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For the watch: Sinn 1746 Klassik
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Elegant dress watch

"Elegant dress watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Beautifully made, and even nicer in person. The hands' proportions are just right, and actually appears longer when you hold the watch. Seems like Sinn's design philosophy was to have an outer ring with numerals, that the minute hand will not overlap it's a wonderful clean design but the drawback is of course a larger dial, so at 42mm it may feel a bit too big I'm happy with it though.

To summarize, it's one of those watches that really pops out when you actually see them, the high B&W contrast along with the clean design is eye catching.



Verified Owner Comments: I can't stress this enough: this watch is gorgeous. From the raised Roman numerals, to the matching black hands on a white face, this is a stunner. I love the placement of the date above the 6:00 mark - it takes up what would otherwise be lots of empty space.

The case and the crown are up to Sinn's normal high standards. And the transparent caseback, allowing a view of the movement is always a treat to see. There are 2 areas in which improvement can be made. The first is a simple one: because there is no bezel, at 42mm this watch wears more like a 46. Subsequently, it is not made for someone with small wrists. I'm 6'3, and have correspondingly sized wrists, but the band that came with it was much too small for me.

WatchBuys has bent over backward to exchange the band for a larger one for me, but having some options to begin with would have been helpful. My second observation is also minor, but also not fixable: at 9.5mm, this is not a slim watch. For a dress watch, I would have preferred a manual movement that would have reduced this thickness, and made it more wearable under a cuff. Again, minor, but worth noting. Overall, I'd give this watch a 9/10, and would highly recommend it!

100% Satisfied

"100% Satisfied"

Verified Owner Comments: Unbelievable style and quality!

I will own another Sinn.