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Great Watch

"Great Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The Sinn U2 EZM 5 is a great watch. Rugged, reliable and really shows high build quality! Great purchase experience. Quick delivery as promised and Trey was great to follow up and ensure my satisfaction.

Sinn U2

"Sinn U2"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Amazing watch, fantastic quality. Officially a Sinn addict!

First Watchbuys purchase - Sinn U2

"First Watchbuys purchase - Sinn U2"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I knew Watchbuys is the authorized US dealer for Sinn and had been watching their collection for a while. Got prompt notification when the U2 I wanted had become available. Had a browser issue on purchase and was contacted directly by Watchbuys to get it resolved easily.

Watched shipped quickly and was packaged beautifully. Two follow-up questions were answered immediately and in detail - including an offer to walk me through adjusting the bracelet on a call. You cannot ask for better customer service! Buy with confidence from Watchbuys. I will be back again!

Sinn U2 Black EZM 5

"Sinn U2 Black EZM 5"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I ordered the black one with the black bracelet and the silicon strap.

The fit and finish are absolutely first class. The whole execution is beautiful. Nothing compares to it at any price and I don't say that lightly. It fits very well and is very comfortable on the bracelet. It is easy to read.

The second time zone is handy for travel in fact the watch is so excellent I almost want to plan a trip just so I can wear it - maybe snorkeling in Hawaii (too cold here in San Francisco) or hiking and snow shoeing in Yosemite or on a river cruise somewhere. It's awesome!

Worth every penny.

An Amazing Watch (U2 Black EZM 5)

"An Amazing Watch (U2 Black EZM 5)"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I recently picked up the Sinn U2 Black EZM 5 on a bracelet last month. I was initially a bit leary about the U2 due to its 44 mm dial (I have a small wrist), but now regret not getting the U2 sooner. It wears smaller than 44 mm due to the lug to lug distance. First impressions:

1. This is a SOLID watch. There is a definite weight to this watch, and a solid feel. It is MUCH heavier than my Sinn 857, but not so heavy that it is intrusive.

2. The dial is better in person! Super legible, and the white on black gives it a smart, clean appearance. The lume is good enough that it is still legible in the morning.

3. The bezel has a great feel, but is looser than then bezel on my 857. It is a touch larger than the case which makes it very easy to turn.

4. The bracelet is what you would expect from Sinn, and I hope that it manages daily wear. Cannot comment on durability of the Black coating, and hopefully it is not an issue. The clasp is easy to manage, but is definitely secure. I expect that the clasp will show wear with time.

5. Haven't tested how long the reserve is, but it keeps time sitting on my side table for a day when I choose to wear another watch. If you have any doubts about this watch put them aside and get this watch while you can. Now I want to get a U1 to add to my collection

Sinn U2 Review

"Sinn U2 Review"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I am glad that I added this watch to my collection. It is a very accurate watch. I have had it for about 3 weeks now and kept it on or on the watch winder and it is just a few seconds off from the Atomic Clock I used to make the original settings. I have a small wrist about 7.25 inches circumferance but the watch with the integrated metal bracelet work well. The watch is just a little taller than I am use to but it is not overwhelming.

I agree with another reviewer, the slight dome on the crystal give a sort of magnification effect when you catch the light just right, it is a nice effect. I have the all black and it is great, The watch is very rugged looking. I had a great experience in the purchasing process, got good advice from the representative in helping me choose three different watches and the product arrived on time and in perfect condition.

I'm glad I stepped out from the Swiss Only watches I have in my collection and added this Sinn.

Sinn U2 black case and bracelet

"Sinn U2 black case and bracelet"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Great watch. Heavy, but get used to weight after few wears. Feels very durable.

WatchBuys had excellent customer service. They contacted me prior to receiving product to let me know about returns, etc., and were helpful when sizing band. Only negative is small speck on inside of crystal that can be seen in sunlight, and is a little annoying, but not visible inside.

Overall, I am enjoying the watch. Thank you.

Very nice

"Very nice"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I had been wearing a Sinn 857 (switching back and forth between the rubber strap and metal bracelet) for the last year and a half before ordering this U2. Been wearing the U2 for 3 weeks now and like it.

It's significantly chunkier than the 857 in thickness and weight - in a good way. The black coating has a strange and cool, almost rubbery feel to it. It's also easier to read. The red 24 hour markers and hand are kind of subdued and the dial is a bit simpler in general. There is also a slightly bigger difference in length between the hour and minute hand compared to the 857 which makes a big difference in night-time legibility. I am NOT so impressed with the durability of the black finish. After normal/light wear there is already a small scratch on both the bezel and case lug edges where silver is showing through. Nothing major but expected a bit better. Rate deviation so far is excellent.

Excellent Service

"Excellent Service"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The watch is everything that I expected it to be.

I was also very pleased with the service that was provided by WatchBuys: Questions were answered immediately, the shipping process went very smoothly, and I always had the feeling that I was in good hands.

Great product, great service, I am looking forward to do business with you guys again soon.

Hot out of the box

"Hot out of the box"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: First off, WatchBuys service has been a delight. The guys followed up on my order and did their best to help me get through the wait. Now that it's finally here, a brief review is in order.

Amazing watch of course, it's performance and specs aside, here are some things I don't like. The clasp is a friction lock type, not the spring loaded push button clasp that the standard U2 has. This makes opening and closing of the bracelet much harder. My thumb hurts from prying it open. Also, since it is friction locking, the PVD will come off in those areas. Mine arrived scratched off already. A little too tight in my opinion, it is just not a pleasure to open. The lock down crown uses fine threads, which requires more turns to close and is more vulnerable to stripping. So far so good. Just compared to my other watch, the crown system is just not as smooth or as well made. We'll see which one lasts longer though. The PVD coating is not perfectly applied. Under magnification, you can see specs of metal. Not sure if it's uncovered spots or debris, but it doesn't come off. It isn't noticeable in plain view, so it is not a problem. But am disappointed in the quality since Sinn touts the black coating as a feature. The bracelet barely fits my wrist with all the links removed. I am glad it does work. The main complaint here is that the bracelet is made of stainless steel, which is fine, but it has a different color than the case. Perhaps this is proof that PVD adheres to u-boat steel better.

Overall, the watch fits great and looks great. I love it a lot. Time will tell if there are any hidden issues (knock on wood). It is nearly a perfect watch