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Beautifully executed.

"Beautifully executed."

Verified Owner Comments: I love looking at this watch, there's just something about it. I decided on this watch before I even knew the history behind it and love it even more now. The details are nicely executed, but wish the face was a little bigger (or my eyes a little younger) so I could see them easier.

The bezel and the crystal take up a good amount of space on the sides. It sits right down on the wrist though and is not to proud on a 6 5/8 wrist - I wear it without the bund strap. The strap is of great quality - subtle and soft. Love the mechanical winding, I wind it every other day and love the precision feel. I like knowing it is fully wound, my other watch is an automatic and I never know it's state of wind. This is my first chrono and I love how it determines the direction to reset the needle depending on which side of the 6 the hand is on.

It is keeping great time at only +1 sec/day! Also if you travel you will like the case it comes in - a leather tube that opens longitudinally and is easily packable. I debated buying this for a while but so glad I did. If you are waiting, go ahead I think you will be very satisfied.

Also buying from Watchbuys was easy and secure, they followed up with a call and the watch arrived when it was supposed to, my next purchase will be with them!

Great size, great watch

"Great size, great watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Was originally looking for a speedmaster, but they're too common. Came across this Hanhart love the history of the brand and the model. Great quality and love the hand winding. Definitely recommend.

Would recommend to a friend…

"Would recommend to a friend…"

Verified Owner Comments: The reason that I want to leave review is that my purchase journey was not straightforward. I decided I want to buy the Hanhart, but could not try it as I’m not in NC. I also didn’t know how I feel about spending this kind of money online on something I’ve never seen up close.

The fact that watch buys is listed as the authorised dealer on the Hanhart website went a long way in establishing trust. But the catalyst was the fact that I decided to give them a call. They responded straight away, no "press one press two ”business, we’re extremely polite, knowledgeable and helpful. You can see that they love what they do and stand behind their customers. They also emphasise how easy it would be to return it if anything was wrong.

PS the product exceeded all my expectations. The feel is great, quality is rigid and bund strap is surprisingly nice. THE NEGATIVE- The quick release spring bars gave up on me during the first week of wear so I would recommend to switch them on for some normal heavy duty spring bars.

Overall, great experience.

Great experience!

"Great experience!"

Verified Owner Comments: This was my first time to order from Watchbuys, and it was perfect. Exact timelines, great communication, customer service follow up, everything was ‘as advertised’ and extremely professional! I’ll definitely be a repeat customer. And I gotta tell ya, this is the coolest watch "I” ever had!

Hanhart pioneer 1954

"Hanhart pioneer 1954"

Verified Owner Comments: I am very pleased with the quality and accuracy of my Hanhart chronograph.

It is exceptional and unique as is the service and support of "Watchbuys.” They hit it out of the park every time. I will be a customer again soon.

Hanhart Pioneer 417 ES 1954 Chronograph

"Hanhart Pioneer 417 ES 1954 Chronograph"

Verified Owner Comments: I absolutely love this watch! Perfect size,very legible, and that Steve McQueen mystique. I’ve owned many chronographs including Speedmasters and Daytonas and the Hanhart just holds its own with its more expensive brothers.