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For the product: Thomas Ninchritz Regulateur
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Verified Owner Comments: This watch is a joy to own. The textured face is gorgeous and even more impressive when you see and wear it in person. It is hard not to stare and admire it.



Verified Owner Comments: Super zegarek (watch). Bravo!

Ninchritz Regulator

"Ninchritz Regulator"

Verified Owner Comments: Ninchrtiz, the Artist becomes very evident looking at the movement of this watch.

It is an eclectic blend of swirls, curves, engraving, textures and colors that provide a mesmerizing feast for the viewer.  The face is just as stunning! It is dressy and classy yet shouts out "Look at Me!" Ninchritz the watchmaker is very evident in this watches accuracy - 16 days - only 28 secs. fast! COSC watches aren't even held to that standard. Plus, I love the fact that this piece is designed, decorated, assembled and adjusted by the man whose name adorns the dial. Placing it in a small, elite group of time pieces.

Top all that off with WatchBuys knowledge and impeccable service and you have a watch that will hold a prominent place in any collection. I know that I LOVE mine!