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Great Watch Great Experience

"Great Watch Great Experience"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is my first Sinn and also the most money I have ever spent on a watch. I called and spoke with Kevin and he answered all my questions which reassured me about my purchase.

The watch is terrific thus far. I had it on the water sailing for a week after receiving it, and it was crystal clear and legible in all weather conditions. It is by far the most legible dial out of my current collection. Timekeeping has also been excellent. The watch has averaged +1.5 seconds per day over almost 2 weeks, which is significantly better than a COSC watch I currently own.

Thank you to WatchBuys for a great experience. I will definitely consider another Sinn in future and will look forward to working with the WatchBuys team to complete that purchase.

Rock Solid

"Rock Solid"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I’ve had my U2 for approximately two weeks. I also own a Rolex Submariner Date and. Breitling Super Ocean. The Sinn is now my favorite of the three. It’s extremely well made and sets a purposeful image. I travel a lot making the GMT feature very useful.

I highly recommend both Sinn and Watchbuys. They were extremely helpful.

Awesome Watch

"Awesome Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Love this watch. It has he right ergonomics. I prefer this over my Sea Dweller which cost twice as much.

Serious piece of watch gear!

"Serious piece of watch gear!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I was in the market for a divers watch, and was looking at this watch as a possible contender. After attending the recent Chicago Roadshow, I made up my mind and got this piece. 

Everything about this watch speaks of toughness. 

The rotating bezel turns with nice clicks and with no looseness. All surfaces are finished nicely with the black PVD/tegiment treatment. The silicone strap is comfortable, silky feeling and nicely embossed with the "Sinn" wordmark. The deployant buckle is also great. The watch I got came with the black PVD/tegiment buckle which is great. Compared to my Sinn 856 UTC buckle, the U2 buckle is a beast! 

The metal is thicker and seems to be CNC machined instead of stamped like the 856 buckle. It also requires that you press the two release buttons..pressing one will not open the buckle...nice! The dial and bezel markings are nice and legible. The red 2nd timezone markings are clear and well done. The lume markings are also nice and bright in low light. Even though the watch is 15+ millimeters thick, the black PVD/tegiment coating make it look stealthy. 

Very happy with my U2 EZM 5! Looking forward to the next Chicago Roadshow!

Toughest Watch I Have Owned!

"Toughest Watch I Have Owned!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I have had this watch for a couple of weeks now and have already rated it once. It's a stunning piece and very well made. I wear it everyday and am VERY happy with it.

I felt compelled to add another review because of a recent incident with the watch. I am always careful with my watches but a couple of days ago, while opening a door, I struck the watch crystal and bezel against a metal door knob. It was a hard impact and I was not happy with myself. When I inspected the watch, there wasn't a single mark on it. Truly an amazing piece and very tough.

Thanks again to Sinn for creating such an amazing time piece. And I will be back to WatchBuys!

Sinn U2 Black EZM 5! Tough Watch!

"Sinn U2 Black EZM 5! Tough Watch!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I just received my Sinn U2 Black EZM 5 and am VERY pleased with it.

Sinn quality and craftsmanship are first rate. The watch has a great appearance and is very comfortable to wear.

The people at WatchBuys are great and very helpful! I highly recommend this watch and WatchBuys.

German watchmaking at it's best

"German watchmaking at it's best"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Great timepiece for the money. Solid steel case able to withstand strong impacts.

Recently ran a marathon with it without any problems. Keeps time with great accuracy. Dial is nice with combination of red and white.

Highly recommended for those with an active lifestyle.

Serious Technology

"Serious Technology"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: As a child, I grew up wearing Swiss Army watches. Now that I'm an adult I've gotten a man's version; the Sinn U2 S.

It has taken the Swiss Army watch idea but put serious technology into it, tegimented anti-magnetic U-boat steel toughness, Ar inert gas and copper sulphate moisture prevention to prolong time between servicing, 2000m depth rating, 44mm diameter and 15.5mm thick, this is one big tough tool watch that has yet to be topped.

It is very comfortable to wear and is extremely understated in its abilities.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: Tremendous timepiece. My job in the military has me in and out of birds, in and out of MRAPs/Strykers, and generally living in dust. Given these conditions, this watch holds up remarkably well.

Additionally, it's attractive as well as low-profile. The second timezone function is well done, however it won't help you in Afghanistan (which is half an hour off from the rest of the world...though that's more Afghanistan's fault than Sinn's). To give you an idea of the toughness and functionality of this watch, it's replaced my Suunto in the field.

Good work by Watchbuys for shipping APO and otherwise providing outstanding service.

Tough, Tough, Tough....

"Tough, Tough, Tough...."

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This watch is very well designed and German Engineering at it's best. One tough, yet refined looking watch...

The WatchBuys team have been nothing but a pleasure to deal with!

Tough as Nails and Looks Fantastic!

"Tough as Nails and Looks Fantastic!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I have worn this watch nonstop since receiving it in Oct 2008. This watch wears comfortably all day and looks great with any attire. I have knocked this watch on door knobs, the metal frame of my recliner and against my truck door (multiple times) and it shows no wear at all. Not a scratch!!

I have saved my nicer watches (Ulysse Nardin and Jaeger LeCoultre) for suits. This Sinn is an excellent buy. Thanks to the guys at Sinn for making such a tough watch that looks great as well.

U2 S EZM 5 Lives Up to the Hype!

"U2 S EZM 5 Lives Up to the Hype!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments:

I just received my U2 S EZM and I am blown away by the attention to detail that Sinn put into this watch. The technology is top notch and the execution of it lets you know that Sinn is a serious watch company.
The guys at WatchBuys are top notch as well.