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Excellent watch

"Excellent watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: From the bead blasted bracelet, to the black dial, and all the details in , this is a great watch. Although I know I'll never need the depth rating, it's a great watch that I'm sure my kids and grandkids will enjoy after I'm long gone.

First watch and not the last

"First watch and not the last"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Got my first watch from Watchbuys and I couldn't be happier, my Sinn is stunning and the service from Watchbuys is been great, communication is been great from the pre-order process and following up after I received well packaged, best experience buying online.

Thank you very much.

Very cool

"Very cool"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Awesome. Good looking, solid tank of a watch. Fits my 7 1/8 wrist perfectly. Highly recommend.

Completely Happy

"Completely Happy"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Wonderful experience from start to finish.

Thanks to Rob and everyone else at Watchbuys for a seamless transition. I was in contact with a representative every step of the way. To include a follow up call a day after the watch arrived to ensure it was delivered on time and answer any questions I had.

The watch is beautiful. Amazing clarity due to the oil filled case. Can definitely tell this thing is constructed like a tank although the 44mm case width does not sit large on my wrist. I definitely recommend the watch and Watchbuys

Sinn UX EZM 2 B GSG9

"Sinn UX EZM 2 B GSG9"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I love this watch. I have now owned 2 of them. The first I sold in a weak moment, but missed it so badly I had to buy another.

I have had Rolex, Omega, Fortis, several other Sinn's, whatever but this is the best I have ever owned.

UX EZM2B GSG9 is a Battleship!

"UX EZM2B GSG9 is a Battleship!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: At 44mm, I thought this watch might be too large for my average size wrist. (40mm seems to be a sweet spot for me.) Sinn designed this case to fit comfortably, yet it doesn't look oversized. This U-Boat Steel watch is a Battleship! It's my indestructible, absolutely glare free, every day watch.

You won't be disappointed!

Awesome Watch!

"Awesome Watch!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I bought this watch after attending a Road Show in Austin. The UX was not even on my radar but after seeing it in person, I had to add it to my collection. If you want something cool and unique, the UX is for you.

I was concerned that 44mm might be gaudy or too big but it is just right. The watch is beyond solid and feels like it was crafted from a single billet of steel. I sprung for a tegimented bracelet and am very happy with it. There is a disclaimer on the web site about the color of the tegimented bracelet not exactly matching the watch case but the difference is negligible. In fact, the bezel is tegimented and the bracelet matches perfectly. This is my daily wearer and I could not be happier.

Thanks to "Road Show" Rob and everyone at Watchbuys for hooking me up. I could not be happier!

Amazing Watch

"Amazing Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I bought this watch awhile back when WatchBuys was just about to run out of stock.

I chose the model with the German special forces logo on it rather than the other version. I'm glad I did. If there's anyone thinking the label may be a bit cheezy, DON'T. The dial is large enough to actually make it look like it belongs on the watch. The red and black dial are perfect together. It keeps amazing time and has a very long battery life.

The only thing I didn't care for is knowing I have to ship the watch to Germany for a battery replacement. But since the battery lasts 7 years or longer, it's not too big of a deal. On top of that, it's quartz so you don't have to worry about any "overhauls" every few years as you do with automatics.

Having said that, my next Sinn will still be the EZM 3. But as for this Hydro model, trust me when I say you will definitely not be disappointed with this watch. It's built like a tank and is my favorite watch; I like it even better than my Omega PO and "regular" Omega Seamaster.

Finally, thanks to Rob at WatchBuys for putting up with all my emails and greatly informing me about Sinn and the incredible technology they use in their watches.