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Beautiful watch

"Beautiful watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch fills a nice niche in any collection as a "sporty" dress watch. Fit and finish is comparable to some of the higher end Swiss designs with the exception of the movement being less decorated.

WatchBuys changed it to a larger strap for me and shipped it overnight. Overall a great experience.

Great Watch!

"Great Watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: A fantastic watch!  I've been eyeing the NOMOS brand for years.

Don't let the price scare you. It is such a beautiful and magnificent piece! I've gotten many comments from it.

A Great Buy

"A Great Buy"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my second Nomos, and I am once again, very pleased.

The Club is a nice mix of dressy and casual. You could pretty much wear it to anything but a black-tie affair.  It's a great looking piece, and is thin enough to wear under a dress shirt.

The strap is also very comfortable, and won't require a wearing-in period, like many leather straps.  The only warning I would make is that the lugs are unusually long, so you may want to go for a small size than you normally would, to account for the long lugs. Otherwise, it's a keeper that I highly recommend.

Darn it!!...

"Darn it!!..."

Verified Owner Comments: I ordered this watch as sort of an impulse buy; I really wanted the Ahoi, but it was not available. I truly intended to return the Club the day after I received it to use as a credit. Once I opened the package I was hooked; this watch (which was one of my least Favorites of all of the Nomos just won my heart).

Seeing it in the flesh made me realize that I would need to keep it and just save up for the Ahoi. Based on my initial reaction to the Club, and how I felt seeing it and holding in the flesh, I can't wait until I get the Ahoi...