches and if an EMP hits I hope I'm wearing the U1.

Sinn U1 SDR

"Sinn U1 SDR"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch is an outstanding value. I have owned a number of watches from Rolex, Breitling, Omega but the Sinn U1 DSR is in class by itself.

From the design and function to the craftsmanship of the Sinn U1 there is no better bargain out there.

Backed by the excellent customer service of Watchbuys, you cannot go wrong!!

Sinn U1 SDR

"Sinn U1 SDR"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch has been outstanding.

To me there is no better design and functional usage than the U1.  The black dial only improves on the standard design and the service at

WatcBuys is second to none. Well done guys.....

Very High Quality

"Very High Quality"

Verified Owner Comments: I have owned the Rolex Sea Dweller, Breitling Seawolf Avenger in Titanium, Tag Huer, etc... All of which are good watches BUT none of them, in my opinion, can compare to the Sinn automatic dive watches.

I am a Scuba Diver, Skydiver, Law Enforcement Officer, etc... I wanted a watch that does not need to leave my wrist for any reason no matter what activity I am engaged in. This even includes Church for that matter. If you were to do extensive research like I have done, then the only logical OBJECTIVE choice would be one of the Sinn diver watches.

I prefer the U1 so that is what arrived today. Pictures can not begin to do it justice and I am truly amazed by the price. To be FRANK...Sinn needs to raise their prices. A Rolex Submariner has nothing on this watch BUT people are ignorant and believe strictly in a name. Also...people base quality on price which is also VERY ignorant. With that said a pre-owned Rolex Sub base model will set you back approx. $4000.00 plus. from an unauthorized retailer.

Do your own research and you will see you better get one of the Sinn diver watches before they come to reality and substantially increase their pricing.

The Beast Deal on the Planet!!

"The Beast Deal on the Planet!!"

Verified Owner Comments: I am some what of a watch collector other watches include: Rolex, Omega & Tudor. Not too long ago I started looking for another watch to add to my collection, however this time I wanted a watch I could wear all day under any type of circumstances, whether it be fishing, boating, flying or simply going to the supermarket.

Behold the Sinn U1 (Black Bezel), what a find what a bargain, I seriously doubt there is a better watch out there for the money, the quality, craftsmanship and design of this watch makes it look like a much more expensive time piece. The new Black Bezel brings out the red and white our hands and second hands making it stand out that much more, despite its tough appearance its surprisingly comfortable to wear all day long with out even noticing its there.

This watch is a must have for any amateur or serious watch collector out there; it clearly exemplifies the quality of German craftsmanship making this watch in my humble opinion THE BEAST DEAL ON THE PLANET!!

The service I received for the Watch Buys staff is second to none, good job guys, am looking forward to what Sinn will bring to the watch world in the near future now am a believer and I will definitely be back for more great time pieces.

Sinn U1 SDR

"Sinn U1 SDR"

Verified Owner Comments: It is amazing how the bezel changes the entire look.

I owned a Sinn U1 and can say that this version just has a different appeal. Very nice move by Sinn. Now it's time for the U1000 SDR.