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For the product: Sinn U1000 EZM 6 on Strap
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Sinn U-1000

"Sinn U-1000"

Verified Owner Comments:

I received a U-1000 as a gift about a week ago and I'm absolutely impressed with this piece.

I've been diving since the mid-1970s and have owned several Rolex Submariners and Breitlings, as well as other high-end mechanical dive watches, and they simply don't compare to the quality and accuracy of the U-1000.
Sinn has a winner on their hands. The watch is instantly legible and I especially appreciate the push pieces and crown located on the left side of the watch, which prevents them from digging into the back of my hand. I highly recommend this watch to anyone demanding the very best in a dive watch.

Sinn U1000

"Sinn U1000"

Verified Owner Comments: Without doubt the best and favourite watch I own.

Far superior to Submariner or Aquatimer. I have a number of Sinn's including U2, UX, 142Ti/Ar, 756.

This is almost perfect!