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For the watch: Sinn 556 I on Strap
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Great EDW

"Great EDW"

Verified Owner Comments: Great watch for everyday wear. My 44mm Speedmaster can not be worn at night, too clunky. But this 556 doesn't bother me at all when when i'm sleeping. Also much quieter. Really loving this watch.

Amazing watch/service

"Amazing watch/service"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my 2nd purchase from watchbuys and likey not my last. If you have questions, call, and you will get answers.

The watch is amazing and keeping great time. Such a versatile piece and can me worn with many different straps. Shipping was fast!

Sinn 556i on strap + bracelet

"Sinn 556i on strap + bracelet"

Verified Owner Comments: Fully satisfied with my purchase. I've been eyeing this watch for awhile and finally decided to pull the trigger. Although it's Sinn's entry level watch, you get an incredible bang for your buck in terms of both technology and design.

I cannot recommend this watch more, and likewise cannot recommend WatchBuys more. There isn't an easier and more professional yet personal way to purchase a watch online.

The customer service is outstanding and everyone you talk to is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I will most definitely be making future Sinn (and other) purchases from WatchBuys and recommend the same to others.

556i - Great Quality

"556i - Great Quality"

Verified Owner Comments: Have owned numerous Sinn watches and have always been impressed with the quality. This is my first Sinn with a exhibition caseback and the finishing of the movement is on par with the rest.

Watch is a great size and I had good service by Watchbuys.



Verified Owner Comments: I recently bought a Sinn 556I from They were very responsive on email and helpful on the phone.

I received the watch on time, and as expected. I’m super happy with the 556I. I like the clean, classic design and when I popped the box I was surprised at how sharp and clear the face is. I was a bit concerned about a glossy black face, but it adds greater depth and clarity. I added the light brown cowhide strap for a bit more sporty, versatile look - also happy with that decision. Cheers

Sinn 556i on Strap

"Sinn 556i on Strap"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch is beautiful! The gloss black dial and indices are easy to read. Simplicity at its greatest.

Great customer service and buying experience from watchbuys.

Sinn 556 is a great watch!

"Sinn 556 is a great watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: The Sinn 556 I purchased from WatchBuys is a great, no-nonsense watch. Awesome legibility, great deep black dial, 200M water resistant, and great service all-around.

Highly recommend this watch and buying from WatchBuys!

Good Watch

"Good Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Great Service by watchbuys, watch came in perfect condition, time was even set out of the box. 10/10

Beautiful watch

"Beautiful watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch is great! I went with the 556i out of a few other options, the 556a and the 856, because I thought it was more versatile. The gloss black dial looks deep and the indices really stand out.

The legibility on this piece is incredible and it can be dressed up or down all the same. I put it on a brown strap and wear it as my everyday watch with business casual attire and it has never felt out of place.

Graduation Gift

"Graduation Gift"

Verified Owner Comments: Purchased this item for my son for college graduation. Great quality for the money and he is very happy with it.

Rail Road Pocket Watch Guy

"Rail Road Pocket Watch Guy"

Verified Owner Comments: Been a rail road pocket watch guy for most of adult life. Accuracy, elegance, rugged, durable and gives me the one thing I carry it for.....what time is it. Been looking for wrist watch which could give me accurate time. Love mechanical watches don’t have to mess with batteries. Found it in this affordable Sinn model. Accurate, elegant and wearable.

Great buy and WatchBuys really great service. Thanks Sinn and WatchBuys.

First Sinn but not my last

"First Sinn but not my last"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my first Sinn and I must say I am highly impressed. I was very leery about buying online, but the gentlemen at are amazing. They actually took the time to answer all my questions and then some. They so far have provided me with some if the best customer service i have had to date.

The watch itself came in perfect condition and keeps great time. I would highly recommend this watch to anyone looking for a tool watch. I was also concerned about the lume as everyone knocks the lume on this watch. I must say it is not as bright as my Orange Monster, but it does make my Hamilton look bad. If i charge it before bed it will last all night, and it will be very dim when I get up in the morning.

This maybe my first Sinn, but certainly not my last.

Sinn 556

"Sinn 556"

Verified Owner Comments: I love this watch!

Nice watch, great service

"Nice watch, great service"

Verified Owner Comments:

Very nice watch. Dial is unique: White index really stands out against gloss black dial. Stainless case is beautifully styled. At 38.5 mm the watch wears a little smaller than the 40 mm plus watches that are so common today, but this is fine with my 6.5 wrist.

The service from WatchBuys was flawless. I placed the order online, they called me to confirm, and it arrived a day or two later. I highly recommend this watch and WatchBuys



Verified Owner Comments: This watch lives up to its billing. Fantastic deep black dial. Beautiful contrasting white hands and time markers. Love the legibility. High quality fit and finish. Great craftsmanship. Bonded with it straight away and have enjoyed wearing it every minute since purchasing it three months ago.

Sinn 556

"Sinn 556"

Verified Owner Comments: I love the Sinn 556i !

Sinn 556

"Sinn 556"

Verified Owner Comments: Great watch!

Awesome watch

"Awesome watch"

Verified Owner Comments: The German version of the Rolex Explorer. Amazing watch. Definitely a keeper!

As expected

"As expected"

Verified Owner Comments: I was researching quite a lot before buying my first automatic watch, and I was left not disappointed. The watch looks and wears really nice on my 16,5cm wrist. Buying experience form Watchbuys was pleasant too. Cons - the front sapphire crystal is a fingerprint magnet because of the antireflective coating. Need constantly wipe it with a cloth.

Great Value!

"Great Value!"

Verified Owner Comments: I had been looking to secure a signature piece of my watch collection for a few months, which was largely made up of budget Seiko/Orient/Casio items. Something with more polished construction and finishing, yet a simple, legible design that is fitting casually and professionally.

The 556i fulfills all of the above, has a respected ETA movement, incredible deep black dial and is a great option for those looking at something in the confusing mid range market.

Great experience with watchbuys as well, they followed up by phone throughout the shipping process, felt more than an anonymous online transaction!

A keeper

"A keeper"

Verified Owner Comments: I love the fact that this watch is under 40mm. It is practical and comfortable for everyday wear, unlike the 40mm+ watches. Even with a 7.5 inch wrist, it is bold enough to be noticed. I love the simple beauty of this watch, along with the solid, quality build. Shipping was extremely frustrating with FedEx. I know I gave Rob some angst about it, but he was very responsive. Good customer service.

simply beautiful

"simply beautiful"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch has a simple kind of beauty with its no nonsense dial and easily readable hands. The dial is a rich glossy black that along with the contrast from the white hands and indices allow easy readability at just a glance even in the dark when relying on the lume.

Definitely an amazing watch.

Simple perfection

"Simple perfection"

Verified Owner Comments: This turned out to be my grail watch though I didn't know until I owned it. Elegantly simple in design it looks evem better in person. It is exactly what it is claimed to be and doesn't pretend to be anything else. If this is your type of watch stye and mechanics-wise you will be exceediingly happy with the purchase.



Verified Owner Comments: great service, great watch

New Sinn 556 I

"New Sinn 556 I"

Verified Owner Comments: The watch arrived in perfect condition and is a work of art. Finish is flawless. Worn for about two weeks and is keeping time to about 3-4 seconds per day (excellent timekeeping).

BTW, FedEx messed-up Saturday delivery and WatchBuys secured a refund for the shipping charges. Excellent customer service. Very happy and will gladly be a repeat customer.

Worth the price

"Worth the price"

Verified Owner Comments: The watch is as advertised. It keeps good time and looks amazing (In my opinion).

Thanks Watchbuys!

Perfect everyday watch

"Perfect everyday watch"

Verified Owner Comments: The 556 is the perfect watch. It goes great with jeans but can be worn with a suit too.

Shipping was fast and the guys at watchbuys made it an easy transaction. Will be sure to buy from them in the future.

Timeless Simplicity

"Timeless Simplicity"

Verified Owner Comments: I waited a while to get this watch. Over a year to be specific. As a relative newbie to horology, the first nice watch I purchased was a Fortis B-42. While it is certainly a hell of a watch for the money, I soon found it to be too large, loud and cumbersome for me. It took some time to recognize and appreciate the elegance in a simple, well designed timepiece in a size that suited me.

Enter the 556i. At 38.5 millimeters, it really feels at home on my wrist and is a pleasure to wear everyday. I opted for the black leather strap, which in my opinion looks just at home with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans as it does a suit. Along with my Omega Speedmaster Professional and Casio GW-5000 G-Shock, the 556i rounds out my small collection beautifully. Highly recommended!

Clean and Simple Design

"Clean and Simple Design"

Verified Owner Comments: I've had my eye on Sinn for a while as far as purchasing a serious watch was concerned. A friend had recommended Sinn for me to move beyond mass market watches that you could find in your average department store. I chose the 556I because it was Sinn's entry level piece, and I didn't want to overspend on something that I might be disappointed in later. I was not disappointed.

In fact, I was extremely satisfied with the value I received. The design of the watch is versatile. I can wear it with a suit and tie or t-shirt and jeans. It's eye-catching in its clean and simple design. I started to notice people's lingering stares at the watch, whether I'm in a supermarket or a restaurant. The black dial is a very bold black, and the white indices are very prominent.

The watch makes a bold statement from afar, and it's extremely legible up close. The ordering process was straightforward. Since I was a first-time purchaser, I got a call from Watchbuys to verify a few things first before they would deliver it. I could not be happier with my purchase, and I already have my eye on an EZM 3 as a future purchase.

The all around watch

"The all around watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Dress, casual, swim, run, tool, this watch does it all! Looks good in a suit, looks good on a t-shirt.

Would recommend and buy again in a heart beat.

Sinn 556i

"Sinn 556i"

Verified Owner Comments: I was hesitant about the 38.5 mm size of this watch as I thought it might be too small. Its a beautiful watch, and the size and weight ended up being perfect!

Good Value is an Understatement

"Good Value is an Understatement"

Verified Owner Comments: This was my first purchase over 300 dollars, so you can understand I was a bit hesitant.

Rest assured the staff at watchbuys offer great service and make sure the process is as smooth as possible. The best part is you get the watch the very next day. I am planning on buying another piece next year. (Only qualm I have about the watch is that it is so hard to decide the i and a versions. Also the watch looks much better on a Nato Strap).

I love my SINN 556

"I love my SINN 556"

Verified Owner Comments: I fell in love with this watch the moment I opened the box. The attention to detail is fabulous, I can read the time under any conditions without difficulty. The accuracy of the movement has surprised me.

I find the average to be about + 3-4 seconds per day. I would have preferred a softer feeling leather band but that would be a simple fix. I must also comment on the absolutely excellent customer service.

I will definitely purchase another watch from watchbuys again. I highly recommend.

Great watch, great experience

"Great watch, great experience"

Verified Owner Comments: This is a solid, well manufactured and very attractive timepiece. I get multiple compliments on it a day. The size is perfect for my rather smaller wrist- it's not too big, not too small, just right. I still haven't gotten over the build quality and how attractive this watch is. I've worn this to work, casual events, and a wedding- you can literally dress this watch as up or down as you like.

I would definitely recommend this watch and the Sinn brand to others. Purchasing through WatchBuys was painless and professional.

Great Watch & Buying Experience

"Great Watch & Buying Experience"

Verified Owner Comments: Lets start off by saying that the buying experience was excellent as was follow up inquiry that I made. I was able to change to a smaller strap at the last minute. As has been said, the watch looks better in person than the photos show.

The white markers and hands really pop against the black gloss face. The size is perfect for my thin wrists. This watch will most likely be making a trip to RGM for regulation as it is running +14 sec/day at this time after the 8/10 week settling time has passed.

I would buy again.

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